Your inbox is likely similar to mine - full to the brim of GDPR related emails!!

So to help you understand the impact from a matched betting perspective, we have tried to provide the below summary:

What is GDPR?

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is an EU directive that applies from the 25th May 2018. It means every website needs to include to provide more detail on how they use and protect your data. The websites provide this information to you in their privacy policy.

Will I Still Receive Bookmaker Reload Offers?

Bookmakes have taken two different approaches to GDPR:

1) "We have updated our privacy policy"

Most bookmakers have taken this simple approach.

This means bookmakers have update their privacy policy to explain how they use your data and then send you an email to confirm they have updated their policy.

You don't need to do anything, you will continue to receive reload offers.

2) "Opt in again to receive our emails"

A few bookmakers have taken a further step and asking you to opt in again to receive emails and push notifications.

The bookmakers I have received the "opt in again" notification so far are:

- Bet365
- Betfred

It's definitely best to log into these bookmakers and go to your My Account and update your marketing preferences so you receive reload offers!

Team Profit and GDPR

Run out of bookmaker offers for today? Fear not - you can read our updated privacy policy here!

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