Matched Betting Forum

There is something very positive to be said about using a matched betting forum, given that they're an invaluable aid when matched betting, particularly when just starting out on your journey to risk-free profits.

I don't know what it is, but whenever I'm using a matched betting forum I feel incredibly productive and profitable.

I think it will be a combination of elements:

  • Seeing other people's 'success stories' gets you pumped to earn even more risk-free profit
  • Being around others proactively matched betting makes you more productive in completing available offers
  • Knowing that you're only about 5 minutes away from having any questions you have, answered by one of the community
  • Or simply enjoy conversations with like-minded people

So yeah, a matched betting forum is a priceless tool for a matched bettor of any level.

Team Profit Facebook Group

At Team Profit we don't have a matched betting forum as you'd imagine by old school standards, but we have a very helpful tight-knit community that interact and help each other out, like a forum. The platform used is Facebook Private group and it currently has over 1,250 matched bettors helping each other optimise their profits.

team profit forum

The Team Profit Facebook Group is completely free to join and it provides members with an easy platform to ask questions and discuss offers with fellow matched bettors (and me!). It also allows me to communicate real-time offers, as well as Team Profit's latest news/updates to members.

With over 1,250 members (and more joining every single day) it's definitely a fantastic resource, here's an example thread from a matched betting beginnger, just a couple of hours ago:

If you're interested in joining the Facebook group then you can either search "matched betting with team profit" in the Facebook search box or alternatively click here:

Team Profit Facebook Group

Oddsmonkey Matched Betting Forum

Launched back in 2016 the Oddsmonkey forum has gone from strength to strength - previously overshadowed by the forum at Profit Accumulator, the Oddsmonkey forum is now the most active matched betting forum in the world!

With well over 10,000 forum threads and over 200,000 posts of matched betting conversations, it's no surprise that it's a fantastic resource of information - it's like the Team Profit facebook group on steriods!

matched betting forum

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