Job First Listed: 4th February 2020

Job Opportunity

Onboarding and Communications Role

 Location: Team Profit HQ, South West London.

  Salary: £27k+ (depending on knowledge and experience)

About Us

Team Profit was started back in 2016, by two friends with a keen interest in matched betting and building websites. Since then we have grown at an unexpectedly fast pace and are now the UK (and the world’s) most popular free matched betting service.

There are now seven working on Team Profit full-time and four part-time, all working hard to provide the very best in matched betting services and support for our members.

Between ourselves and the awesome members in the Facebook Group, we make getting started with matched betting as easy as possible, from learning the ropes to maximising profits.

And just last July we officially launched our brand new casino-focused service, - designed to help people complete and maximise profitable casino offers.

The Role

The role will mostly focus on the the Team Profit service, but also some of Team Casino.

As onboarding and communications manager, you will help ensure Team Profit provides the very best experience for members getting set up and started with matched betting and ongoing communication with all members.

Working together with the Team, you will help execute our overall onboarding and communications strategy - with the main goal being to help our members start matched betting and maximising their profits.

The role will include:

  • Analysis of on-site behaviour (using data analysis and reporting)
  • Planning and creating email communications
  • Engage with members to generate feedback and product suggestions
  • Personalising the experience for members as much as possible
  • Communicating new content to our members (email, push notifications, social media)
  • Communicating with the wider team to schedule and execute content plans and product direction

We strive for continual development in order to help our members as best as possible, never resting on our laurels. The successful candidate will help imagine and implement the improvements to the services we provide.

Different Skillset? If you're keen to join the team, but feel this role does not match with your skillset, please do get in touch via email at [email protected] outlining the kind of skills you could bring to the team. There may be alternative opportunities available 🚀

Desired Qualities
  • Matched betting and casino offer knowledge (to a good standard)

  • Strong Analytical Skills 

  • Computer literate

  • Super friendly

  • Willingness to learn

  • Very personable

  • Team player

Why Team Profit?

As a key member of a growing and close-knit team, you will work directly with the other team members to shape Team Profit and Team Casino and help them reach their maximum potential as a product.

Entrepreneurship is a big part of Team Profit. We work at pace to try new things, test ideas and roll out improvements, features and products. Think Mark Zuckerberg's office (but with better privacy policies), not Alan Sugar’s boardroom.

Everyone at Team Profit has experienced the dryness of a dull job at one point or another in their careers. The last thing we want is for work to be a place where we or any of our team dread - so we try our hardest to ensure that is never the case and that we have fun whilst doing the job at hand!

Perks & Benefits
  • Competitive salary

  • Quarterly bonuses (up to 10%)

  • Quarterly training budget (5%)

  • Flexible working hours

  • Weekly sports and regular socials

In terms of hours, we are looking for someone to work weekdays 9am to 6pm with us on Team Profit, from our South West London office. These hours are not strict and there will be flexibility as you need!

How To Apply

If you share our enthusiasm for running an online company that helps people make some extra money and love matched betting, then we'd be over the moon if you applied.

The application process is hopefully a straight forward one.

  • Click the 'apply here' button below and you'll be taken to a set of questions, hosted on Google Forms
  • Once you've completed the questions you'll be asked to attach your C.V
Apply Here!

No strict closing date: but we will start interviewing shortly.


The team!

Got Questions?

If you have any questions at all about the role, the application process or Team Profit in general, get in touch!

[email protected] - We will respond to your email within 12 hours with complete answers.