Matchbook Update For Cheltenham

You may have seen the discussion around both Moplay and Matchbook in the past week if you’re a member of the Facebook Group. With Cheltenham just around the corner, I thought it'd be a great time to briefly mention what's happened, and offer some advise for all of those affected!

So, what's happened with Matchbook? For now, they've just had their UK license suspended meaning they're not taking any more bets or sign ups from UK customers. They haven't actually closed down and we do expect to see them back at some point, however if you do have a balance with them then I’d recommend taking it out as soon as possible, just incase!

They will most certainly not be around for Cheltenham, and so you should look at using another exchange as an alternative.

Which Betting Exchange should you use instead?

If you were solely using Matchbook as your exchange then it is a shame, but there are alternatives! Betfair and Smarkets are the two biggest exchanges going and you should really have accounts with both of them. If you don't, sign up using our links below to receive a special offer from each:

Betfair: 0% Commission up to £500

Smarkets: £10 Bonus

Sign Up To Betfair
Sign Up To Smarkets

Each exchange has it's own strengths and there's no harm in keeping a bit of cash in both of them, if you have the bankroll of course. One thing to note is that both exchanges FULLY protect your funds as per our Bookmaker Funds Protection post, so you can lay your bets without the worry of them going under.

Betfair Pros

  • Huge amounts of liquidity
  • Betfair Rewards programme
  • 2% commission for all bets (if opted in)
  • More markets than any other exchange
  • Instant withdrawals (certain banks)
Sign Up To Betfair

Smarkets Pros

  • 0% commission (if with Oddsmonkey)
  • Huge list of pre-made acca markets
  • Ability to request an acca market through Live Chat
  • £10 bonus on sign up
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With Cheltenham coming up, it's a good idea to get used to both exchanges and perhaps have a little bit of cash in each one. Compare the odds between the two before placing bets, and use the one that will save you the most money!

The Moplay Situation

Moplay's situation isn't great. It’s very rare that a website closes down and cannot afford to pay out their players, however in Moplay’s case it seems like this may well be the outcome. It's not a good situation and many people will have lost money. To make you aware of the risks going forward, we’ve made a list of all of the major players and what would happen to your money if they were to close their doors. Check it out here:

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