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Matched Betting Sites Compared

This guide will compare the top Matched Betting sites available at the moment. I have split it into two sections 'newbie' - the best place to learn matched betting and 'paid subscription' - the best places to increase your monthly profits. This is because I strongly believe that you don't need to pay for a subscription when you're just starting out, there is plenty of free information and all the welcome offers are available for £600+ risk-free profit before you commit to paid matched betting sites.

Matched Betting Newbie

We all start from humble beginnings in our matched betting journeys - I can still remember the truck load of questions I had when I first tried getting my head around it all. Sadly back then there wasn't a great choice of learning material available on the internet, something I aimed to resolve when creating Team Profit. There also wasn't a thorough break down of the best matched betting sites, which I also look to solve here.

Team Profit was set up with one thing in mind, making it as easy as possible to start making risk-free profits from matched betting, with everything on the website being completely free.

  • Price: FREE
  • Offers Available: 30 (worth £700+ profit)
  • Tools: Calculator, Private Facebook Group Support, Live Chat Support

team profit homepage

What Is Team Profit?

Set up in early 2016, Team Profit is the ideal resource for new and experienced matched bettors alike. With over 30 welcome offer guides and countless articles and videos (for differing levels) - all free of charge!

Created initially with the ambition of being the very best place to start matched betting, setting new visitors up to start making their first risk-free matched betting profits as quickly and as seamlessly as possible.

It has since matured into not only the best place to learn matched betting but an all round fantastic go-to resource for anyone wanting to increase their monthly profits, regardless of how much they're already making.

Paid Subscription Sites

If you want to take your matched betting profits to the next level you're going to need to start using a paid subscription site. With the clever matched betting software that you receive with these, you can really start earning over £500 a month easily.

  • Price: £17.99/month
  • Software: Acca matcher, horse matcher, dutch search and many more.
  • Tools: Calculator, Oddsmatcher and thriving Forum

oddsmonkey homepage

What Is Oddsmonkey?

Set up back in 2011, Oddsmonkey is the original matched betting software provider. For 5 years they provided the software used by over 30,000 matched bettors (namely the common bet calculator seen today and the odds matcher software).

Since April 2016 however they have really improved their offering and now provide a full matched betting service, with brand new matched betting tools!

To give you an idea of just how impressive their growth has been since April, the forum that was launched back then has received over 200,000 posts. But it doesn't stop there, Oddsmonkey offer absolutely everything you need to maximise your matched betting profits each month. A full breakdown of what they provide for £17.99/month is provided in a table below, alternatively read our full oddsmonkey review.

  • Price: £17/month
  • Tools: Calculator, Oddsmatcher and Forum
  • Software: Acca matcher, Horse racing matcher and more

profit accumulator homepage

What Is Profit Accumulator?

Launched in 2014, Profit Accumulator pioneered the rise of matched betting as we know it today.

Oddsmonkey may have been providing matched betting software from back in 2012, however it will have only been the betting savvy that used it. Profit Accumulator then took that software and packaged it in an easy to digest format for anyone to learn, which in turn saw the popularity of matched betting rocket.

For over 2 years Profit Accumulator were the biggest and the best of the matched betting sites available, sadly however I believe that that comfort has maybe been the leading cause in them becoming second best over the past 6 months - which I will summarise below.

Profit Accumulator vs Oddsmonkey

profit accumulator vs oddsmonkeyI've used both services; originally on Profit Accumulator, switching to Oddsmonkey in the past 12 months - Oddsmonkey is comfortably my favourite.

To be completely honest with you, I want to put forward a balanced argument providing the pros and cons of both but I'm finding it really difficult to put an argument forward for why you would choose Profit Accumulator instead of Oddsmonkey.

  • Oddsmonkey has pretty much the same software (plus more) as Profit Accumulator

  • Oddsmonkey provides 1 on 1 training sessions, Profit Accumulator does not

  • The both provide invaluable resources via their respective forums, however Oddsmonkey's is growing, whereas Profit Accumulator's looks to be decreasing in size.

Profit accumulator were once the biggest and best matched betting site available...and pretty much the only choice. When once they could get away with charging a premium monthly rate, they no longer can and it's no surprise Oddsmonkey have fast become the go to of matched betting sites.

Matched Betting Sites Comparison
table pa logo
Monthly Fee FREE £17.99 £17
Annual Fee FREE £150 £150
Free Period (Offers/Free Bet Value) 30/£700 2/£30 2/£50
 Bet Calculator Yes Yes Yes
 Odds Matcher (UK Bookies) n/a 53 44
 Additional Software:
 Acca Matcher No Included Included
 Offer Matching No Included Included
 Dutch Search No Included No
Text Guides Extensive Extensive Extensive
Video Guides Extensive Some Some
Live Chat Yes 1 to 1 training No
Forum Facebook Forum Yes Yes
Free Trial
Free Trial