⚠ Matchbook Exchange Temporarily Suspended ⚠

As some of you may be aware, Matchbook have sent out an email today explaining that their gambling licence has been temporarily suspended. We've had plenty of posts and questions about in the Facebook Group, so please read on...

1. Do not panic. However, withdraw as caution. It's just their UK license. The company isn't going under, and they are still operating worldwide. The wording in the email suggests they will be back soon as well, it's just a temporary thing. However, we do advise withdrawing money as customer funds are not protected should the company dissolve.

2. Pending Bets. All pending bets will be settled as normal. So, if you have bets on say Thursday's Europa League - these bets will still stand and you will be paid out on Thursday. All funds can be withdrawn.

3. No More Bets. As of 23:59 tonight you will not be able to place any more bets. Again, money is safe. Your pending bets are also safe.

So for now my advice would be to withdraw any funds, keep note of any pending bets and when they're due to settle and also withdraw them funds too, and use a separate exchange.

Don't Panic, Bets are safe, money should be safe however i'd recommend withdrawing. 🙂

For discussion on this, please see this Facebook Group post.