Facebook Group Giveaway

To say a big thanks to everyone for helping each other out in the Team Profit Facebook Group, we have just run a Team Profit Mugs +  Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to the Top 20 members and the 5 Prize Draw winners:

  • Top 20 (£10 Amazon Gift Card or Team Profit Mug)
    - Xiao Wang, Likey Serv, Jason Henson, Sharon Bayes, Shannon Walmsley, Donna Lizzie Ann Jonas, Carl Betsmith, Dom. Clifford, Harry Cross, Marc Deery, Claire Hollick-Pearce, Aaron Saran, Paul Barney, Michael Freebury,  Deepa Thomas, Ornella Carmen,  Louise Thompson, Lee FG, Chris Burnside, Gary Mullery

  • Top 100 Prize Draw (£10 Amazon Gift Card or Team Profit Mug)
    - Check out the Tea Spinner in the giveaway post! There's an additonal 5 lucky winners!

But just as importantly a massive thanks to everyone for posting and commenting, it's excellent to help each other smash up the bookmaker offers!

We'll be running this giveaway every month to say thank you for your contribution and helping other members!

Hope to see you in the Facebook Group!