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Liew is one of the legendary Team Profit members having consistently made between £1,000 to £1,500 each month in 2017.

In this guide, Liew explains his 7 top tips for making £1,000 every month as well as a summary of his daily routine.

Liew's Tip #1 - Check The OddsMonkey Calendar Daily

Every day, remember to check the Daily Offer Calendar for football promotions or other sports promotions.

Sporting events happen all the time, and you may miss out on profitable promotions.

Sporting Event Examples

For an instance, the French Open tennis event is going on right now, and there’s some great offers, such as Betfred’s bet 3 x £25 live, get £25 free bet. The Champions League finals was recently held between Juventus and Real Madrid, and there were plenty of good chance good promotions for that.

When To Place Your Bets

So, make sure you check the Daily Offer Calendar every day and place your qualifying bets the night before the event if you’re busy on the day of the event. It’s preferable if you can place your qualifying bet on the day of the event, as it’s less suspicious to the bookies, but the night before is fine as well.

Jon's Bonus Tip - See Time Saving Tip #1 to subscribe to the Calendar to receive instant notification of every new offer!

Liew's Tip #2 - Price Boosts

What Are Price Boosts?

A price boost is when a bookie boosts their odds for a team or for a sport outcome, which you can lay for a risk-free profit.

For an example, Betvictor may do a price boost for Real Madrid to win at odds of 3.0 instead of 2.7, which you can lay on the exchange for a small profit, as the exchange’s odds would still probably be close to 2.7, too.

However, most bookies doing price boosts often has a stake limit on the price boost, which differs for everyone. Some people can get up to £20, and some only £10.

Best Price Boosts

In my experience, Boylesport’s price boosts are one to lookout for, as they often boost the odds significantly. They call it the “Boylesport’s Massive Price Bomb” and you can find them on their Twitter page, and they often post the price boost 15-30 minutes before the sport event they are boosting on.

How Much Profit Each Week

Price boosts may not get big profits, but they accumulate over time! Every price boost can earn you from £1 to £4, but do 10 of these, and you’ve got yourself £10-£40 risk-free!

Please note that not all price boost outcomes can be layed. An example is “Ronaldo to score and Real Madrid to win”, which cannot be layed at any exchange. So, make sure the price boost you found can be layed before you place your bet.

Where To Find Price Boosts

An amazing place to find price boosts is on the Oddsmonkey price boost community thread. You can subscribe to this thread on Oddsmonkey, which gives you a notification when someone posts a new price boost they found to it. Just click on the “Not Watching” button, and change it to “Watching”.

Price Boost Mobile Notifications

If you want price boosts notification sent to your smart phone, here’s a good guide to make that happen.

However, if you’re using an iPhone, there’s a bug that doesn’t make the notification appear on your phone. Just log out and log in again, and then notifications should start coming in.

Jon's Comment - For more details on Price Boosts please see Time Saving Tip #3.

Liew's Tip #3 - Football Accumulator (Accas) Refunds

Accas are a really good way to skyrocket your profits for the month!

You can complete them every month except for June and July due to a lack of football, though there may still be some international football from time to time in June and July.

Accas, or accumulators, are bets that have more than 1 selection. You only win when all your selection wins, and if more than 1 selection loses, you lose your stake, even if some of your selection wins.

They are very popular among punters, and will not be suspicious to bookies. You can find out more about accas here.

When To Set Up Accas

I would recommend setting up accas on Friday nights, or even Thursday nights if there are many football games going on on Friday.

Depending on your bankroll, it is best if you can set up 5-15 accas for the weekend across different bookies. There are 3 methods of laying an acca, as detailed by the post linked above.

Which Method To Start

I would recommend starting with Laying Sequential Lock-in, as it guarantees profit, with almost no chance of losing money.

How Much Profit

Each acca can earn you around £4 profit risk free with the Will Hill £50 acca capable of making up to £20 risk-free, so I definitely recommend setting up as many as possible.

Multiple Accas On Same Bookie

Make sure your accas end on different days on the same bookie.

If you’re using Williamhill for your accas, make sure all your accas on Williamhill end on different days.

The only exception is Paddypower, which allows you to have up to 4 accas that end on the same day.

Reminders / Alerts

If you are using lay sequential lock-in, I would recommend setting up plenty of alarms or reminders for each leg you need to lay to remind you to lay the next game, just in case you forget to lay. Forgetting to lay may cost you a lot of money.

Jon's Bonus Tip - The new Acca Finder allows you to set up email alerts for each of your accas. Once you have saved your acca, open it in 'My Accas' and then check the box for 'Send Email Alerts' which will send 1 hour before kick off!

Exchange To Use

The exchange of choice here would be Smarkets, as they have plenty of liquidity for big games, as well as their 2% commission. Using Betfair, with their 5% commission, will eat into your profits quite significantly.

Liew's Tip #4 - Saturday ITV Racing

Saturday’s ITV Racing can make the bulk of many people’s profits of the month.

Prepare to allocate your entire morning and afternoon for Saturday’s racing, as they can be time-consuming, but profitable. Prepare your bankroll as well, especially in your exchange.

It is recommended to have from £300 - £500 in your exchange for Saturday’s racing, but if you don’t have that, you can still take part in Saturday’s racing, but with a smaller profit as you would have to lower your stakes.

For more information on this please see my Saturday ITV Racing guide.

Liew's Tip #5 - Free Bet Clubs

Weekly offers, such as Coral’s Bet £25 Get £10 in free bets, should always be done.

They are extremely easy to do, and can get you big profits risk-free. Each weekly offer can earn you £2-4, which may seem little, but don’t miss out on them! Every profit counts, and small profits accumulate to big profits risk-free!

Free Bet Clubs Every Week

Betway – Bet £25 in trebles, get £10
Unibet – Bet 5 x £10 live, get £10 free bet
Coral – Bet £25 get £5 in shop and £5 online free bet
Skybet – Bet £25 get £5 freebet
Paddypower – Bet 5 x £10, get £10 free bet
Williamhill – Bet £20 in accas, get £5
Betonbrazil – Bet £50 live, get £10 free bet

Jon's Comments - Check out the Free Bet Clubs Explained guide for more information.

Liew's Tip #6 - William Hill 2 Clear Offer

Williamhill has a very good horse racing offer called “2 Clear”. If you place a bet on a horse and if it wins by 2 lengths or more, you get a 15% bonus on top of your winnings as a free bet, up to £100 free bet.

Which Horse To Back

The best way to get risk-free profit from this is to find a horse that is a clear favourite, as that means that it is likely it will win, and hopefully by 2 lengths. For an example, in a race where the favourite is 1.80, and the next favourite is 8.0, it is very likely the favourite will win this race and by a fair margin (but not guaranteed, of course!).

Also, by choosing to bet on a favourite, it may seem less suspicious to Williamhill that you’re matched betting, as many punters bet on the favourites. Favourites also almost always have better odds on the exchange, creating a lower qualifying loss on your bet. It is preferable to choose a race where the distance is 1m or longer, as the longer the race, the more tired the horses will become, hopefully creating a larger winning margin!

Deciding Your Back Stake

Next, choose a stake which you are comfortable with. The larger your stake, the more you win, and the larger your 15% free bet bonus is! However, the larger your stake, the bigger your qualifying loss, the more money you’d need at the exchange, and the more expensive a mistake will be!

I always aim to stake around £200 - £300 on the favourite, which gets me a free bet of around £30 - £50.

Be VERY careful if you do choose to bet a high stake. Always make sure your selection on Williamhill and the exchange is correct.

Placing Your Lay Bet

Make sure there is enough liquidity. You can check liquidity by looking at the numbers below the odds on the exchange:

Make sure the number is higher than the amount you are laying, or else you would end up betting £200, and only laying £50, which can result in losing a big chunk of your money if your horse doesn’t win.

If there isn’t enough liquidity, it is better to just wait for better liquidity, or maybe checking another exchange.

Back Your Horse Before Laying

Also, always, ALWAYS back your horse before laying, especially if you choose to use a high stake. You never know when bookies decide to change their odds at the last minute, causing you to back a horse at 1.50 odds and laying them at 1.80 odds, losing you money.

After backing, make sure you get a confirmation about your bet before laying.

Which Races Each Day

2 Clear can be a very good and sustainable way to earn those risk-free profits, as Williamhill has this offer every day, on a selected meeting. You can see what meeting Williamhill has chosen for the day by going to the Horse Racing section of Williamhill.

Jon's Comment - You can also see every racing offer available each day in the OddsMonkey Latest Offers Forum

Start With A Lower Stake

If you have not done any horse racing offers previously, you may want to start with a lower stake until you get the hang of it, and then increase your stake to get more out of the 15% free bet bonus!

When To Complete This Offer

It is best if you can place the bets 5-10 minutes before the race begins. This is when the odds from the bookie and the exchange are the closest.

Qualifying loss is very important with 2 Clear, especially if you are using high stakes. Try to get a qualifying loss of less than £1 per £100 staked.

Otherwise, you may end up losing more money from qualifying bets than what you would get from the free bet.

If you’re trying for 2 Clear offers on the weekdays, the exchange of choice would definitely be Matchbook. They currently (until the end of June) have a 0% commission rate offer for horse racings from Sunday to Tuesday, which can lower your qualifying losses significantly, making it easier to find close matches.

Liew's Tip #7 - Mug Bet, Mug Bet, Mug Bet

Always mug bet! Mug bet is a bet that you place and lay at a bookie without any offers or promotions.

Mug bets keep your accounts healthy and will make bookies think you’re a regular punter. After all, punters don’t bet only when there are offers available. Punters bet regardless of any offers or promotions given.

Try to place your mug bets on popular games from popular leagues to throw bookies off your back.

You can place mug bets right after you place a qualifying bet for an offer, or you can just place mug bets out of nowhere if you have the time. Use the Oddsmatcher on Oddsmonkey to find close matches and keep your qualifying losses to a minimum. Try to find matches where you would lose less than £0.50 per £20 staked for a mug bet.

Mug bets may not make you profits, but it keeps your accounts healthy and your profits coming for the long term!

Jon's Comment - If it's of interest check out the approach I take in this Mug Betting guide.

Liew's Routine

A routine that I follow weekly goes like this.

Every Day: Daily Offers Calendar, Price Boosts, Free Bet Clubs

Every day, I open up the Oddsmonkey’s Daily Offer Calendar. If I find any offers worth doing, I place my qualifying bets, keeping in mind a low qualifying loss.

After placing a qualifying bet on an offer, I always place some mug bets to try to keep suspicion low.

I’ve set up notifications on my smartphone for when someone posts a new price boost on the Oddsmonkey Price Boost thread, so when my smartphone notifies me, I place my bet on the price boost.

I also place bets on the weekdays for the weekly clubs, so that I won’t have to worry about that during the weekends, when most football and horse racing offers are on.

Sunday to Friday: Will Hill 2 Clear

On Sundays to Fridays, if I have free time, I’ll try to get on Williamhill’s 2 Clear offer, which goes on every day on a selected meeting. In my experience, 2-3 races will produce a 2 Clear winner per day on average, so if I managed to get on the winning horse, I’ll have a profit for the day.

Thursday or Friday: Accas

On Thursdays, I check the Acca Builder tool on Oddsmonkey to see if there are any accas worth getting on. If there are plenty of matches on Friday from popular leagues with a clear favourite (odds of 1.2 and below), I set up my accas on Thursday, aiming for 3 accas per bookie, with one ending on Friday, one on Saturday and one for Sunday.

I aim to place accas with as many bookies as I can to maximize my weekend profits. However, I try not to tie up too much of my money, as I would need plenty of money for Saturday’s ITV racing. I always spread my accas across lay at start and lay sequentially lock in accas.

If there aren’t too many football games on Friday, I’ll skip doing the accas on Thursday and start setting up my accas on Friday instead. If I’m setting up accas on Fridays, I try to have my accas ending on Saturday, Sunday and Monday/Tuesday.

Friday & Saturday: Football Refund Offers

On Fridays, I also check to see if there are close matches for Paddypower’s 2 Up offer, as well as 888sport’s 88th minute refund offer. If I can’t find any close matches (qualifying loss of £0.50 per £25 staked), I’ll check again on Saturday morning or afternoon, when the odds would’ve hopefully changed for the better.

Saturday: ITV Racing

On Saturdays, I set aside my mornings and afternoons for ITV racing offers. I usually finish with Saturday’s racing around 5pm and do a final check on the Daily Offer Calendar to see if any new offers are added that are worth doing.

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