Glorious Goodwood 2019

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This week we have the Glorious Goodwood festival, which is one of the highlights of the British flat horse racing calendar.   This is a five day festival starting on Tuesday and finishing on Saturday.  Whilst not as big as Cheltenham and Ascot, this is a popular horse racing event, so expect to see, at the very least, most of the usual ITV racing offers running.   Expect to see second place refund offers, some nice bet and get offers, and there should be some guaranteed profit to be made from price boosts.  If you're looking to smash lots of the offers this week, then we'd certainly recommend checking out the Oddsmonkey Premium Trial, giving you 10 days of access for just £1, allowing you to take advantage of all of their great tools and up-to-date information on all of the latest offers and price boosts.

Below are the offers that have been announced so far, and we'll be updating this guide throughout the week as new offers get released.

Festival Checklist

Whenever a big event on the Matched Betting calendar comes around, you'll want to make sure you're fully prepared for it! This includes things such as writing out all of the races & offers each day that you'll be attempting, checking all of your accounts prior to the festival for funds / free bets etc, and also making sure you're signed up to every site & exchange!

Most of you will have Betfair accounts already, however for an event such as this it is imperative you get both a Smarkets and Matchbook account. Smarkets are great for extra place offers as liquidity is generally great, and you will receive 0% commission if integrated with Oddsmonkey. Matchbook will also give you 0% and tend to have better odds than any other exchange for horses. All these little savings you make by comparing the odds will add up and help increase your profit by the end of the festival.

And of course, Oddsmonkey is a must! Their Oddsmatcher alone is worth the subscription, but for this festival you will also benefit from the racing matcher, the price boost thread, the 0% commission through Smarkets, and more! Check out the links below to sign up to any of these sites if you haven't done so already!

Reload Offers

Please note there will be plenty more offers being announced, and Oddsmonkey is the best place to keep track of them all. If you haven't checked them out yet then you can get a 10 day trial for £1 here.

Updated 16:00 on Friday to reflect expected offers on Saturday, but please double check the bookmaker promotions pages to see that these offers are running.

Price Boosts


Visit Offer

Info on price boosts can be found here.

*Click Visit Offer
*Look for the most recent boosts posted
*Check the back odds are higher than the lay odds
*Open the bookie and place a back bet
*Lay your bet on the exchange

Few things to note:
DO NOT ask questions on the thread. If you have any questions, post them here
Profit is assuming £10 max bet unless otherwise stated. Most boosts are more than £10 and so the profit is likely more
We don't know how much today is going to be worth, and so a weekly/monthly total is displayed, updated up until yesterday's boosts


13:50 Goodwood
£10 Risk Free

Profit: £7+ per day

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Betway are offering £10 risk-free on bets the 13:50 Goodwood race each day.

*Choose a high odds horse in the 13:50 Goodwood
*Use Oddsmonkey's Risk Free Equal profit here
*Fill in the first 4 boxes; back stake, back odds, lay odds and lay commission as normal.
*Put free bet award as £10, and Free bet retention as 80%
*Now place your £10 back bet on the horse, and lay it using the lay stake in the "ideal lay" box below

If your horse wins, you're done with this offer and have profited instantly
If your horse loses you'll make a small loss but get a £10 free bet - this will be credited within 24 hours and expires in 24 hours so USE IT QUICK!

*Min bet £10
*No min odds
*13:50 Goodwood only
*Refund £10 as free bet
*Free bets credited within 24 hours
*Free bet expires in 24 hours

Money back as cash
if your horse is 2nd

Check Promotions Banner For Eligible Meets

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WH are offering money back as cash if your horse is second on eligible races.

Place £10 on a horse and back and lay normally at min odds of 4 and hope it comes second for £10 cash refund.

You can also lock in a small profit by using this spreadsheet 🙂

Click here for access to it!

Warning: PLEASE READ THE IMPORTANT NOTE ON THE SPREADSHEET OR YOU CAN LOSE MONEY!!!! The exchange MUST be paying 2 places, not 3. If you are laying 3 places then your funds are at risk. You must lay 2 places only.

(Log in to view it!)

Good luck!

*Minimum 4 runners
*Min odds of 4
*Max refund £10

Bet £20 get potential £20 Free bet 

Profit: £15+ potential per race 

Visit Offer

Bet on any ITV Goodwood race, in the 15 minutes before the scheduled start time and if you back the winner we will match your stake with a free bet up to £20!

*Bet £20 on a horse (min odds 2.0) within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time.
*Lay your bet off as normal
If the horse you chose wins, get a £20 free bet.

The Free Bet
*Free bets are credited within 2 hours. Calculate at high odds and as SNR to guarantee a profit

*Max stake £20
*Must bet within 15 minutes of scheduled start time
*Free bet credited in 2 hours
*Min odds 2.0

4/1 Winner Free Bet

Potential £35 Per TV Race

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View Guide

Paddy Power

Money back on all losers
Enbihaar wins the 15:00 Goodwood

£7 expected or £2+ lock in

Visit Offer

Option 1 - Bet and Hope
*Bet £10 on any horse other than Enbihaar
Do not bet on Enbihaar
*Place your lay bet on the exchange

Option 2 - Lock in (requires Oddsmonkey)
*Choose any horse other than Enbihaar. To work out your lay bet, follow these instructions
*Open Oddsmonkey's Trigger Bet calculator here
*Fill out the blue and red boxes as follows: Back Stake £10, Back odds of your chosen horse, Free bet Award £10, Free Bet Retention 80%, Lay odds of your horse, Lay commission,
*Fill out the trigger bet lay as follows: Method normal, Lay Odds of Jubiloso, Lay Commission
*Now bet £10 on your horse
*Lay your horse as normal using the amount in the "lay stake" box
*Lay Enbihaar with the amount in the "lay stake" box at the bottom under the "trigger bet lay"

The Outcome
There are 2 possible outcomes:
1) Enbihaar wins; you have profited around £7 from option 1 and £2 or so from option 2
2) Enbihaar doesn't win; you have lost on option 1, but locked in on option 2

*Qualifying bet cannot be placed on Jubiloso
*Max Bet £10
*First bet only
*Free bets credited within 24 hours
*Free bets expire in 7 days
*Free bets can be used on any horse racing

Glorious Goodwood Festival Details

Other than the awesome bookmaker offers, this is all you need to know:

Extra Places

Extra Places can be another source of juicy profit when there are big horse racing festivals. The potential profit is practically unlimited, so attempting these offers can be a great boost to your Matched Betting bank roll. It's basically when a bookmaker will pay out 4 places in a race for example, yet the exchange is only 3; you can make money here if 4th is paid out as both your back and lay bets will win.

Last year there were extra place offers on every day, with 2 races per day being exceptionally good in terms of extra places. You can check out our guide on how to complete extra place offers here. Extra places aren't a guaranteed profit unless you cover the whole field, but if you follow the guide and read the tips put together for you then you should hopefully hit some extra places and potentially make a few hundred £ almost risk-free!

OddsMonkey have the Extra Place Matcher which really helps when completing this offer as it saves you so much time. It's similar the the oddsmatcher however searches for extra place odds only, and show you how much you can make from each one.

Extra places can be quite scary at first as you don't want to make a mistake. Make sure you read our guide properly as it will tell you everything you need to know; and if you have any questions then just ask!

Oddsmonkey Glorious Goodwood Tools 

You'll notice I recommend Oddsmonkey a lot for those moving from 'welcome offers' on to 'existing customer offers'. You can read all about the reasons why in my full Oddsmonkey Review.

It will be particularly useful over the Glorious Goodwood Festival period, for the reasons I detail below:

£1 Oddsmonkey Premium Trial

10 Days of Oddsmonkey Premium

10 days of Oddsmonkey Premium for £1

Racing Matcher

Find the Most Profitable

Horse Racing Bets Instantly

Racing Matcher Guide

Extra Place Matcher

Ideal for Extra Place Offers

All Figures Provided For You

Extra Place Matcher

Glorious Goodwood Offers Forum

Find The Best Offers

Festival Profit Opportunities

Latest Offers Forum

Price Boosts Thread 

Instant Notifications

Profit Risk Free

Price Boost Thread

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