• Name: Adam Butterfield

  • Joined Team Casino: June 2019

  • Average EV Per Week: £120

  • Average Hours Per Week:  10

EV/Profit Graph

  • Total EV:  £4,200

  • Total Profit:  £4,500

What made you interested in starting casino?

My wife and I had been looking for a second income that was simple, could be done in our spare time, and was possible in between looking after our lively kids.  I started MBing and made ok profit, but was frustrated at having to sit at my laptop for hours on end waiting for good matches. I also had a couple of mistakes when the kids distracted me and quickly realised that MBing wasn’t a great fit for me. I took some advice from others in the group and tried low risk casino and haven’t looked back since.  100% of my time is now spent on casino. For me and my circumstances, it fits in much better with my lifestyle. I’ve also seen much more consistent returns with casino vs MB, which meant that I didn’t ‘have’ to do both

Why did you join Team Casino?

After doing a small number of low risk offers, I could see how it worked but was constantly hunting for good offers, and didn’t always know which ones were actually profitable. Team Casino was great, and I could start with a £1 trial and they did all the hard work for me. The profit tracker also gave me a really easy way to track my profit/progress and meant I didn’t have to use a pad and pen anymore!  I signed up whilst sitting on a beach on holiday and haven’t looked back!

Were you nervous at first? What were your biggest concerns about casino, and how did you overcome them?

Terrified! It took me weeks to pluck up the courage to take the plunge. I agreed with my wife that I’d ‘invest’ £500 of my MB profit and if I lost it, it would have been a risk free punt.   At first, I just couldn’t get my head around how EV (expected value) would eventually align to profit.  I’ve been matched betting for about 18 months, and whilst the concept of making money from wagering to get free bets made sense, I had a real concern that I was just throwing money away by gambling in online casinos.  In the end, a few things helped. The Team Casino guides are brilliant, written in language that’s easy to understand and it makes it super simple to do the offers, with step by step instructions.

The tracker on the site is also brilliant as it allows you to easily see your performance of EV and profit….even if it isn’t immediately going the way you want, the fact you can track it easily gave me comfort that I was in control of what I was doing.  The final thing for me was that I’d made enough profit from matched betting that I was prepared to take a punt on low risk, and took the approach of “I’ll put £500 in, and if I lose it through low risk casino, I’ve just lost profit, not my investment”. Low risk casino, for me, is like a mini religion; you’ve got to start off with faith and over time once you get to understand it and love it, you believe….and then start preaching it to anyone else that cares to listen!

At what point did you “trust the EV”?

After I did over 1,000 offers, I noticed a correlation between my profit and EV. It wasn’t exact but if trended in the right direction. So, with logic dictating that a trend should continue, I carried on and the lines have more of less matched ever since. Even when it doesn’t, I’m still making more profit than if I wasn’t doing casino (on a longer term basis)

What would you say to those just starting who are having a slow start?

Simple; look at my graph. I stuck it out, and I’m really glad I did. There’s loads of advice from Team Casino and its members, use it and ask lots of questions. We’re a friendly bunch.

What does your average day look like and how does low risk casino fit into it?

For me, I wanted to make sure that low risk casino fitted into my life, not the other way around, so I tend to do offers whenever I have a few minutes to spare.  I’ve got 2 kids and a full time job, so I typically do the free offers first thing in the morning after I’ve gotten up and am having a coffee/getting dressed for work.  After you’ve been doing it for a while, it becomes an automatic process that you can do absent minded without much thought. I then flick through the offers to see if there are any time bound ones I need to be aware of (such as bet £10 on a football/cricket match and get x spins per goal/runs) and make a mental note to do those by whatever time it says.

When I’m at work, and go out for a smoke break, I’ll maybe do one or 2 of the regular offers, like the Sky Casino Spin Lounge.  When you get into a routine, you spend 60 seconds logging in, opting in, and setting auto spins and then carry on with whatever else you’re doing.

The majority of my time spent on low risk is in the evening when I get home and the kids have gone to sleep; it’s really easy to work through the offers off of your phone whilst you’re watching TV or walking the dog. The time is usually spend robotically scrolling through Facebook, I now use it to make me money.  Once again, if you get in a routine of loading up Team Casino whilst watching whatever is on the box, you’ll surprise yourself with just how many offers you can get through.   

Do you have a weekly Target?

I aim to do 300 offers a month and around £500 EV. I’d love to make £500 a month profit, and it averages out to be about that over the time I’ve been doing it. But, likes with any sales job, the more effort you put in, the more you tend to get back.

Have you had any major gubbings and how have you managed to maintain your EV/profit?

I’ve had a tonne of gubbings! It really hurt when I lost paddy and sky in the same week. It did feel like a hammer blow at the time but there are so many bookies out there, there’s lots of offers out there. Try to do a new sign up for every gubbing you get, that’ll keep you going.

Could you give us your top tip/s for being successful at casino offers?

Follow the Team Casino guides and don’t go rogue; they are there to help you. If you do have questions, the Team Casino Facebook Group is highly active and there’s always someone there who can help, or going through the same offer/has the same question. 

Set a bankroll that you’re comfortable in losing, and then commit to doing a certain number of offers and seeing where you are.  It’s so easy to get downhearted when you hit a losing streak to think “maybe I’m just not lucky and this isn’t for me, I’ll just stop/go back to sports matched betting”.  When I started, I had a TERRIBLE run and didn’t make any profit until I had completed over 300 offers. Yes, 300 offers and I was still at breakeven. I was really close to packing it in and calling it a day, but I had to focus on the EV and trust that it would materialise in to profit, which takes me to my next tip..

Trust the EV!  This is critical; if you can’t put faith and trust in the statistical logic behind low risk casino, you should stop reading now.  Whilst we are in it to make profit, the expected value is where you need to focus as, over time, your profit will come in to line with your Expected Value.  Think of your low risk casino journey as you starting your own casino. If you opened your casino and ended up paying out loads to a few lucky punters on your opening night, would you close up shop?  Absolutely not, because it’s a long term play, and that’s how you have to think about it.

If you value your time, use auto spins.  It’s really tempting to sit and stare at your phone whilst its spinning to see how much you’re up/down.  This is bad for a few reasons; if you’re down, it’ll only make you upset/angry. If you’re up, you stare at you’re phone/laptop to make sure you stay up.  But the end result will be the same.

What are your plans for 2020?

I'm saving every penny I can so we can buy a bigger house. Team Casino has a massive positive impact on this, which keeps me motivated.

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