My Matched Betting Journey

My Matched Betting Journey

When I first heard about matched betting I was convinced it must be a scam. I couldn’t get my head around how you could be guaranteed profit when getting involved in betting.

Even when I looked into it, I was still sceptical about how it would actually work in practice. I thought I may as well give it a go, as my funds were becoming quite stretched at university and I’m too busy/lazy to get a job at the moment.

My Next Steps

I stumbled across the website Team Profit, a site that explained just what is matched betting:

It emphasised what I was about to embark on was in fact not gambling at all and that there is no risk involved. ‘So how does it work?’ I thought.

I looked into what other people thought of matched betting, just to make sure it wasn’t a scam. I found loads of people on forums talking about how easy it is to do, and how they’ve made hundreds of pounds already. I also came across a few people who even use matched betting as their main source of income. I was becoming less and less sceptical.

Team Profit gave step by step tutorials on the principles of matched betting. I spent a few days or so understanding just how it works. I wanted to be completely sure. After a few days of head scratching and researching, I realised the beauty of it- it’s completely risk free.

It’s not really relevant for me to explain the technicalities of exactly what matched betting is, but it’s essentially taking advantage of promotions offered by bookmakers (there are hundreds) in order to generate profit.


I’ve made hundreds of pounds already, just by sitting on my laptop and placing tactical bets on various sites. It really couldn't be easier.

Let’s be honest, we could all do with a bit more cash. Matched betting really could be the answer to saving up for your aspirations you just don’t quite have the funds for at the moment.

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