Matched Betting Story: Leanne

Let's Start With The Ugly..

It’s all well and good hearing about my success stories but I wanted to share some of the other side to matched betting too. After all, at some point the topics I am about to cover will affect us all as matched bettors at some point. It's not all doom and gloom and things do turn out alright, but I want to share the good and the bad while I am writing this blog and to be honest about how my month has gone.

I will start with the ugly and get that out of the way first. Now everyone who has ever done matched betting will at one time or another make a mistake or ‘duck up’ as they are affectionately known. Well I made my first real mistake last month. I was trying to multitask, placing bets, filling in student loan application and looking after my 11 month grandson. I’m sure you can guess, but that is definitely a no no when doing matched betting.

"It's not all doom and gloom and things do turn out alright"

I was also feeling really tired after having a few sleepless nights due to my son’s blood sugar levels sending him into hypers. That is when his numbers are 14 and above and really they should be between 4 and 7. We are not sure why this has been happening, it could be the cold weather, growth and hormones or him being unwell with a virus. We have been in close contact with his diabetes nurse and are changing fast and slow acting insulin levels to try and get him back under double figures.

Needless to say, it was a recipe for disaster. I was trying to place a back and lay on a favourite horse and without me realising the favourite had changed places at the bookies. So, I backed one horse and layed a completely different one. The worst thing was that I didn’t even realise until it was too late. So I lost a bit on back bet and on the lay side too. It hit me pretty hard. I felt so annoyed with myself and couldn’t do any matched betting for a few days.

"I was able to come back to matched betting with a fresh energy"

The break did me the world of good. I was able to put things in perspective, although I had lost some money, I had taken far more in profit over the rest of the month. I was able to come back to matched betting with a fresh energy and decided I would just work on making that amount back. I’m happy to say that up to now, I have won £210 worth of free bets. Mainly from horse racing offers, so not only have I covered my losses, I’m already making profit for November.

The Bad (Yet Inevitable..)

The bad. Well it happens to all of us, the dreaded gubbing stick. Last month I lost 3 top bookies that I used a lot for offers. I was kind of expecting it after writing this blog to be honest, so it wasn’t a huge shock. Oddly, It didn’t feel half as bad as I thought I would. I knew it would come eventually so I just made as much as I could, while I could. Losing a few bookies is not the end of the world. I just need to broaden my thinking and evolve with a new plan of action.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I have been trying to learn new matched betting skills. This month I will be focusing on each way betting.  So even though I am no longer receiving offers from some bookies, I am still able to place each way bets and have been making a small but steady income. I am only starting with £1.50 each way, until I am confident. I will then increase my stakes to £5 each way.

"Think outside the box and try offers you wouldn’t have tried before"

I have also got tons of smaller bookies to sign up to. Because I was receiving regular offers from other bookies, I had just got comfortable and stuck with the same ones. So now it’s time to spread my wings and find other bookies which also offer free bets or refunds. There are so many I’m sure I will still be joining them right up until new year!

So don’t feel too disheartened about this happening to you, it will happen eventually. My advice is to think outside the box and try offers you wouldn’t have tried before. Bingo, a little bit of low risk casino and smaller bookmaker offers are something I wasn’t utilising before, but I am quite enjoying trying theses new things.

And Finally.. The Good!

Now on to the good. As you can see it was a pretty tough November on both a matched betting and a personal front. But I still ended the month in profit and was able to add more towards the fund for my son, which is the whole point for me at the moment. We are also seeing better blood sugar levels for my son, so he is having less hypers, which means we all sleep a little easier.

So what am I doing apart from sign ups? Well, the advent calendar offers are amazing this month. Some of the better ones I have noticed have been from the IPS casino sites, such as Pink Casino. Heart Jackpotjoy are doing some good daily calendar offers too. It’s not just casino however Bethard, Ladbrokes and Coral have had some great daily offers too and are well worth checking daily.

"It has all made me that little bit stronger and more determined than ever"

The team profit Facebook page is a rich source of information on offers that are around currently and usually come with helpful tips on how best to complete the offer.

Finally, I would just like to wish you all a very Merry Xmas and a prosperous New Year. This year has definitely been a defining one for me personally, became a granny, completed and Access Course with distinctions, got a place at Uni to become a Mental Health Nurse after leaving a 20-year career in education and of course my son being diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes.

But it has all made me that little bit stronger and more determined than ever, matched betting will continue to provide some much needed cash and hopefully the New Year will bring us all lots of lovely offers!

Bye for now.

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