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Welcome to your very own, personalised matched betting plan! Thank you for completing our quiz, using your results we have split your plan into three main sections: Issues, Team and Features. You can revisit your plan anytime by going to your "My Account" section 😊

Issue will address your biggest issue and also give you an idea of how to deal with common issues that crop up.

Team is where we assign you a team which gives you an idea of how many hours you should be doing, as well as showing you how a couple of fellow team profiteers make regular profit.

Features will show you a few things that are guaranteed to help you smash the bookies!

Finding Close Odds

The closer odds the higher the profit. Finding them by manually checking the websites can be frustrating and time consuming, not to mention it’s difficult to find them close enough to maximise profit, especially when they are constantly changing.

For this reason, most matched betters use an oddsmatcher which uses sophisticated software to calculate the closest odds on the market and provides filters to allow searching for specific bookies, exchanges or sports.

For £1, you can get a 7 day trial of Oddsmonkey premium, their website includes a daily offer calendar, a huge forum of matched betters and most importantly, a fast and accurate oddsmatcher.

The oddsmatcher can be used to find close matches for qualifying bets and free bets, saving you time and maximising profit! Learn more about how the oddsmatcher works here.

After 7 days, it is £17.99 per month, however with the time saved using the oddsmatcher, people find it much easier to complete more offers and the subscription pays for itself in no time, check out this offer by clicking the button below.

Get Help

Here is another link to get advice on your biggest issue as well as few other problems that people tend to run into. Click the "Get Help" button and you'll be taken to a guide or video that should be of some help!

Reload Offers
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Simple Mistakes
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Close Odds
Watch Video
Finding Time
Get Help
Being Gubbed
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Lack Of Funds
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Hopefully we've helped solve your issue, if not then why not head over to the Facebook group here and see if one of our 30,000 members has has had the same problem!

 Team Hustler

£75 - £250 a week: To make this amount we would recommend spending about 5-15 hours a week on offers. Keep in mind, this is just an estimate. The amount of time needed also depends on your bank and your experience.

Having more money available means you can do more offers and with experience comes speed. That being said, if you stick to this plan then there’s no reason that you can’t be making £75 - £250 every week especially as you build up your bank and improve your knowledge.

We have two very important sources of information if you want to achieve this! Firstly is our Team Hustler page which gives 8 super profitable ways to reach your target such as weekly bet clubs and accumulators, you can view it below.

Secondly we thought it would be helpful for members to have a real life example to follow, so we created the “life in the week of” series. The two people who make roughly your target are Chris Harvey, who’s £100 a week routine you can read about here or Chris Harrison’s £750 week here.

Team Hustler

Team Profit Youtube Channel:

The best way to learn is to see, here and read all at the same time. That’s why our very own matched betting geru, Tom, uploads guides and walkthroughs to our youtube channel regularly to keep you guys informed and updated on all things matched betting! Check out Tom’s magnificent beard below.

Team Profit's Youtube
The Daily Profit:

Everyday at 12pm, We share our tips for making profit in under an hour on our Team Profit Blog which you can see below. Filled with everything from free spins to risk free bets, it’s a surefire way to make a quick buck and it saves you having to scour the interwebs for offers!

The Daily Profit
Team Casino One Week Trial

There's a whole other world of profit outside of Matched Betting and it's called "Low Risk Casino"! Team Casino is a site dedicated to teaching you how to profit every single day from the world of Low Risk. Sign up today for just £1 and you'll get a week to test it out!

Discover Team Casino

Well done for making it this far! We hope you found this plan helpful and as always, you can email, message or live chat us if you have any questions!

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