Introducing Casino Into Your Matched Betting Routine

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Tom Portlock
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If you are in our Facebook Group, you’ve probably heard members talking about just how profitable casino offers can be!

Casino offers can be a fantastic way to increase your profits. Our most successful members combine both casino and sports offers into their routine.

In doing so, you can achieve amazing results.

You might be wondering when to start casino offers, and how to incorporate them into your routine.

We’ve created this guide to cover some of the most common questions and concerns.

In this guide, we’re going to cover the following questions to help you add casino offers into your routine:

How Much Experience Should I Have Before Starting Casino?

Whilst both matched betting and casino involve the use of promotions to make profit, our approach to them is quite different.

With matched betting, you should slowly introduce new offer types over time. For instance, we wouldn’t recommend trying accumulator bets until you have mastered simple back and lay bets.

However, you don't need any matched betting knowledge to start casino offers. Some Team Casino members even started casino offers without doing any matched betting first.

You’ll be learning a new skill by starting casino offers. The Team Casino guides will teach you everything that you need to know.

Whilst matched betting and casino offers are quite easy to learn, they can take a little bit of time to get used to.

If you rushed into too many different areas, it could grow confusing and overwhelming.

We would recommend working through most of the Team Profit welcome offers list first. This will make you comfortable with the matched betting basics.

You don’t need to complete all the welcome offers. Once you feel comfortable with the basics, you can start learning casino offers.

How Much Money Do I Need To Start?

Casino offers are not risk free. We should expect to sometimes lose money by completing offers.

Because of this, we should have some money set aside that we use to complete offers. Our aim is to have enough money set aside that we can withstand any potential losses.

We call this money our bankroll.

Casino offers have different levels of risk, and this will impact how much of a bankroll we need.

As a beginner, you should focus on risk-free and low risk offers.

How we approach these offers will also impact how much bankroll we should have.

Imagine you have to wager £10 on blackjack to receive some free spins. If you played one £10 hand of blackjack, that would be much higher risk than if you were to play 10 separate hands at £1 each.

By taking a higher risk approach, the bankroll needed to withstand potential losses would be higher.

So which offers we complete, and how we approach them, will impact how much money we need to start.

Team Casino will guide you through the casino welcome offers, showing you exactly which offers to start with. We’ll also give you step-by-step instructions for each offer, to ensure you take the right approach.

By following Team Casino’s guidance, you can start with as little as £100 that you can commit to doing offers. As casino offers aren’t risk-free, this should be money that, in a worst case scenario, you could afford to lose.

If you can afford to start with a little bit more, say £200-£250, then this will give you the flexibility to do more offers and make the most of your 10 day trial.

When Should I Join Team Casino?

The temptation might be to try a few casino offers on your own first, before deciding whether to join Team Casino.

That could be a mistake.

Casino offers work differently to sports offers. Without first understanding how they work, you could approach them the wrong way.

Then you have to decide which offers to attempt.

Casino offers have lots of different variables. Things like which games you can use, how much you have to wager, and whether there are wagering requirements. These factors all impact how difficult and risky the offer is, and your chances of making a profit.

You could pick the wrong offers, or approach them incorrectly. In doing so, you could risk losing money, and not be maximising your potential profits from the offers.

I’m not saying this to put you off casino offers.

It’s important to stress that starting casino offers without the right guidance can be difficult. You could get your casino journey off to a bad start.

However, Team Casino will tell you everything you need to know to get started. We’ll show you exactly which offers to complete, and give you step-by-step instructions on how to do so.

As soon as you decide you want to start casino offers, join Team Casino.

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How Much Time Does Casino Take?

Team Casino's guides make it very quick to get started with casino offers.

The website is easy to use, and mobile-friendly, so you can learn and get started from anywhere!

You'll need about 1 hour to watch the video tutorials and check out our getting started guides.

You can ask us any questions on live chat or in our Facebook Group, before getting stuck into your first offer.

From there, you can spend as little or as much time as you wish completing casino offers.

Of course the more time you commit, the more offers you can complete, and the more profit you should make. But this can be completely flexible around your schedule and other commitments.

Members with lots of time might spend around 3-4 hours a day completing offers, with the aim of making £700-£1000 per month.

Members with less time may only spend between 30 minutes and 2 hours each day, with the aim of making £200-£500 per month.

One of the amazing things about casino offers is it can be completely flexible around your routine.

Can I Do Sports Offers and Casino At The Same Time?


Both sports and casino offers can be very profitable. You could achieve great results by only focusing on one or the other.

But, by completing both sports and casino offers, you are going to give yourself the most opportunities to profit.

So if you are keen to maximise your profits, you should definitely do both sports and casino offers.

Casino offers aren’t risk-free. Some days you might not make any profit from casino offers, and some days you may even make a small loss.

By doing sports offers, you give yourself the opportunity to make some guaranteed profit most days. This can be great for your mindset on days where casino offers don’t go so well.

Plus, doing both keeps things varied and interesting.

Short On Time?

If you find yourself short on time, then that doesn’t mean that you have to choose between sports or casino offers.

Instead you can see this as an opportunity to be picky, and focus on the most valuable offers available each day.

You could complete the 2-3 highest value casino offers each day, and do the same for sports offers.

This way you get the best of both worlds and can be confident that you are using your time efficiently.

What Might My Routine Look Like?

Outside of matched betting, we all have different commitments and schedules.

This means that everyone’s routine is going to be a bit different.

As you gain experience, you’ll start to see what works best for you, and form a regular routine.

We're working on some new content about creating an amazing matched betting routine. Keep an eye out for this, coming soon!

In the meantime, the following might help you consider how your sports and casino routine might look.

Sports Offers

Sports offers tend to be on high profile sporting events.

Football offers are normally on the Premier League, and other big European leagues. These are usually played on weekends.

Likewise horse racing offers are often on ITV racing, which is usually on a Saturday.

The weekends are when the majority of our offers like bet and get offers and price boosts run. As these are high profile sporting events, this is also a great time to complete your bets for weekly bet clubs.

So on the weekends, on a Saturday morning in particular, you should try to commit some time to completing sports offers.

During the week there will be some promotions, such as horse racing refunds and price boosts. It is worth keeping an eye on offers during the week, and spending a little time each day completing the best ones.

Casino Offers

Whilst sports offers tend to be on high profile events, casino offers are much more regular.

Some days are busier than others, but you can complete casino offers every day of the week.

There are weekly offers, which often run from Monday-Sunday. You can complete these at any time during the week.

You might like to spread these out throughout the week. So for instance if there were 7 weekly offers running from Monday-Sunday, you could do one per day.

Daily free games are a risk-free type of casino offer that many casinos run. These run every single day, and you can do them at any time.

You can complete these by spending around 30 minutes each day smashing through them.

Then there are new offers announced every single day.

Sometimes you can only do these offers once, but they can be running for a few days. This means you usually have lots of flexibility on when you complete them.

There are also daily offers, which can be completed once per day for each day of the promotional period.

Depending on how many offers are available each day might determine how much time you spend. Most members spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours each day completing the day’s best offers.

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We've Got Your Back.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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