To Access The Mega Referral Package, please login (if you have emailed us having referred 5 friends). If you have yet to refer 5 friends, please check out the below!

Simply Invite Your Friends

To unlock the Mega Referral Package (worth £400+)

3 Sports Welcome Offers (worth £65)
4 Bingo Welcome Offers (worth £125)
3 Daily Offer Guides (worth £250+)
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The two steps to unlock the referral package:

1. Invite 5 friends via the Facebook Group

a) Join the Team Profit Facebook Group

facebook group join

b) Once inside, enter the name or email address of those friends you want to invite:

invite tab fb

c) You will need to invite a total of 5 friends before the referral package can be unlocked.

2. Email us

Email [email protected] with your full Facebook name, letting us know you have referred your friends.

The Mega Referral Package will then be unlocked within 24 hours of sending the email (usually much much quicker).

Go to Facebook Group and Refer