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The Reload Offers Dashboard is a great place to go if you want to efficiently make some decent profit each month. On here, you'll find some of the best, most profitable, and more importantly most time worthy offers to do. Below, I've outlined some of the key features the Reload Offers Dashboard holds, so that you can make the most out of using it.

Also, as a general rule of thumb, if you can see an offer on the dashboard then you can do it! This is assuming that you are marking offers as complete as you go along. Sometimes an offer may be on multiple times within a week and you're unsure if you can repeat it, as you have already done it earlier. Well, if you marked the first offer as complete and you can still see the second offer, then you can complete it again!

So, read on to find out some the main features. To quickly jump to a feature, click the links below.

Offer Categories
Filter / Sort Offers
Gubbed Filter
Completing Offers
Adding Custom Offers
Profit Chart & Balance Tracker

Offer Categories

The reload offers are split into categories, as seen above. More categories may appear when there are specific events on (such as Tennis offers for Wimbledon, or Rugby offers for the Rugby World Cup etc). To speed things up, we've added the Check All and Uncheck All buttons at the bottom too.

Ticking a particular box will show all offers & guides for that category. Similarly, unticking a box will hide all of the offers & guides for that particular category.

Free Games
The free games shows a list of daily or weekly free games and competitions that you can enter. Some may be pretty big in terms of prizes meaning you have very little chance of winning, however a lot of these free games often dish out £5 and £10 free bets every week making them well worth entering!

Weekly Bet Clubs
This category displays the most profitable and time worthy free bet clubs that you can complete each week. You should make sure that you are completing the majority of these week in, week out, as they are such an easy way to make some guaranteed profit after you have finished the welcome offers.

Horse & Football Offers
Any offers on the horses or football that are worth doing will be posted here. The majority of refund style offers will be left off as, whilst they are good value, they only really appeal to the more experienced Matched Bettor.

Casino Offers
Some of the best Casino Offers will be posted on here from time to time. This could be a completely risk free offer, or a low risk offer. There will only be a few posted her, and so to receive the full list then make sure you head over to http://www.teamcasino.com

Any offer you've chosen to hide will appear here. To unhide them, simply click the button on the offer.

Pending Free Bets
Any offers that have free bets you're waiting for will be here. Once you've received and used a free bet, find the offer in here and mark it off as complete.

From time to time there may be an offer that looks good, but should really be avoided. You'll be able to find these here.

Filter/Sort Offers

The Filter feature is great for busy days when there are plenty of offers. You just type in a bookmaker or casino name, and it will only show offers from that particular website. In the example above I've filtered for Coral, and so it only displays offers from Coral. To revert back to showing all offers you simply delete the text you've typed.

The Sort feature is perhaps even more important and useful than the Filter feature. There are 3 ways you can sort offers. You can sort them by time (blue button), Expected Profit (middle green button), or Expected Profit Per Hour (right green button). To sort, just click on the button you wish to sort by and it will show you the offers in that order (ascending or descending, depending on which way you've set it).

Top Tip: Sort your offers by Expected Profit Per Hour! You'll want to make the most money in the shortest amount of time, right? So make sure that you are doing the most time efficient offers first!

Gubbed Filter

The Gubbed Filter is a tool that none of us like using, but it's necessarily to help you filter out offers you are unable to do. It's extremely self explanatory - just type in the name of a specific bookmaker or casino, and you will no longer see their offers in the reload section! For your convenience, a list of currently excluded bookmakers/casinos are displayed just below the box. If you'd like to remove a bookmaker from the gubbed list (and therefore see their offers again), just click the X by their name.

Completing Offers

Here you can see a typical example of what a reload offer looks like. At the top, you have the logo, followed by the average time it'll take to complete.

The two green boxes indicate the Expected Profit (what you should be making from the offer on average), and the Expected Profit per hour. The Expected Profit per hour is perhaps the most important number, as it indicates what your hourly wage would be if you were to complete this offer over and over again.

Underneath the offer name in the orange box, you have the times that it can be completed within. In this example, the Skybet Betclub can be completed between Monday and Sunday.

Clicking the + Show Details box will expand the offer, showing you the instructions on how to complete it.

Once you've completed an offer - enter your qualifying loss and free bet profit into the respective boxes. If you receive a free bet at a later date, then you can simply tick the box Add free bet profit later, and the offer will move to your pending free bets. When you eventually use the freebie, simply go back and enter the profit to finish the offer off.

Important: When entering the qualifying loss, make sure you put a negative number. I.e. if you lose £1, put "-1", rather than "1", as a positive number will assume you made profit from the qualifying bet.

Adding Custom Offers

You can add a free bet that you have received by clicking the big blue ADD FREE BET TO MY HISTORY button below your profit chart. As shown in the screenshot, you can add the bookmaker, a title (so you can identify it on your history page), and how much profit you made from the free bet. This will then update your Profit Chart, and it will also appear on your My History page.

You can also add a free bet by clicking the button on your My History page too.

To add a free bet that is credited later - perhaps from a bet club that you have qualified for - you simply tick the Add offer as a pending free bet box as shown below. This will then give you the option to input your qualifying loss from the trigger bet. When you save the offer, the offer will be in your Pending Free Bets filter at the top of the page.

Once you receive the free bet, go to your Pending Free Bets and update the offer with how much profit you have made. Hit save and this will update your Profit Chart along with your My History page to reflect the whole offer (the trigger bet loss, and the free bet profit).

Profit Chart & History

On the right hand side you will see your Profit Chart. If you are marking offers as complete when you finish them correctly, then this will display your profit. Underneath the graph you can filter it to the last 20 offers, the daily total each month, or the profit on each individual day.

At the very top (circled in red), you will see your My History page. This is where all of your completed offers can be found. On this page you'll see three big headings; Profit Chart, Balance Tracker and Offer History.

Profit Chart
The profit chart displayed on this page is just a larger version of the one on the reload dashboard itself, with a few extra filters for seeing your profit. The overall graph itself goes into more detail, and you can see your all time profit at the click of a button!

Balance Tracker
The balance tracker is a handy tool to keep track of which bookmakers you have money in. To add a bookmaker, just click the Add Balance button at the top right. To edit a bookmaker's balance, you must first click the box next to the bookmaker's logo, and then edit at the top.

To reset a bookmaker balance to zero, you can click the withdrawn button after clicking the box next to a bookmaker logo.

It's a good idea to keep this balance tracker up to date, and make a note of any bets you have placed so that you can update the tracker once they have settled.

Offer History

Your offer history can be found under the Offer History tab. This will by default be sorted in date order (with the most recent offers first), however you can click on the EP £ or Profit and sort it by these two options as well. At the top left there's a handy search function which works by entering the bookmaker name, and then displaying just results from that particular bookmaker.

You can edit offers by clicking the box next to the ID column, and then clicking the EDIT button to the top right. This is handy for if you've made an error, or made more profit than you first thought. You can also delete offers the same way, and add a customer offer.

All of the profit and loss on this page will reflect on your Profit Chart. If you update an offer for more (or less) profit, then this will of course update the Profit Chart too.

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