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The Premier League and many of Europe's top leagues final fixtures have just played their final fixtures of the season.

Should you turn off the matched betting calculator and head to the beach for the next 10 weeks till the football season resumes on Saturday 5th August?

Definitely not! Well at the very least, if you head to the beach, bring your laptop or phone with you as there is still plenty of profit risk free to be made!

If you are completing Welcome Offers then just keep completing these offers, there is plenty of popular sport over the summer and I'll be posting in the Selections as normal!

If you are completing Weekly Offers (existing customer offers) then check out the Top 10 Ways To Profit over summer:

Summer Profit 1) Horse Racing Offers

Horse racing will be in action every day throughout the summer!

The best day of the week is Saturday between 1.30pm to 4.30pm when the racing is televised on ITV. This means the bookmakers run a lot more Refund offers plus Extra Place offers too.

Occasionally midweek racing will be televised which gives us some bumper offers too, plus Royal Ascot and Glorious Goodwood will be very profitable horse racing festivals!

Horse Racing Offers
£200+ Profit Every Month

Offers Guide: Beginner's Guide To Horse Racing & Racing Refunds Explained & Saturday ITV Racing
Tool Guide: Racing Matcher & Extra Place Matcher

  • Televised Racing: Every Saturday and occasionally midweek
  • Royal Ascot: Tuesday 20th June to Saturday 24th June
  • Glorious Goodwood: Tuesday 1st August to Saturday 5th August

The majority of your profit will come from Racing Refund offers. However, I will be adding an Extra Places Offers Guide and Tool Guide shortly! In the meantime I'd recommend the OddsMonkey Extra Place Offers guide and the OddsMonkey Each Way Matcher Tools guide.

Summer Profit 2) Big Sporting Events

No Premier League means no good sport? Try telling that to Andy Murray!

Whilst there won't be as many offers available as during the football season, there are still a number of big sporting events running this summer.

The bookmakers will be running Risk Free Offers, Refund Offers and Price Boosts on these big events. The below list isn't exhaustive either, so keep checking the OddsMonkey Daily Offers calendar each day for the full list of offers, plus see my OddsMonkey Tip #1 to subscribe to their offers forum.

Big Sporting Event Offers
£100+ Profit Every Month

Offers Guide: Risk Free Offers & Refunds Explained
Tool Guide: Daily Offers Calendar & Team Profit Tip #1 & Team Profit Weekend Blog

End of May Events:

  • Europa League Final: Wednesday 24th
  • FA Cup Final: Saturday 27th
  • League 2 Play Off Final: Sunday 28th
  • Championship Play Off Final: Monday 29th
  • England Cricket 1 Day Matches: Saturday 27th and Monday 29th
  • Tennis French Open: Monday 22nd May to 11th June

June Events:

  • Champions League Final: Saturday 3rd
  • England Cricket 1 Day Matches: Thursday 1st, Tuesday 6th, Saturday 10th
  • World Cup Football QualifiersFriday 9th to Sunday 11th (England vs Scotland Saturday 10th)
  • England vs France Football FriendlyTuesday 13th
  • England Rugby Matches: Saturday 10th, Saturday 17th
  • US Golf Open: Thursday 15th to Sunday 18th
  • Royal Ascot: Tuesday 20th to Saturday 24th
  • British Lions Rugby: Saturday 24th
  • England Cricket 2020 Matches: Wednesday 21st, Friday 23rd, Sunday 25th

July Events:

  • British Lions Rugby: Saturday 1st, Saturday 8th
  • Wimbledon: Monday 3rd to Sunday 16th
  • British Grand Prix: Sunday 16th
  • British Golf Open: Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd
  • Glorious Goodwood: Tuesday 1st August to Saturday 5th August

If there are any big events that I've missed, please do let me know on Live Help or in the Facebook Group thanks!

Summer Profit 3) Sports Welcome Offers

There are 29 Sports Welcome Offers on Team Profit and an additional 23 Sports Welcome Offers on OddsMonkey.

Have you completed all 52 Welcome Offers?

If not, then crack on! There is plenty of profit risk free available. Plus by completing the offers over summer, you'll receive all the existing customers for the start of the Premier League.

Sports Welcome Offers
£75+ Profit Every Month

Offers Guide: Team Profit Welcome Offers & OddsMonkey Welcome Offers

Summer Profit 4) Bingo & Casino Offers

Don't be put off by Bingo and Casino offers just because they are not Sports! There is plenty of profit to be made from them so long as you are willing to accept a small level of risk. This is because you cannot lay off your bets in the same way as Sports.

There are Bingo & Casino Welcome Offers, most notably the Bingo DragonFish Offers that are particularly popular in the Facebook Group. Plus there are existing customer offers almost every day in the OddsMonkey Daily Offers Calendar.

If you're looking to make money every month then definitely learn how to complete Bingo and Casino offers, check out the offer guide links below!

Bingo & Casino Offers
£75+ Profit Every Month

Offers Guide: Bingo Offers Explained & Casino Offers Explained & OddsMonkey Casino Welcome Offers

Summer Profit 5) Greyhound Offers

Greyhound Offers are like Horse Racing Refunds after you've had a few red bulls!

There are Greyhound races running every day from 11am up to 10pm every 15 minutes. Increasingly we're seeing bookmakers running offers on them which is good new for us matched betters! I'd just recommend Greyhound offers only to matched betters who have experience of horse racing refunds and to start Greyhound offers for small stakes initially as the odds move very fast!

There is a daily Greyhounds thread with the offers and 100+ posts every day on OddsMonkey which is helps a lot:

Usually only lay markets available a few minutes before so I'd recommend having a couple of trial runs with very small stakes just so you can some practice in.

Greyhound Offers
£50+ Profit Every Month

Offers Guide: OddsMonkey Existing Customer Offers Forum

ps. the image above shows a horse rather than a greyhound, I'll add a greyhound image shortly!

Summer Profit 6) Free Bet Clubs

The very easy SkyBet and Coral Free Bet Clubs will still be running over the summer months!

SkyBet have even added a Bonus promotion starting 29th May so that receive an extra £30 in free bets for the start of the football season! For discussion in the Facebook Group of this promotion, please see this post.

Free Bet Club Offers
£20 Profit Every Month + £30 Free Bets For New Season

Offers Guide: SkyBet Free Bet Club & Coral Free Bet Club

ps. this morning Paddy Power have announced a very nice Bet £50 Get £10 weekly club that is worth an extra at least £20 profit per month! Please check out this Facebook Group post for details and discussion.

Summer Profit 7) Arbing and Dutching

You can take your revenge on any bookmakers that have gubbed you by profiting from arbing and dutching!

Arbing and Dutching opportunities occur the bookmaker has set their odds too high, relatively to the lay price on the exchange ('arbing') or to other bookmakers ('dutching'). So you simply back on the bookmaker and lay on the exchange (bet on the different outcomes on other bookmakers) for a guaranteed profit!

You can use the OddsMatcher for arbing and the Dutching Tool for dutching, just remember to only do this on gubbed accounts or those that don't have good existing customer offers!

Sooner or later this bookmaker will see you're only betting with them when their odds are too high and will restrict your staking, but you might as well still profit from these whilst you can!

Arbing & Dutching
£20 Profit Every Month

Offers Guide: OddsMatcher (arbing) & Dutching

Summer Profit 8) Learn Football Accumulators

If you haven't learnt football accumulator refund offers yet or are looking to improve your understanding, this summer is an ideal time to learn!

You will then be able to take full advantage of the 10+ bookmakers that run football accumulator offers every week from August to May.

There may also be an opportunity for football accumulators between 9th to 11th June for the World Cup Qualifiers and from the 27th June for the Champions League & Europa League preliminary rounds (though we'll just need to wait and see which bookmakers will run offers for these).

If you're looking to start learning now, the best guide to start with is the Football Accumulator Refunds article.

Football Accumulator Refunds
£25 Profit Every Month + Big Profit From August onwards!

Offers Guide: Football Accumulator Refunds, Best Bookmaker Offers, Lay All At Start, Lay Sequential Lock In, Acca Matcher

Summer Profit 9) Refer Your Friends

It'll be free drinks from your friends if you introduce them to matched betting!

Stingey friends? Not to worry, I'll give you £5 cash for every friend who starts matched betting with Team Profit!

All you need is your refer a friend link, simply ask me on Live Help (or leave a message if I'm offline) asking for a refer a friend link and I'll send your refer a friend link right away.

For more details please see the Refer Your Friends article.

Refer Your Friends
£5 Cash For Every Friend

Offers Guide: Refer Your Friends

Summer Profit 10) Join The Communities

The Team Profit Facebook Group now has over 2,000 members! There are regular tips posted that will help you make more profit from your offers.

Plus the OddsMonkey Community is incredibly helpful, I use it pretty much every day to find out about new offers and learn new tricks from very experienced matched betters.

I am 99% certain if you don't currently use both of these communities, you will make more profit this summer by joining them!

Team Profit & OddsMonkey Communities
More Profit & More Fun

Offers Guide: Team Profit Facebook GroupOddsMonkey Community

I hope that helps to explain my thoughts on the best 10 ways for you to profit from matched betting this summer. Please do post any feedback or suggestions on this article in the comments section below or in the Facebook Group thanks!

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