CoralCoral Win Win Get In

  • Double winnings if your team wins both halves - paid as a free bet up to £50!

Coral run the Win Win Get In promotion usually on two selected games each weekend, plus occasionally midweek too if there is major football running.

Your expected profit from this offer is usually £2 to £3. For 5 minutes work, this is well worth doing!

Key Terms
  • Max Free Bet Payout: Winnings doubled as a free bet up to £50
  • Minimum stake: £5
  • Maximum stake: £33 to £75 - see below for details
  • Free bet: Up to £50 credited within 24 hours and expires after 4 days
Offer Strategy

Back the football team which is the favourite to win . Choose the maximum stake as explained below.

Lay your chosen football team using Normal in the calculator.

The lower the odds of the team, the more likely they are two win both halves.

This means that your expected profit is:

Back Odds Expected Profit
exc. qualifying loss
1.5 £8.75
2.0 £5.60
2.5 £3.50
3.0 £2.10

The expected profit = £50 free bet x % chance of your team winning both halves.

Note the £50 free bet is assumed to be worth £35 cash profit.

You will typically make a trigger bet loss around £2 to £3, this may be higher for 1.5 back odds (as the maximum stake is £75 as explained below) and lower for 2.5 back odds (as the maximum stake is £33).

For a team with odds between 1.5 to 2.5, after qualifying loss, you will make an expected profit of £2 to £4!

Matched Betting Example

Coral are running their Win Win Get In promotion on Chelsea vs Man Utd.

Chelsea have back odds of 2.0 and lay odds of 2.08 whilst Man Utd have back odds of 3.5 and lay odds of 3.8.

We choose Chelsea because they are the clear favourites and place a £50 back bet and a £48.08 lay bet as provided to us by the calculator.

This has a qualifying loss is £2.43.

However, if Chelsea win both halves (e.g. 1-0 and 2-1 for a final score of 3-1), then you receive the £50 winnings plus a £50 free bet (cash equivalent of £35)!

Chelsea have a 16% chance of winning both halves (as shown in the section below) so your expected profit is (16% x £35) - £2.43 = £3.17

How Do I Calculate The Maximum Stake?

The most you want your potential winnings to be is £50, as this is the maximum amount Coral will double as a free bet.

To calculate this:

Maximum back stake = £50 / (Back odds - 1)

Given the favourite's back odds are usually between 1.5 to 2.5, this means the maximum stake is £33 to £75.

Matched Betting Example

Let's say Arsenal are 1.8 to beat Burnley. This would mean:

Maximum back stake = £50 / ( 1.8 - 1 ) = £62.5

This would look a bit strange if Coral saw you place this exact amount, so I would recommend rounding to £60.

Optional Extra: Expected Profit Calculation

The expected profit = % chance of your team winning both halves  x £35 (being the cash equivalent of a £50 free bet)

However, how do you know the % chance of a team winning both halves?

To find this out, I researched betting odds for the market 'to win both halves' and the below is a summary:

Team's Back Odds To Win % Chance Win Both Halves
1.5 25%
2.0 16%
2.5 10%
3.0 7%
4.0 5%

This table shows why it's not worthwhile choosing a team with odds of 3.0 or higher, because their chances of winning both halves becomes too low!

This table factors in a bookmaker margin for the odds they offer so the %s should be accurate.

Optional Extra: Risk Free Option

To make this offer risk free, in theory you could take your qualifying loss and place this as a lay stake on the 'Win Both Halves' market on Betfair:

However, there is very little liquidity in the market so the odds are too poor.

Note this is not the same as HT/FT which means a team needs to be leading at half time and full time. For example, they could win the first half 1-0 and then keep the 1-0 by drawing the second half.

Team Wins The First Half

If your team wins the first half you can make this offer risk free by using the Asian Handicap market. Check out this brilliant OddsMonkey thread for details on this. If you are new to OddsMonkey, check out the OddsMonkey review.

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