Multiples Price Boosts

What Is A Multiples Price Boost?

Besides regular price boosts that can be layed easily like “Real Madrid to win”, bookies often have price boosts for multiples (accas).

An example of a multiple price boost is “Real Madrid, PSG and Chelsea to win”.

We can take advantage of this to make a risk-free profit as well, although it may not be as simple to lay.

Are Multiples Price Boosts Profitable?

Yes they can be as profitable as regular price boosts!

However, there are a few things you will need to consider before taking on a multiple price boost.


Usually, a multiple price boost has high odds, and laying them may require a large liability, so you make sure you have enough money to lay the entire acca.

Different Times

The football games or horse races in the multiple price boost must be played at different times.

If any of the games in the price boost overlap with each other, you will not be able to lay the price boost, and will have to skip that price boost.

Exception - the only exception to this is if all the games in the price boost are from the Premier League, which I will explain in a moment.

Back Odds > Lay Odds

To check the boosted back odds are great than the lay odds, we need to calculate the multiple lay odds!  To do this, multiply all the lay odds of the selections and compare them with the price boost’s odds. If the combined lay odds are lower, then it is profitable!

For an example, Coral is running a multiple price boost, “Real Madrid, Chelsea and Juventus to win at 6.0”. The lay odds these selections are Real Madrid 1.5, Chelsea 1.6 and Juventus is 2.5.

The lay odds would be 1.5 x 1.6 x 2.0 = 4.8, which is lower than the price boost’s odds of 6.0. That means this price boost is profitable!

How to Lay A Multiples Price Boost

You need to lay the teams, one at a time, before each game kicks off.

Note if one of your teams lose, then you don't need to continue to lay the remaining team(s) as your bookmaker bet has lost! You will have made a profit risk free because your lay stake will be greater than the bookmaker bet.

How Much To Lay?

If you are laying a Premier League treble, please scroll down to the last section of this article.

You'll need to use the below spreadsheet to lay your multiple. A big thanks to Ultimatcher who built this free to use spreadsheet. Click the green button below to download the spreadsheet (to do this, once you have clicked on the green button, please then click the arrow on the top right ):

Multiples Price Boost Spreadsheet

To use the spreadsheet:

1) Make sure that the bet type is set to Qualifier/Arb in cell R15
2) Number of teamsSelect the multiple type in cell H4

If the price boost has 2 selection, it is a double, and if there are 3 selections, it’s a treble, and so on.

3) Back oddsEnter the multiples price boost back odds in I4
4) Back stakeEnter the back stake in cell K4
5) Lay oddsEnter the lay odds of each team from cell F13 downwads
6) Exchange commission: Enter the exchange commission % from cell H13 downwards

Optional - you can enter the name of the events under cells D4 – D6 and your outcome in E4 - E6. Enter the events in an order of time, with the earliest game first.

And you’re done!

The profit risk free you’ll make from this multiple price boost will be displayed in cell R11. You can check out your profits table in cell R21 onwards.

Your lay stakes

The lay stakes will be calculated for you in cell J13-J18.

Lay the first game first, and if the first selection of your multiple price boost wins, lay the second game. And if the second selection wins, lay the third if there’s a third selection. If a selection loses, you’d already have your risk-free profit from this multiple price boost and there’s no need to lay any further.

Your liability

Make sure you have enough money to lay your multiple price boost. You can check how much money you’d need under the “If loses” cell in the spreadsheet under cells N13-N18. Make sure you have enough money in your exchange to cover all the “If loses” amount.

In this screenshot, this means I would need to have £11.22 + £33.78 = £45 to completely lay my multiple price boost.

What Happens If The Lay Odds Change?

Sometimes, for the second or third game the lay odds for a selection might change between the time you place the bet on the price boost and the time the game starts.

If the lay odds change, simply change the values to the new lay odds under “lay odds” in the spreadsheet (cells F13-F18), and a new lay stake will be calculated for you. Don’t worry that you’ll lose money, as most of the time the lay odds will only move a little, from 0.02 to 0.1. Sometimes the lay odds might even move downwards, making you more risk-free profit from this multiple price boost!

How to Lay Premier League Trebles

If all the games in the multiple price boost are for the Premier League, the easy way to lay it is using the Betfair exchange. Betfair’s exchange normally has an acca market in the Premier League that can be layed. In the football section of the Betfair Exchange, just click on Premier League, and the accas market should be below the games:

Alternatively you can type in Acca into the Betfair Exchange search box:

and then select the acca market which has the time of your first kick off game.

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