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Coral Welcome Offer

Bet £5 Get £20 Offer Worth £9 Profit (Starting With £10)

The Coral Welcome Offer is a great first Welcome Offer for those of you able to start with £10.

You need to deposit £5 in Coral and £5 into Betfair Exchange. In return, you will guarantee a £9 profit risk free.

Let's crack on with the step by step guide!

Sign Up To Coral & Betfair

Sign up to Betfair Exchange and Coral by clicking on the below buttons:

Betfair sign up
Sign up to Betfair
skybet sign up
Sign up to Coral

Please deposit £5 into Betfair Exchange. I recommend using a debit bank card to avoid any fees, alternatively you can use a credit card (1.5% fee) or Paypal (2% fee).

Please deposit £5 into Coral using a bank card (£10 minimum deposit with Paypal).

Step 1: Place Your Coral £5 Trigger Bet
a) Change Coral Odds To Decimal Odds

When matched betting it is always best to change the odds to decimal odds on the website.

To do this on Coral, go to the top menu and click decimals:

coral decimal

b) Head To Bournemouth vs Arsenal

Click here to the Bournemouth vs Arsenal (Sunday 13:30) market. Then click on the 1.7 next to Arsenal:

If the odds have changed from 1.7, don't worry, just click the number!

c) Place Your £5 Trigger Bet

Once you have clicked on the 1.7 for Arsenal, the bet slip will open on the right hand side. Enter 5 into the Stake and click the green 'place bet' button:

Step 2: Place Your Betfair Exchange £4.91 Lay Bet
a) Check The Betfair Lay Odds

Click here to the Bournemouth vs Arsenal market:

We can see here the Arsenal lay odds (the pink box) are 1.78.

b) Calculate the Lay Stake

We are betting £5 on Coral on Arsenal to win at 1.7 and the Betfair Exchange lay odds are 1.78, but what is our Betfair lay stake? To find this, use the simple calculator!

Enter 5 as the back stake, 1.7 as the back odds and 1.78 as the lay odds. The calculator tells us our lay stake is £4.91:

From our £5 trigger bet, this shows we will lose 34p (explained in 'Where Our Money Goes' below) but we then receive £20 in Coral free bets, ch-ching!

c) Place Your £4.91 Lay Bet

Click on the lay odds in the pink box (from the screenshot above), this will bring up the Betfair betslip. Enter £4.91 into the Backer's stake:

This will show a liability of £3.83. Again don't worry if the liability is a showing a little different if the lay odds have moved a little from 1.78.

Where Your Money Goes?

At the bottom of the calculator is a very handy profit breakdown:

To explain the above breakdown:

If Arsenal win, then you win £3.50 on Coral, but lose your liability of £3.83 on Betfair Exchange for a net loss of 33p.

If Arsenal draw or lose, then I lose £5 on Coral, but win my £4.66 on Betfair Exchange (I win £4.91 lay stake less 25p commission on my winning bet) for a net loss of 34p.

You have only lost 34p from the trigger bet and have now received a £20 free bet, so let's now make a tidy profit from this!

Step 3: Place Your Coral £20 Free Bet

If Arsenal have won (the likely outcome) then your Coral balance has increased from £5 to £8.50. Please now withdraw this balance, this should reach your bank account on Monday or Tuesday at the latest, then deposit this £8.50 into Betfair.

Once your funds are deposited into Betfair, please then return to this page between Monday midday and Tuesday before 6pm. The free bet steps will be added to help you make £9 profit!

Alternatively, if you're keen to make a £10.28 profit now and have an additional £15 to deposit into Betfair, head to the Beginner's Day Starting with £25 and follow the free bet steps to make £10.28 profit from your £20 in free bets.

Got Questions?

There are 3 ways to ask for help with Team Profit:

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[email protected] - We try to respond to all emails within 24 hours with complete answers.

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