Team Profit Member Chats

Taking that leap of faith to start matched betting can be a daunting prospect for those just starting out.

At Team Profit our aim is to make matched betting as accessible to everyone as possible, by providing everything you need to start matched betting, completely free.

Sometimes all it takes is for a little bit of insight into what to expect from matched betting.

That little bit of reassurance, seein others that had been in the same boat as you previously and how they felt when starting.

Or that boost of motivation from seeing just how much risk-free profit there is to be had.

Which is why we have asked a number of Team Profit members if they could take some time out to answer 7 questions, including; what it was like when starting matched betting, how they've found it so far, how much profit they've made and a few extra nuggets of information to help along the way.

Team Profit Member Chats
  • 10 members
  • Male and female of varying ages
  • 3 weeks to 11 months experience
  • £100 to £19,000 profit