How To Make £1,000 Every Month

Strap your seat belt in, it's time to reach £1,000 every month!

Making £1,000 every month is achievable and plenty of very active part time or full time matched betters achieve this. It's great to be able to make this much from the bookmaker offers from the comfort of your laptop and/or phone!

Is This Really Possible?

Yes! Though a couple  key aspects to mention:

Firstly, you will need to dedicate a lot of time, I'd say 25 to 30 hours each week is realistic!

Secondly, there are no guarantees! You will receive gubbings from at least a few bookmakers given you will be taking up quite a lot of offers. Therefore, it may be more sustainable to make say £500 a month, rather than £1,000 a month, given you'll be taking less from the bookmakers each month! Having said this, I'd rather be aiming to make £1,000 a month with a good approach to mug betting than £500 a month with no mug betting, so this is a key factor too I think. Also, we don't know what will happen with bookmakers offers in the years to come!

Matched betting though is a excellent way to add to your income and if you have enough free time to dedicate 25 to 30 hours a week, then go for the big £1,000 every month!

You can see April's profit thread in the Facebook Group and also the OddsMonkey infographic showing average earnings per month.

Your Learning Guides

To make £1,000 a month you should be aiming to complete the Weekly ClubsRisk Free Offers, Refund OffersFootball Accumulator Offers (during August to May), Racing Refunds, Casino Offers and Arbing/Dutching!

If you're reading this in June or July without many football offers or Accumulator offers, not to worry! There are plenty of ways to make £500 profit during June and July, check out the Top 10 Ways To Profit This Summer.

I would recommend spending 1-2 hours to learn about the Weekly Clubs, Risk Free Offers and Refund Offers and how to do them. Here are the key guides I would recommend reading:

Weekly Free Bet Clubs
£10 Profit Every Week

Offers Guide: Weekly Clubs Explained
Tool Guides: OddsMatcher & Tip #2

Risk Free Offers
£20 Profit Every Week

Offers Guide: Risk Free Offers Explained
Tool Guides: Daily Offers Calendar Tip #1 and #3 & Team Profit Weekend Blog

Refund Offers
£30 Profit Every Week

Offers Guide: Refund Offers Explained
Tool Guides: OddsMatcher & Tip #4 and #5 & Team Profit Weekend Blog

If it is May, June or July then I would recommend learning Racing Refunds, otherwise I would recommend learning Football Accumulator Refunds and then Racing Refund offers:

Racing Refund Offers
£60 Profit Every Week

Offers Guide: Racing Refund Offers Explained & Saturday ITV Racing
Tool Guides: Racing Matcher

Football Accumulator Offers
£90 Profit Every Week

Offers Guide: Football Accumulator Offers Explained
Tool Guides: Acca Matcher

To help you reach £1,000 every month, I'd also recommend Casino and Dutching/Arbing:

Casino Offers
£20 Profit Every Week

Offers Guide: Casino Offers Explained

Arbing & Dutching
£10 Profit Every Week

Offers Guide: Dutching Explained

Your Weekly Schedule

You should need 25-30 hours each week to make your £240 profit risk free each week.

When Offers Weekly Profit
Sunday to Thursday
3 hours/day
Weekly Free Bet Clubs
Risk Free Offers
Refund Offers
Casino Offers
Racing Refund Offers
Football Accumulator Offers if sufficient fixtures
Friday or Saturday Morning
4-5 hours
Football Accumulator Offers
Refund Offers
Saturday Afternoon
4-5 hours
Racing Refund Offers £60
Your Exchange Balance

Ideally you will have £1,500 in your exchange.

Simply the more you have in your exchange, the more Racing Refunds and Accumulator Offers you can do simultaneously alongside the Refunds and Risk Free offers.

If you have less than £1,500, no problem!

You can still do as many of the offers as your exchange balance allows, just make sure before completing an offer that you will be able to cover the trigger/free bet.

Ready To Make Money?

Great! Let's head to the Weekly Clubs Explained and the Risk Free Offers Explained and start making your £1,000 profit risk free every month!

Any Questions?

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