Please introduce yourself - where are you from and what are your interests?

Hi I’m Bill, I’m retired after a career in IT Consultancy and my interests are classic cars, travel and my Border Collie

How did you find out about matched betting?

I read about it in a newspaper article and decided to Google and find out a bit more.

How much money have you made from matched betting so far?

I’ve been matched betting about 3 weeks now and am working my way through the Welcome offers. I currently have about £540 in profit 🙂

How easy or difficult did you find learning matched betting?

There is a lot of advice how to matched bet on the internet but I came across Team Profit quite early on through a google search and liked the way Jon explains things in simple terms. So I started following his Welcome offer guide.

How does matched betting fit into your weekly routine?

Being retired I can spend as much or as little time as I like Matched Betting but it does start to take over if you let it

Have you successfully helped anyone you know start Matched Betting?

Team Profit have an active Facebook group with a regular influx of new members all with similar questions that I had several weeks ago. If I can contribute I do, if not I keep quiet.

What have you done (or plan to do) with the money?

When I have completed a sizeable pot I’m going to spend it on fast cars, wine and women. The rest I’ll just fritter away 😉