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In this member chat, Luke tells you about his matched betting experience having joined Team Profit in August 2016.


Please introduce yourself - where are you from and what are your interests?

My name is Luke, 28, from Northern Ireland. I work full time during the week and in my spare time enjoy playing around with computers and watching lots of different tv shows. I enjoy a spot of fishing when the weather is decent (and sometimes when its not!)

How did you find out about matched betting?

I only discovered betting in the past year (2015). I seen various things on Facebook where people were doing £25 - £1000 betting challenges and I followed a number of groups with “tipsters”. Whilst I had fun with this I soon discovered that it wasn’t profitable and the claims that some tipsters made were hugely exaggerated when they had a win and played down when they had a loss. I took a break from betting as whilst I had a bit of fun at it, it wasn’t really practical for me at this point.

I then discovered matched betting, I had seen mention of it a number of times and never looked into it in detail. I did a search and came across a number of websites promising to make me thousands risk free with various costs to sign up but the sales pitch put me off. I then came across Team Profit! I was met with a straightforward video on the homepage explaining what matched betting was and a rough idea of what was realistically achievable through the various bookmaker offers.

I found the welcome offers page extremely useful to find different free bets throughout my matched betting experience and would recommend anyone who wants to start small to follow the “starting with £25” guide which gives a step by step plan to turn £25 into a lot more whilst learning the basics of matched betting. I also introduced myself to Jon after a warm welcome to their Facebook group who has been extremely helpful with any questions I had and also regularly posts extra offers that we can benefit from.

How much money have you made from matched betting so far?

I have made £450 profit which I have withdrawn to my bank.

How easy or difficult did you find learning matched betting?

Matched betting is quite intensive mathematically but luckily there are a lot of tools and guides (especially on Team Profit!). At the beginning I found that I was doing matched bets using calculators and not understanding the maths behind them and still making profit. I had a go at doing a matched bet myself and ended up breaking even with a few pence profit as I went for fairly low odds. That being said this was the only “mistake” I made throughout my bets and I still made profit.

Moving forward I spent a bit of time learning the maths and created a spreadsheet to record all my bets and offers as well as balances - this was really useful to give a good picture of how it was all going and keep track of everything. I am quite handy with excel formulas and shared my automated spreadsheet with Jon who in turn created the Team Profit spreadsheet which is fantastic. It has everything you need to keep track of along with all the information and links to the various pages. I did most of my bets on my computer and would recommend using a computer with no distractions to do your bets. There are a few offers which require you to be on mobile and these are straightforward enough as the different bookmakers have user friendly sites on mobile.

How does matched betting fit into your weekly routine?

To begin with I would say allow a couple of hours as with anything you need to take your time to understand everything and be confident with it. At my busiest times I found an hour or two at night would be enough to sign up to a new bookmaker(or 2), place a bet and lay the bet and record the info in my spreadsheet. When it got to the weekend and I had a bit more time I would be able to complete more offers or use other methods to increase my profit.

Have any of your friends started matched betting?

I have spread the word to a few people from my old betting groups who I believe got into matched betting. Most of my other friends either aren’t online very much or don’t believe it's possible to make profit gambling, but as you will come to learn matched betting isn’t gambling - once you place your bet and cover it with a lay bet you will know the outcome before it happens as you are covered either way. Then when you use and lay your free bet you will know how much profit you will make.

What have you done (or plan to do) with the money?

The extra funds were a great help as when I started matched betting I wasn’t in a great financial position. By the time I had completed most of the offers I had got myself to a better position and I used the rest of money to pay off a credit card and buy a nice birthday present for my dad.

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