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Name: Giang Nguyen

Age: 42

Location: Southampton

Occupation: Self-employed

Short Description: Since leaving my travelling job in 2019 to have more time for family, I have been enjoying seeing my two teens grow up. I run a small business alongside matched betting/casino. In my spare time, I love gardening, reading a good book and cycling.

Team Profit Member Since: September 2019

Profit So Far: £15,000 from matched betting and £10,000 from casino

1. How did you find out about matched betting and Team Profit?

It was during a random conversation with a friend who said he did matched betting to earn some money on the side and made over £1500 in four weekends.

This jogged my memory that two days earlier I had stumbled upon a blog post about matched betting.

Intrigued, I went back to the article trying to find out what exactly my friend was doing.

All sounded legit and easy enough.

However, being the super cautious person I am, I did more research and found it mentioned on as one of the legitimate ways to make money online (I trusted Martin Lewis and had been following him for financial tips).

So I decided to give it a go.

I looked around for a support group and found two Facebook groups that were mentioned the most: Team Profit was one of them.

I joined both groups but within a day decided to leave the other group and stay with Team Profit for the friendliness and welcome I received from you.

2. How difficult was it for you to start matched betting?

The biggest hurdle I had to overcome was my own mindset.

I am naturally a cautious person, taking time to look into things before making decisions.

Although I’d done research into matched betting, I was still very sceptical about the whole thing. The word “betting” rings all sorts of alarm bells.

I sat on the fence for two weeks until Tom from Team Profit posted a video walking viewers step-by-step through the Coral welcome offer - like the one here.

It was short and super easy to follow which gave me the final push to take the plunge.

I started by opening a new bank account just for matched betting, creating a new email address to sign up with bookies, and downloading the Team Profit Profit Tracker Spreadsheet ready for my first bets.

Having Tom’s video ready to play on my iPad with Coral’s web page opened on my laptop, I placed my first bet within 20 minutes of signing up with Coral.

I started the process feeling extremely nervous but by the end breathed a sigh of relief. It isn’t rocket science, and it’s definitely not gambling.

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3. How does matched betting fit into your weekly routine?

My week often starts with a quiet Monday matched betting-wise but busy enough with casino offers (I joined Team Casino three months after starting matched betting).

By Wednesday, betting offers usually start to roll in ahead of a weekend packed with events (key football matches, major horse racing events). Bookies like to create offers for these events.

I spend roughly 2-3 hours a day on both matched betting and casino during weekdays. A bit longer on weekends. So about 23-25 hours a week altogether.

4. What advice would you give to new matched bettors to help them profit?

  • If you’re sitting on the fence, jump right down and start. It’s guaranteed profit - especially with all the welcome offers that Team Profit have lined up for you. The sooner you start, the sooner you make money.
  • Take it slow, ask questions and double check every bet you place. If you make mistakes, don’t worry. Everyone does at least once. Make sure you learn from your mistakes and move on.
  • Read the Team Profit guides on each type of offer. I wouldn't recommend you read them all at once as it can be overwhelming. Read them as you go along. It helps with your step-by-step understanding and is easier to take in.
  • Make use of the Team Profit Facebook group too. There are many experienced and helpful members who are happy to help.

  • Use the Team Profit Profit Tracker Spreadsheet from the start to monitor your bets and keep track of profit. It’s also super rewarding to see how much you’ve made over time.
  • Build a matched betting routine into your day/week. I always start my mornings by checking the Team Profit page/Facebook group for new offers, keeping an eye out for those with an expiry time/date. I then quickly plan when to complete my offers. I tend to get all simpler offers - like “bet X and get Y” offers - out the way in the morning. Afternoons and evenings are for the more advanced ones like extra places, in-play bets and 2ups, as events tend to happen then.

5. What have you done with your profits?

I originally planned to take my parents on a tour around Europe with my profits. Due to Covid they weren’t able to come over from Asia. So I sent them a gift card for them to travel locally.

We also went on a ski trip to Austria in Dec 2019 with the matched betting fund and had a wonderful time. Here’s a picture of me on it:

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We've Got Your Back.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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