How To Make £100 Every Month

You can easily make £100 every month from matched betting just by focusing on the Weekly Clubs and the Risk Free Offers!

These are the easiest offers to complete as they are very similar to the Welcome Offers.

If you have 1 to 2 hours spare each week you can comfortably aim to make £25 each week. This is the equivalent of £100 profit tax free every month very nice!

Please note, since writing the below guide, we have written The Regular article in December 2017 which provides you the best approach to making £200 to £400 every month!

Your Learning Guides

I would recommend spending an hour to learn about the simple Weekly Clubs and Risk Free Offers and how to do them. Here are the key guides I would recommend reading:

Simple Weekly Free Bet Clubs
£10 Profit Every Week

Offers Guide: Weekly Clubs Explained
Tool Guides: OddsMatcher and Team Profit Tip #2

Risk Free Offers
£15 Profit Every Week

Offers Guide: Risk Free Offers Explained
Tool Guides: Daily Offers Calendar and Team Profit Weekend Blog

Your Weekly Schedule

You should only need 1-2 hours each week to make your £25 profit risk free each week.

I suggest splitting this into two sessions, one midweek and one over the weekend. This will ensure you can qualify for the Coral Club that runs Mon-Thur.

When Offers Weekly Profit
Monday to Thursday
30 to 60 mins
Weekly Free Bet Clubs £10
Friday to Saturday
30 to 60 mins
Weekly Free Bet Clubs
Risk Free Offers


Your Exchange Balance

Ideally you will have £200 in your exchange.

This will cover the midweek trigger and free bets for your Free Bet Clubs and then also your weekend Risk Free Offers too.

If you have less than £200, no problem!

You can still do as many of the offers as your exchange balance allows, just make sure before completing an offer that you will be able to cover the trigger/free bet.

Ready To Make Money?

Great! Let's head to the Weekly Clubs Explained and the Risk Free Offers Explained and start making your £100 profit risk free every month!

Any Questions?

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