Welcome To Team Profit - We Teach Matched Betting

A very warm welcome to Team Profit. We teach Matched Betting, a risk free way to make up to £40/hour in your spare time. Matched Betting has featured in national newspapers since 2010 and is now followed by over 10,000 people in the UK.

But Will I Be Gambling?

No, you will never be gamblingThis is the most important part to understand.

We teach you how to bet, profitably, on both outcomes of an event. This means whether Team A wins or loses, it doesn't matter. You are never risking a penny but always making money from the free bets.

National newspapers have all reviewed Matched Betting and have agreed it is not gambling and will make you money, including The Guardian, The Huffington Post and The Daily Telegraph. They have all reviewed Matched Betting and concluded you will make money risk free by following simple instructions.

National Newspaper Reviews

""The money I have made has been absolutely risk free"


"Whatever the outcome, you are guaranteed to win money"


"The money is there if you're willing to follow instructions"


Anyone Can Become A Member

Full time employees, students, mums, managers, unemployed, graduates, grandparents, literally anyone can join and enjoy risk free, tax free profits.

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How Team Profit Teaches Matched Betting

We are dedicated to making it as easy and simple for you to learn and profit from Matched Betting. The Members Area includes:

What Members Say About Us

"The step-by-step plan was really clear and made it really easy for me to get started."

Andy, Airport Security

"I joined 2 weeks ago and up £300. Works out £40 per hour tax free, more than my day job."

Lisa, Social Worker

"The Member's support is fantastic. Someone is always online to help - keep it up!"

Nat, Music Journalist

Team Profit Support - Our Number One Priority Is You

We are very passionate about great member support. Too many times dealing with other businesses we have been left on hold, our emails ignored or false information. We do things differently - we provide exceptional support to every single member.

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Are You Ready To Start Making £1,000+ Risk Free?

Team Profit

Here's what happens once you join as a Free Member:

Team Profit Gold

Here's what happens once you join as a Gold Member:

Free Member

  • Make £40 Risk Free
  • 3 Bookmaker Welcome Offers
  • 0 Bookmaker Daily Offers
  • No Card Required

Gold Member

  • Make Up To £1,000/Month Risk Free
  • 40 Bookmaker Welcome Offers
  • 5+ Bookmaker Daily Offers
  • Mobile optimised matched betting tools
  • 30 Day Refund Guarantee

Answers to Free Member FAQs

Our 3 tutorial videos last 23 minutes. You will learn how matched betting works plus watch a step by step walkthrough of your first welcome offer. Some members choose to rewatch parts of the videos to make sure they fully understand matched betting before completing their 3 welcome offers worth £40.
Once you have watched the tutorial videos, you can follow our step by step guides to complete the 3 welcome offers worth £40 profit risk free. It really is that simple.
In addition to our tutorial videos and guides, we are available on Live Help 12 hours a day. If we are not available on Live Help anytime, just leave us a message with your email address, or send us an email to [email protected] and we will reply within 12 hours.
You can start matched betting from as little as £25. This is needed to deposit into the bookmakers so they reward you with a free bet. Your starting £25 is never at risk as we teach you in the videos how to bet on all outcomes of the matches.
Yes, matched betting is fully legal and safe, there are no issues at all with simply taking up bookmaker offers that are promoted by the bookmakers themselves. Over 10,000 people in the UK make money from matched betting and newspapers have reviewed and all agreed it is a risk free way to make money.

Answers to Gold Member FAQs

We provide step by step guides for over 30 welcome offers with a total value in excess of £500, many members make up to £800 from the welcome offers alone.

We also provide daily offers from bookmakers and Gold Members make between £100 to £250 every week. The amount of profit varies from week to week depending on the sporting events (e.g. weeks with midweek European League game are always more profitable), however at a minimum there is usually £100 in a quieter week, £200 in a busier week and occasionally up to £250 in the best weeks.

It is completely up to you. Some members spend as little as 1 hour a week completing the easiest offers and will make approximately £150 each month. Most members will spend 3-5 hours a week (typically split into 1 hour sessions on different days) and will make between £500 to £750 each month.

Our members say it works out around £40/hour tax free for them, usually £20-£30/hour for the first few hours as members familiarise themselves with the various bookmaker websites.

Our Daily Offers section is updated every day, plus we send two email notifications each week with the list of upcoming offers. If a great offer becomes available between these two emails, we will send a separate email for the offer.
We provide sportsbetting offers across 30 bookmakers, ranging from £5 to £50 offers. Every offer comes with a clear step by step guide. Occasional we will write guides for casino, bingo and poker offers if they are particularly profitable.
Simple - the sooner you join, the sooner you start making risk free money. With our 30 day money back guarantee, you are not risking anything and you will easily make £1,000+ with Team Profit. Our job is to make you money!

I have many bookmaker accounts already, can I still make money?

Yes you can easily make £1,000+ with us. If you have 5+ bookmaker accounts, we remember starting as a Gold Member. This means you benefit from all the daily offers straightaway whilst you can also complete the welcome offers for bookmakers you have not joined yet. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee so there is no risk in starting as a Gold Member.

Gold Members - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason at all, you decide matched betting isn't for you, then simply send us an email or click Live Help and we will immediately refund 100% of your Gold Member subscription. All the risk is on us to make sure you love Team Profit and make money.