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The very best matched betting calculators explained


Matched Betting Calculator software is a matched bettors best friend - fact.

Unless you have a maths degree, trying to do some of the lay stake calculations would make your head explode. But with the clever tools available, difficult calculations can be worked out in seconds! Below is a list of the best matched betting calculators available and where to find them:


Matched Betting Calculator (Basic)

The most basic matched betting calculator looks like the below. It is used for calculating how much you need to lay on the betting exchange to make your trigger back bet risk-free and your free bet as profitable as possible, regardless of the outcome of the bet.

This calculator is available on Team Profit, completely free of charge.

free bet calculator

  1. The size of your trigger or free bet amount
  2. The odds of the back bet you find
  3. The odds of the respective lay bet

Entering these figures alone will then spit out

free bet cash

Part Lay Calculator

A 'Part Lay' Calculator is an absolute life-saver when it comes to partially matched bets on the exchange. We've all been there, when you click confirm bet on your lay bet and some of your bet is left 'unmatched. We're hit with blind panic over what to do next, luckily the answer is pretty straight forward and it's the 'Part Lay Calculator.

Where to find the Part Lay Calculator?

It's a toggle setting on the free Team Profit calculator. Found on the bottom right corner, as shown in the image below:

part lays hide

How to use the Part Lay Calculator?

When a bet is partially matched it means that the odds have increased on Betfair Exchange, so to rectify the situation we must lay a different amount at the new odds, they Part Lay Calculator tells us what this amount is.

Example: Back bet of £10 at odds of 2.0 and exchange was 2.15 when we tried to lay the full amount. Only £5 of our lay stake was matched before the odds increased to 2.2.

part lay calculator

The top section needs to be filled in with:

a) your back bet stake - which in this example is £10

b) your back bet odds - 2.0

c) your NEW lay bet odds - which have increased to 2.2

The bottom section you add in:

a) how much of your initial lay stake was successfully matched - which was £5

b) the part lay odds which are the initial lay bet odds - which were 2.15

Casino Estimated Value Calculator

A very common question surrounding casino promotions is, "is this offer worth doing?". Ask no more, thanks to this very neat casino value estimator calculator. Simply enter the required information and it will tell you YES or NO to whether an offer is worth doing, as well as how much it's expected £value is.

How to use the Estimated Value Calculator?

Example: A bookmaker is offering a casino slots sign up bonus, "deposit £10 and get a £10 free slots bonus" and the bonus comes with 10x wagering requirements (so £100 needs to be wagered before it can be withdrawn). This would look like this:

a) so first we enter the bonus amount (£10)

b) then we enter the total that needs to be wagered before we can withdraw everything (10x £10 = £100)

c) house edge is then shown "roughly" on the right of the calculator (slots = 5%)

And then once we click calculate we get a nice easy expected value in £s to show us whether it's profitable in the long run or not.

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