Five Steps To Fantastic Profits

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Stage Sports Casino
Stage 1 Welcome Offers
Stage 2 Free Games + Bet & Gets Welcome Offers
Stage 3 Reloads Offers Daily Free Games
Stage 4 Low Risk Reloads
Stage 5 High Bankroll Offers Medium Risk Offers

Stage 1

Sports: Welcome Offers
Casino: None

Sports: Welcome Offers

Expected Profit: £600-£800

The journey begins with our Video Guides section.

Here you’ll find handy tutorial videos showing you everything that you need to know to get started.

Next, it’s time to head to the Welcome Offers page.

This section contains all of the best sports welcome offers. Each offer comes with detailed step-by-step instructions.

By completing the sports welcome offers, you should:

  • Become confident with the matched betting basics

  • Have accounts with all the main bookies, ready for reload offers

  • Have started building up your bankroll (money available to complete offers)

  • Achieve an overall profit of about £600-£800

Nice work!

Casino: None

Whilst sports and casino offers are both quite easy to learn, they can take a little bit of time to get used to.

If you rush into too many different types of offer, it could grow confusing and overwhelming.

Therefore, for the first few weeks, we’d recommend focusing purely on completing most of the sports welcome offers.

Top Tip - Let Your Bankroll Grow!

Having completed Stage 1, you are off to a fantastic start, and have hopefully made a tasty profit in the region of £600-£800.

As those profits start to hit your bank account, there is probably the temptation to start spending it.

If your goal is to hopefully make thousands of pounds from matched betting, we would strongly encourage you to resist spending your profits at this stage.

You've probably heard the saying: 'it takes money to make money'.

This is certainly true for matched betting.

An important part of sports and casino offers is your bankroll, which is the money you have set aside to complete offers.

The bigger your bankroll, the more able you will be to complete lots of offers at the same time, and complete offers that require a big bankroll.

By following the below stages, and allowing your bankroll to grow, you should be in a fantastic position to achieve some great results.

Then, as your bankroll grows larger than you need it to be (typically around £1500), you can start to withdraw some of your profits, and put them to good use.

Stage 2

Sports: Free Games and Bet & Get Reload Offers
Casino: Low-Risk Welcome Offers

Casino: Low Risk Welcome Offers 

Expected Profit: £800

Now you’ve mastered the matched betting basics, it’s time to add casino offers into your repertoire!

This means it’s time to join Team Casino.

By joining Team Casino, you’ll gain access to a video guides section, which will show you everything that you need to get started.

Next, there are over 80 low risk casino welcome offers.

We’ll show you exactly which order to complete them, and you’ll be guided through all of the main offer types. Every offer comes with detailed step-by-step instructions.

Casino offers are not risk free, so the amount of profit you make isn’t guaranteed. However these offers have a combined expected profit of over £800 on average.

To get started, you can take advantage of our 10-day, £1 trial, which gives you full access to all of Team Casino's features.

Casino offers are not risk free. We should expect to sometimes lose money by completing offers.

Because of this, we should have some money set aside that we use to complete offers. Our aim is to have enough money set aside that we can withstand any potential losses.

We call this money our bankroll.

Casino offers have different levels of risk, and this will impact how much of a bankroll we need.

Which offers we complete, and how we approach them, will impact how much money we need to start.

Team Casino will guide you through the casino welcome offers, showing you exactly which offers to start with. We’ll also give you step-by-step instructions for each offer, to ensure you take the right approach.

By following Team Casino’s guidance, you can start with as little as £100 that you can commit to doing offers. As casino offers aren’t risk-free, this should be money that, in a worst case scenario, you could afford to lose.

If you can afford to start with a little bit more, say £200-£250, then this will give you the flexibility to do more offers and make the most of your 10 day trial.

The temptation might be to try a few casino offers on your own first, before deciding whether to join Team Casino.

That could be a mistake.

Casino offers work differently to sports offers. Without first understanding how they work, you could approach them the wrong way.

Then you have to decide which offers to attempt.

Casino offers have lots of different variables. Things like which games you can use, how much you have to wager, and whether there are wagering requirements. These factors all impact how difficult and risky the offer is, and your chances of making a profit.

You could pick the wrong offers, or approach them incorrectly. In doing so, you could risk losing money, and not be maximising your potential profits from the offers.

I’m not saying this to put you off casino offers.

It’s important to stress that starting casino offers without the right guidance can be difficult. You could get your casino journey off to a bad start.

However, Team Casino will tell you everything you need to know to get started. We’ll show you exactly which offers to complete, and give you step-by-step instructions on how to do so.

As soon as you decide you want to start casino offers, join Team Casino.

Team Casino's guides make it very quick to get started with casino offers.

The website is easy to use, and mobile-friendly, so you can learn and get started from anywhere!

You'll need about 1 hour to watch the video tutorials and check out our getting started guides.

You can ask us any questions on live chat or in our Facebook Group, before getting stuck into your first offer.

From there, you can spend as little or as much time as you wish completing casino offers.

Of course the more time you commit, the more offers you can complete, and the more profit you should make. But this can be completely flexible around your schedule and other commitments.

Members with lots of time might spend around 3-4 hours a day completing offers, with the aim of making £700-£1000 per month.

Members with less time may only spend between 30 minutes and 2 hours each day, with the aim of making £200-£500 per month.

One of the amazing things about casino offers is it can be completely flexible around your routine.

Sports: Free Games and Bet & Get Reload Offers

Expected Profit: ?

Starting casino offers doesn’t mean you need to put sports offers on hold.

At this stage, we would recommend completing the free games, and any easy bet & get style reload offers.

You’ll find all the best free games on the Reload Offers page. As the name suggests, these games are completely free to play, and you can often win prizes like free bets or cash.

Keep an eye on the Reload Offers page for any easy bet and get offers (such as the weekly Skybet bet £25 get £5 free bet), and also on your email inbox in case the bookies send you any juicy reload offers.

Stage 3

Sports: Reloads Offers
Casino: Daily Free Games

Sports: Reload Offers

Expected Profit: ?

By now, you've probably started completing the sports free games, as well as some of the easy bet and get offers.

But there are still lots of different sports reload offers for you to include into your routine.

The Reload Offers page features all of the best reload offers, and we would recommend looking at this page every day to see what's available.

By increasingly completing these reload offers on a daily basis, your weekly profits should start to grow nicely.

During this stage, you will start to become familiar with all of the main reload offer types, including:

  • Price Boosts
  • Weekly Bet Clubs
  • Football Offers
  • Horse Racing Offers
Casino: Daily Free Games + Risk Free Offers

Expected Profit: ?

Now that you've completed most of the casino welcome offers, you can begin to complete reload offer.

Casinos offer reload offers on a regular basis to keep their customers using their site.

Team Casino places casino reload offers into four main categories:

  • Daily Free Games
  • Risk-Free Offers
  • Low Risk Offers
  • Medium Risk Offers

At this stage, you can start to complete the daily free games and risk-free offers.

The daily free games are the perfect place to start given they are very quick to complete and risk-free.  You can often win prizes, such as free spins, bonuses and even cash.

You'll find a complete listing of casino daily free games on the Team Casino Reload Offers page.

You should also keep your eye on the Risk-Free section of the Reload Offers page. Any risk-free reloads should be worth completing.

Stage 4

Sports: Keep Smashing Those Reloads Offers!
Casino: Low Risk Reload Offers

Sports: Reload Offers

Expected Profit: ?

Stage 4 doesn't see anything new from a sports perspective.

Just keep working through as many of the Reload Offers as you can.

You'll be gaining confidence and getting quicker at completing these offers, and you should see some nice steady profits week after week.

Casino: Low Risk Reload Offers

Expected Profit: ?

Now that you're familiar with the daily free games and risk-free offers, the next stage is low risk reload offers.

These are typically very similar to the welcome offers, where you are required to wager a certain amount to receive free spins, bonuses or golden chips.

New low risk reload offers are announced every single day.

These offers tend to be very quick to complete. Members will often try to complete around 3-5 offers each day, to make around £6-£10 of expected profit.

The Team Casino Reload Offers section is the perfect resource for completing low risk reload offers.

This section is constantly updated to ensure that you can always see the offers available. All of the offers come with detailed step-by-step instructions.

Stage 5

These offers should be considered once you have grown your bankroll to over £1000

Sports: Big Bankroll Offers
Casino: Medium Risk Offers

Sports: Big Bankroll Offers

Expected Profit: ?

There are some offers that you might have yet to complete because they require a large bankroll.

A perfect example of this is Bet365's 2UP offer.   This is an incredibly popular offer, and it can be very profitable.

However, it is quite a speculative offer. To make it worthwhile, matched bettors will often use stakes of around £50-£100 per bet, and place bets on 5+ games in a single day, depending on the odds.

To do this, whilst still having enough money left over to complete other offers, requires a large bankroll.

Now that your bankroll has grown to over £1,000, you can begin to incorporate offers like this into your routine in order to grow your profits.

Casino: Medium Risk Offers

Expected Profit: ?

Medium Risk offers can be a fantastic way to increase your EV, and therefore increase your long run profits.

However, as the name suggests, they do come with greater risk than low risk-offers.

Overall, by completing these offers, your profits should increase.

However, each offer comes with the potential to make quite a large loss, and we can experience periods of bad variance where we lose money from these offers.

Because of this, these offers are only recommended once you have gained some experience, and have a bankroll of over £1000.

You are now in this position, so you can begin to complete medium risk offers.

There are both medium risk welcome offers and reload offers available to complete.

These offers do take some getting used to, so you should slowly introduce them into your routine.

Medium risk offers come with different levels of risk, so pay attention to the bankroll recommendation displayed next to each offer.

If you have any concerns about starting these offers, make sure to speak to the Team Casino Support Team on Live Chat.

We've Got Your Back.

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We've Got Your Back.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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