Matched Betting Popularity.

Matched Betting Growth

Although you may have only just discovered Matched Betting, it has in fact been around for over 10 years and isn't anything new.

The reason you're only starting to hear about it now is due to it's boom in popularity over the past two years, as you can see from the 'Google Searches' graph below:

Image: showing the number of Google searches for the term 'matched betting'

Matched Betting In The Media

The concept of Matched Betting has been positively featured in numerous reputable media outlets - all agree it is a fantastic way to earn money risk-free in your spare time. Below are some examples of Matched Betting coverage and what was said about it:

Journalist, Jason Shearer covered Matched Betting for 'The Guardian' back in 2010 with the headline, "Free bets mean you can clean up as bookies meet there match". He speaks very highly of Matched Betting, having tried it out for himself. He goes on to describe his experience, saying "I've taken up 31 offers so far - and I've made in the region of £770". "The money I have made has been absolutely risk-free, it's not been about gambling but about playing the system". The Guardian article link.

When 'The Huffington Post' commentated on Matched Betting back in 2013 they actually brought in guest writer, Owen Burek, from the incredibly popular Student website, 'Save The Student'. So double kudos from this article. He discusses the obvious concern most people have before starting Matched Betting, which is "will I be gambling", he then goes on to explain the concept of Matched Betting and dedicates the final paragraph to explaining why students should take advantage of this income opportunity. Huffington Post article link.

Team Profit Growth

Team Profit in it's current form was launched back in June 2016 and the positive reaction has been overwhelming! It has grown to a free member database of over 3,000 Team Profiter's, even more satisfyingly is that the majority of the growth has come through word of mouth 🙂

I'm also incredibly proud of how the community has grown and thrived in the Facebook support group. Now with over 30,000 fellow members, the support provided to new members from more experienced members has been really fantastic!

To join the free and awesome Team Profit Facebook Group please click this link.

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