Hey Team!

The next few weeks/months might be tough for some of you, and we understand that Matched Betting probably isn't the first thing on most people's minds.

That being said, we do want to help anybody and everybody where possible. We've put together a post on Facebook with some general money saving advice, so if you get a spare few minutes then please give it a read here: http://facebook.com/groups/525981434223410/permalink/1545870762234467/

For those of you that do still want to continue Matched Betting and making money from the Bookmakers/Casinos, then please read on!

Despite the lack of sport, there are still ways you can profit:

1) What Sport Is On?
2) Weekly Betclubs
3) Price Boosts
4) William Hill Happy Hour
5) Horse Racing Offers
6) Other Reloads
7) Team Casino

What Sport Is Actually On?

At the moment, pretty much all Football and major sporting events have been cancelled. This has been done for good reason, and we're not expecting them to return for at least a month, maybe two! There are however a few things still going on, such as:

  • South African Horse Racing
    Not as high profile as UK/IRE races, but still has some offers on from a select few bookies
  • Australian Football League
    Australia hasn't fully shut down their Football League yet, and you can bet on a few games from their "A League". To find the matches, just google "australian a league fixtures"
  • Other Football
    There are other Football leagues available, however some of these may not have much liquidity. It's always good to stick to the highest profile events, however if there's literally nothing to bet on, then you may want to use these for trigger bets for your bet clubs/welcome offers
Weekly Bet Clubs

The first thing you should look at doing each week are the Weekly Bet Clubs. Usually these are worth an easy £25+, however with the current state of sports it's quite hard to achieve this. You can still make an easy £10+ per week guaranteed from the following bet clubs:

For each of these bet clubs, I'd heavily recommend using the South African Horse Racing where possible, as it's probably the most high profile thing going on at the moment. Get your bets on around 12pm if you can, and enjoy the easy profit. Failing that, you can always pick a Football match with help from our selections page.

Price Boosts

Price Boosts are always a great source of cash as they don't involve any free bets whatsoever. You simply place a back bet and a lay bet, and profit due to the difference in odds. This thread alone is a fantastic reason to keep your Oddsmonkey subscriptions.

Yes, there might not be much sport. However even if you made £2 a day from price boosts, that would be £60 across the month which more than pays for your subscription. There have been a few decent ones over the last few days, especially for the horses. So make sure you head over to Oddsmonkey's Price Boost Thread and hit the watching button to be notified of any!

If you haven't got an Oddsmonkey Subscription, you can sign up via us for a 10 day trial for just £1! This gives you FULL access to all of their tools, and of course, the glorious Price Boost Thread!

Click Here To Sign Up

William Hill Happy Hour

Everyday at 12pm William Hill have been posting up their "Happy Hour" price boosts. These are always shared in the Price Boost Thread, however they do deserve a special mention. On Monday for example, they were worth around £4 in profit and will have taken literally 5 minutes to get on!

Simply visit their homepage and you'll usually see a mention of the Happy Hour in their banner. Check the back and lay odds against the exchange, and back each one (it's usually a horse in a horse race). You'll profit from the difference in odds, so long as the back odds are higher than the lay odds and your commission rate doesn't take away too much profit.

For these boosts, it's best if you have a Smarkets account so that you can benefit from their 0% commission deal when you link them with Oddsmonkey!

Sign Up To Smarkets Here

Horse Racing Offers

So long as Horse Racing is running, you will still be able to make a profit! The past few days have been pretty decent in terms of offers, and even as I write this on a quiet Monday, I can see a few juicy promos that you should be able to jump on in hope of a profit.

Please note: These offers are not guaranteed profit, but they are worth mentioning due to their high strike rate.

  • Paddypower - Money Back If 2nd/3rd/4th
    Almost everyday Paddypower will be offering £10 back as a free bet if your horse finishes 2nd/3rd/4th in a certain race. You can always find the offer over on our Reload Offers Dashboard, or by simply visiting Paddy's Promo page. All you have to do for this one is back £10 on a horse and lay it. The best thing is that you can use your power up, giving you no loss, or even profit if you find close odds. This is then a risk-free shot at a £10 freebie!
  • Betfred - Money Back If 2nd (multiple races)
    Betfred's regular money back if 2nd offer is available, and they have enhanced it to 2 races a day. You will find this also on our Reload Offers Dashboard, or by visiting Betfred's Promo page. Just like the Paddy offer, you find close odds and back & lay the horse. Unfortunately there's no power ups for this one so you'll have to just find close odds - but it's still a very good offer!
  • William Hill - Money Back If 2nd AS CASH (invite only)
    William Hill are still running their money back if 2nd offer too - and over the weekend it has been run on more than 1 meeting. It was run on Irish Racing, however will likely be US and South African racing now as Ireland have finally cancelled the horses. If you have the offer, you'll see it in your promo area and on the banner. Some people will have more than £10 too; with people being offered £50 or even £100! Fill your boots with this whilst you can!

There may be other Horse Racing offers that crop up, but for now, you should focus on these 3 (or at least the top 2 if you don't receive the William Hill offer). Also keep your eyes peeled for offers from Betway & Skybet, as they tend to run promos toward the weekend on specific races!

Other Reloads

There will occasionally be other reload offers available that perhaps aren't specific for horse racing. You can find these types of offers on our Reload Offers Dashboard. Admittedly there won't be many, however it's always good to check a few times a day as it takes a few seconds, and you might find an offer worth a few quid!

An example of an offer we had recently was from Betfred - Bet 3 x £10, get £10 on the Aussie Football. This would be a very easy £5+, however was worth around £3 profit with the bad odds. Still, £3 for a few minutes work is not bad!

On Monday, we already have one from Betvictor whereby you place some bets throughout the week and receive £6 in freebies and some Casino bonuses.

So keep checking back - and please do share any offers you find!

Team Casino

With the lack of sport, alot of people are turning their attention to Casino Offers.

Casino Offers really can be a great source of profit, and people of all levels can get involved. Whether you're the type of person who has never played an online slot before, or somebody who regularly hits the Casino offers - Team Casino can help you!

Our dedicated Casino service at http://www.teamcasino.com was set up to make Casino Offers easy. On here, we have over £1,100 worth of welcome offers that you can complete, even if you have already completed the sports welcome offer. Plenty of these welcome offers are either completely risk free, for extremely low risk.

We also have a reload offers page, updated daily, which we estimate to be worth around £800 per month in value.

On top of all of this, we have unrivalled support which include:

  • Live Chat
    This is manned throughout the day and available for all TC members, whether you're on the trial or a full member. You can ask anything on here, and will receive 1 to 1 support for as long as you need, and as many times as you need.
  • Email
    If you want to contact us out of hours, or haven't got time to wait around on Live Chat then you can message us via email. All emails are responded to generally the next morning/early afternoon, so you won't be waiting long for a response! For urgent inquiries though, please use Live Chat and also pop a message in the Facebook Group.
  • Facebook Group
    Our Facebook Group has over 2,000 members who are all profiting from the Casinos. The knowledge in this group alone is worth the subscription, and you can get extremely quick replies by commenting on the daily reload offers post (that is posted everyday without fail).
  • Offer Comments
    On Team Casino itself, you will find that you can comment on particular offers. Other members can respond to your comments, and an admin can help if you have any questions. This is a cool feature that allows you to make an informed decision before attempting a specific offer.

We believe these support features set us apart from any other site that helps with Casino Offers as you'll never be alone when tearing up the casinos!

There's also multiple features that Team Casino has, that include:

  • Welcome Offers/Reloads Offers
    Our extensive offers list is updated and checked regularly. You'll find over £1,100 worth of welcome offers, and plenty of reload offers available daily.
  • Fully Integrate Profit/EV Tracker
    When you complete an offer and mark it off, your chart will automatically update with your EV and Profit. It's a fantastic way of tracking profits, and allows you to see which Casinos you've been profiting from the most. It also saves so much time!
  • Comprehensive Guides
    There are guides for beginners, intermediate, and advanced people. We have guides for all types of offer too, and also specific guides for certain casino groups.
  • Slots Database
    This is a fantastic tool that helps you decide what slot to choose, should you receive a reload offer. You can type in the name of the Casino, and it will give you a list!
  • Chrome Extension
    We have a Chrome Extension that makes it easy for you to calculate your profit/loss, and track your spins!
  • EV Calculator
    Received an email offer? You can work out the EV of it by using our EV calculator! Very simple, and easy to use!

More and more features are being added each and every month. As a special offer to try Team Casino, the trial period is extended from 7 days to 10 days for just £1!

Profit With Team Casino

This 10 day trial special offer is only available to claim until 31st March. You will have full access to all the features and support during your 10 day trial.

After the trial period finishes, the monthly subscription is £14.99/month with a 30 day money back guarantee - no questions asked!