New Team Profiteer - Jeremy!

Hello team!

My Name's Jeremy and I'm the new member here at Team Profit HQ!

How I got into Matched Betting

I've been casually betting since I was 18, throwing the odd tenner on very questionable mug bets. But then around the world cup, I heard about matched betting, a supposed risk free way of making cash from the bookies.

Ignoring my natural skepticism, I decided to give it a shot. Having just quit my job working in the PPI department at a bank (yep, it's as fun as it sounds), it seemed like a good way to earn a bit on the side while I looked for something different.

Despite already being signed up to quite a few major bookies, I started on the welcome offers through a rather helpful website called Team Profit. After seeing the profit made after a few offers I was.. well maybe hooked isn't the right word.. more determined shall we say!

Joining Team Profit

Around 3 months on and I discovered through the Facebook group that Team Profit were hiring! I immediately polished up my CV and applied for the job ASAP. A couple of weeks later I was invited to meet Chris, Dan and Tom for a coffee.

I was a bit nervous as anyone would be interviewing for a job they really want, but thankfully the guys were super nice and we spent a couple of hours chin wagging about everything from 2ups to my hometown's rather expansive zoological museum.

A couple of days later I got the call saying that I'd got it! I was ecstatic! I've been here a week now and I feel very luck to have turned a hobby into a great job in the space of a summer. I still have a lot to learn, both about matched betting and running a website, but I'm determined to do as good a job as possible to help the community grow bigger and bigger!

I look forward to helping out new members and hopefully contributing some good stuff to the blog too. Thanks for reading my little introduction and remember to keep smashing those bookies!