matched betting tips imageMatched Betting Tips

The plan for this guide is for it to be a fantastic resource for really optimising your matched betting. I want to source all the best time saving, profit maximising, matched betting tips to take your success to the next level. This guide will be updated periodically to ensure the very best, up to date tips!

Time Savers
1) Use A Mobile And Desktop Simultaneously

If you have both a mobile and a laptop/computer, then you can use your mobile for the bookmaker bet and your laptop/computer for the exchange bet. This helps you to:

1) Not have to flick between tabs to check what the odds are and whether or not they have changed

2) Look more like a mug punter (as mug punters bet a lot on their mobile)

3) If you are away from your laptop but want to place a bet e.g. an in-play bet when out, then your username is stored on your mobile rather than on your laptop. You will also be more used to using the bookmaker site on your mobile.

If you don't have both a mobile and laptop, not to worry, it's fine to stick to one device, I just find this approach works well for me!

2) Matched Betting Email Account

This could just as easily be in the 'Profit Maximiser' section of the matched betting tips as it saves time and means you don't miss out on some juicy existing customer offers from bookmakers.

Keep all the bookmaker offers you receive in one email account (or one folder). Simply set up a dedicated matched betting email address to use when signing up to bookmakers and exchanges. Alternatively, setting up a filter in your email provider so that all emails from bookmaker email addresses go to a particular folder. Matched betting email account Full Guide.

3) Identity Verification

Save your 'age verification' and 'proof of address' documents in a quick to access place on your computer, along with a draft email. So that whenever a bookmaker requests an identity check, you can quickly whip your documents out and click send in less than a minute!

This may seem very minor, but it can be a real time saver and frustration killer.

Profit Maximisers
1) Use Smarkets For Some Lay Bets

Adding Smarkets as an alternative exchange will increase those profit margins considerably, especially in the long term. Smarkets charge just 2% compared to Betfair's 5% commission. They also charge 0% commission on any bets involving the Championship football side, Queens Park Rangers, which is an ideal game choice when doing mug bets.

Smarkets odds can however be worse for certain matches, so it isn't always a profitable alternative. For more information on when to use Smarkets and when to use Betfair please read my full Smarkets Review.

2) What To Do With Gubbed Accounts

Receiving the dreaded email saying you have "bonus restrictions" on your account gives that sinking feeling to any matched bettor. Luckily that doesn't mean that all profit opportunities stop from that particular account - you can still use it for risk-free profits!

The next opportunity is called Arbitrage Betting (or Arbing) and involves finding odds lower on that bookmaker than on the exchange. For more information on what to do with your accounts after you've been gubbed visit my guide here.

3) Set Weekly Profit Goals

At the beginning of each week, think about how much time you have during the week and from that, think about how much you want to be making from matched betting during that period. Then take a look at the "how to make £100 to £1,000 a month" - this has a good weekly breakdown of what is needed to reach certain amounts.

It doesn't sound like much, but it can really help increase profitability. Why? Because it gives you a target to set your mind, which focuses the mind and improves motivation.