Glorious Goodwood 2018 Matched Betting Guide

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The Qatar Goodwood Festival, otherwise known as Glorious Goodwood, is one of the most popular Horse Racing festivals of the year behind Cheltenham and Royal Ascot. There are 5 days of racing and plenty of risk-free offers for you all to be getting stuck in to!

This year will be great in terms of offers as William Hill are offering a bet boost for every televised race from which you can make around £5 (per race) with the chance of winning a £100 free bet. There's also a risk free bet on the first race everyday from Betway, as well as £20 risk free from Skybet on day 1.  They're literally handing out free money! Lots more bookies will be getting involved throughout the week too, and there is likely to be a few offers kicking about in your email inboxes so make sure you're checking your emails daily.

Goodwood Festival Details

Other than the awesome bookmaker offers, this is all you need to know:

  • Dates: Tuesday 31st July to Saturday 4th August
  • First Race Each Day: 13:50
  • Last Race Each Day: 17:15
  • Daily Timetable: 7 Races starting every 35-40 minutes
  • Official Website:

Below are the top offers announced so far. I'll be posting updates in the Facebook Group too!

Please note there will be plenty more offers being posted throughout the week, and Oddsmonkey is the best place to keep track of them all. If you haven't checked them out yet then you can get a 7 day trial for £1 here.

Risk Free Profit Offers

There's just a few promotions that are guaranteed profit at the moment, and from them you can make £20+ Profit.

There will also be lots of price boosts throughout the week, as well as a boost on every televised race from William Hill. You can make between £3-£5 from these boosts AND qualify for 2 Clear so it's well worth making sure you have cash in them. The standard ITV racing promotions will also be running throughout the festival.


£10 Risk Free

Profit: £7+

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Betway are offering £10 risk-free on bets in the 13:50 Goodwood race everyday

*Choose a high odds horse in the 13:50 Goodwood
*Use Oddsmonkey's Risk Free Equal profit here
*Fill in the first 4 boxes; back stake, back odds, lay odds and lay commission as normal.
*Put free bet award as £10, and Free bet retention as 80%
*Now place your £10 back bet on the horse, and lay it using the lay stake in the "ideal lay" box below

If your horse wins, you're done with this offer and have profited instantly
If your horse loses you'll make a small loss but get a £10 free bet - this will be credited within 24 hours and expires in 24 hours so USE IT QUICK!

*Min bet £10
*No min odds
*13:50 Goodwood only (daily)
*Refund £10 as free bet
*Free bets credited within 24 hours
*Free bet expires in 24 hours

Paddy Power

£10 Money Back

Profit: £7 expected or £2+ lock in

Visit Offer

*Visit offer page here

Option 1 - Bet and Hope
*Bet £10 on any horse other than Soldier's Call or Rumble Inthejungle in the 15:00 Goodwood race
Do not bet on Soldier's Call or Rumble Inthejungle
*Place your lay bet on the exchange

Option 2 - Lock in (requires Oddsmonkey)
*Choose any horse other than Soldier's Call or Rumble Inthejungle in the 15:00 Goodwood race. To work out your bet, follow these instructions
*Open Oddsmonkey's Trigger Bet calculator here
*Fill out the blue and red boxes as follows: Back Stake £10, Back odds of your chosen horse, Free bet Award £10, Free Bet Retention 80%, Lay odds of your horse, Lay commission,
*Fill out the trigger bet lay as follows: Method normal, Lay Odds of Soldier's Call, Lay Commission
*Now bet £10 on your horse
Do not bet on Soldier's Call or Rumble Inthejungle
*Lay your horse as normal using the amount in the "lay stake" box
*Lay Soldier's Call with the amount in the "lay stake" box at the bottom under the "trigger bet lay"
*Now go back to the trigger bet calculator and swap Solider's Call's lay odds with Rumble Inthejungle's Lay odds
*Now Lay Rumble Inthejungle win the amount in the "lay stake" box at the bottom under the "trigger bet lay"

The Outcome
There are 2 possible outcomes:
2) Either horse wins and so your bet loses - you get a £10 free bet from option 1, and you've locked in profit from option 2.
3) Neither horse wins - you've made nothing from option 1, but you've locked in profit from option 2.

*Qualifying bet cannot be placed on Soldier's Call or Rumble Inthejungle
*Max Bet £10
*First bet only
*15:00 Goodwood only
*Free bets credited within 2 hours
*Free bets expire in 7 days
*Free bets can be used on any horse racing

Racing Refund Offers

There will be plenty of Racing refund offers from the bookmakers that are pretty much the same as the ITV refunds on Saturdays. We've consolidated most of them as "ITV refunds" however there's a couple more notable offers that should definitely be done, such as the Genting offer and William Hill's 2 Clear/bet boost for every race. Some of the common promotions for ITV racing are:

  • Refund if your horse wins - Bet365, Betfair Sports
  • Refund if your horse finishes 2nd to sp - Betway, SportingBet, Betfred, Ladbrokes

For all the latest racing refund offers, please see the Oddsmonkey Daily Offers Calendar here

I would highly recommend if you plan to complete these offers and are new to these offers to read Racing Refunds Explained and Saturday ITV Racing.

William Hill

Odds Boost / 2 Clear

Profit: £3 per race
+ possible £100 free bet

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This offer combines William Hill's daily price boost with their 2Clear promotion to give you a risk free chance at a £100 free bet, and also to make a few quid on the qualifying bet!

*Open the list of horse race meetings on mobile site here
Boost will only show on mobile site, but you can access it on desktop by clicking above link
*Click on any eligible race (listed below)
*Find any horse with close back & lay odds
*Add horse to betslip, and click "boost" to boost the odds
*To work out how much you need to stake for the maximum £100 refund, do 666 / (original odds -1). We use 666 as 15% of this is £100, so we need to "win" £666 to get the full £100. You can do less, i.e. 333 for a £50 free bet and 167 for a £25 free bet.
For example, a horses odds are 5.5 boosted to 5.9. You need to do 666 / 4.5, which gives a £148 stake for the maximum £100 free bet
(You can bet up to £200 on the horse with the boost however will only receive a max £100 free bet)
*Place bet and lay at exchange

You should instantly profit from the boost if you've made the back odds higher than the lay odds

If the your horse wins by 2 or more lengths, you will receive a free bet of 15% up to £100.

This promotion is called 2Clear. More info can be found here.

Eligible races only.

Please note: 6 horses must start for race to qualify. Some of these races had 6 horses at the time of writing but may have dropped to 5 if a Non-Runner is declared. Make sure there are 6 horses near start time before placing bets.

2 Clear is on all races at Goodwood - however for the first 4 races each day you also get one boost extra!

*Max Stake for boost £200
*£100 free bet is calculated as 15% of "winnings"
*Eligible races only
*Mobile site only (use link provided if on desktop)
*Free bets credited within 24 hours
*Free bets expire after 4 days

View guide here for more info

ITV Racing

Profit: £30+ expected

Visit Offer

The usual ITV racing refunds are on such as Bet365 4/1 and all of the regular Money back to SP fav offers. There is also William Hill high 5 and 2 clear.

*Check out the guide to all of the offers here!

*Bet365 4/1 guide here
*William Hill 2 Clear guide here
*Refund if 2nd to SP guide here
*General Horse Racing refunds guide here

Extra Place Offers

Extra Places can be another source of juicy profit when there are big horse racing festivals. The potential profit is practically unlimited, so attempting these offers can be a great boost to your Matched Betting bank roll. It's basically when a bookmaker will pay out 4 places in a race for example, yet the exchange is only 3; you can make money here if 4th is paid out as both your back and lay bets will win.

Last year there were extra place offers on every day, with 2 races per day being exceptionally good in terms of extra places. You can check out our guide on how to complete extra place offers here. Extra places aren't a guaranteed profit unless you cover the whole field, but if you follow the guide and read the tips put together for you then you should hopefully hit some extra places and potentially make a few hundred £ almost risk-free!

OddsMonkey have the Extra Place Matcher which really helps when completing this offer as it saves you so much time. It's similar to the Oddsmatcher however searches for extra place odds only, and show you how much you can make from each one.

Extra places can be quite scary at first as you don't want to make a mistake. Make sure you read our guide properly as it will tell you everything you need to know; and if you have any questions then just ask!

Oddsmonkey Goodwood Tools 

You'll notice I recommend Oddsmonkey a lot for those moving from 'welcome offers' on to 'existing customer offers'. You can read all about the reasons why in my full Oddsmonkey Review.

It will be particularly useful over the Qatar Goodwood Festival period, for the reasons I detail below:

£1 Oddsmonkey Premium Trial

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For Just £1

£1 Oddsmonkey Premium

Racing Matcher

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Extra Place Matcher

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