The Cheltenham Festival is right around the corner!

It’s THE BIGGEST HORSE RACING EVENT OF THE YEAR and a great time to make matched betting profits.

You probably have tons of questions about it - especially if you’re a new member who wants to know what to expect before the festival begins.

Well, you’re in the right place!

I’ll cover EVERYTHING you’ll need to trot all the way to the bank in this post.

And I’ll give you lots of 🤫 secret matched betting tips 🤫 (highlighted in this colour throughout this guide) that I’ve used to make profits at Cheltenham in the past.

In four years of matched betting, they've never failed to help me do well at Cheltenham. Fingers crossed they work just as well for you!

Read on for the complete matched betting guide for Cheltenham 2020.

What and when is the Cheltenham Festival?

Cheltenham is a world-famous four-day horse racing event that takes place in the same month every year.

The festival has been running since 1860 and it welcomes 70,000 people each race day.

This year, it takes place from 10th - 13th March and there are 28 races overall.

The main races being World Hurdle, Queen Mother Champion Chase and the Cheltenham Gold Cup on the final day. 

The races start at 1:30pm. Check out the full festival schedule below:

  • 1.30pm Sky Bet Supreme Novices' Hurdle (Grade 1) - distance: 2m 87y
  • 2.10pm Racing Post Arkle Novices' Chase (Grade 1) - distance: 1m 7f 199y
  • 2.50pm Ultima Handicap Chase (Grade 3) - distance: 3m 1f
  • 3.30pm Unibet Champion Hurdle (Grade 1) - distance: 2m 87y
  • 4.10pm Close Brothers Mares' Hurdle (Grade 1) - distance: 2m 3f 200y
  • 4.50pm Northern Trust Company Novices' Handicap Chase (Listed) - distance: 2m 4f 44y
  • 5.30pm National Hunt Chase (Amateur Riders' Novices' Chase) (Grade 2) - distance: 3m 7f 147y
  • 1.30pm Ballymore Novices' Hurdle (Grade 1) - distance: 2m 5f
  • 2.10pm RSA Insurance Novices' Chase (Grade 1) - distance: 3m 80y
  • 2.50pm Coral Cup Handicap Hurdle (Grade 3) - distance: 2m 5f
  • 3.30pm Betway Queen Mother Champion Chase (Grade 1) - distance: 1m 7f 99y
  • 4.10pm Glenfarclas Cross Country Chase - distance: 3m 6f 37y
  • 4.50pm Boodles Juvenile Handicap Hurdle (Grade 3) - distance: 2m 87y
  • 5.30pm Weatherbys Champion Bumper (Grade 1) - distance: 2m 87y
  • 1.30pm MARSH Novices' Chase (Grade 1) - distance: 2m 3f 166y
  • 2.10pm Pertemps Network Final (Handicap Hurdle) (Grade 3) - distance: 2m 7f 213y
  • 2.50pm Ryanair Chase (Grade 1) - distance: 2m 4f 127y
  • 3.30pm Paddy Power Stayers' Hurdle (Grade 1) - distance: 2m 7f 213y
  • 4.10pm Brown Advisory & Merriebelle Stable Plate (Handicap Chase) (Grade 3) - distance: 2m 4f 166y
  • 4.50pm Dawn Run Mares' Novices' Hurdle (Grade 2) - distance: 2m 179y
  • 5.30pm Fulke Walwyn Kim Muir Amateur Riders' Handicap Chase - distance: 3m 2f
  • 1.30pm JCB Triumph Hurdle (Grade 1) - distance: 2m 179y
  • 2.10pm Randox Health County Handicap Hurdle (Grade 3) - distance: 2m 179y
  • 2.50pm Albert Bartlett Novices' Hurdle (Grade 1) - distance: 2m 7f 213y
  • 3.30pm Magners Cheltenham Gold Cup (Grade 1) - distance: 3m 2f 70y
  • 4.10pm St James's Place Foxhunter Chase - distance: 3m 2f 70y
  • 4.50pm Johnny Henderson Grand Annual Handicap Chase (Grade 3) - distance: 2m 62y
  • 5.30pm Martin Pipe Conditional Jockeys' Handicap Hurdle (0-145) - distance: 2m 4f 56y

With so many exciting events and punters flocking in their thousands for a piece of the betting action, Cheltenham 2020 promises to be more profitable than ever for matched bettors.

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Why is Cheltenham so profitable?

Basically, because it’s such a huge betting event.

Bookies compete to get the punters to pony up their cash and place bets.

This means they give away loads of great offers in a short period of time.

The best part?

You can stand to make a nice pocket of cash matched betting with us. Read on and I’ll help you.

How much can I make during Cheltenham?

The short answer to this is - a very decent amount.

It is estimated over £150 million will be bet on average during this four-day event.

This is an absolutely huge betting market, so there will be lots of liquidity for matched betting.

With 28 races across four days, it means lots of good offers in a short space of time...Kerching!

And it gets better...

Races are quickly settled so it also means you can recycle your funds and use it more efficiently than any other sport.

The actual amount you can make is down to the value of the offers but the bookies haven’t disappointed us yet!

And there are even ways to get in on the Cheltenham 2020 matched betting fun if you’re gubbed. I’ll give you a 💡 VERY clever tip 💡 in the next section.

How can I take part if I’m gubbed?

It’s so frustrating when you’re gubbed during Cheltenham….Believe me, I know!

But hope is not lost!

You can still make a profit by doing extra places and arbing.

If you’re not familiar with these amazing strategies, you can learn them before the event using our simple guides.

Once you understand these strategies, you can hit the ground running.

Now for the best part - the best Cheltenham 2020 offers!

What are the best offers to do during Cheltenham?

Tom - our resident matched betting expert - has a special Cheltenham 2020 offers guide with all the top offers around during the festival.

In the guide, he’ll include the values of the offers and simple instructions to help you claim your first profits.

Sign up here (if you’re not a member already) and start taking advantage of the best offers around during the four-day festival.

And that’s not all we’ve got for you...

Check out our useful matched betting offers guide videos using the links below:

Should I take time off work for Cheltenham?

Ideally, if you’re able to do so, it might be a good idea when matched betting.

Taking time away would mean you can take on more offers throughout the day - especially as some offers require you to place bets quickly.

Of course, we’ll keep you updated with all of the best offers for each day if you sign up to become a Team Profit member.

Here’s a very useful tip for you:

If you can’t take all four days off work, then take just the first day off.

The bookies will look to start the festival with a bang and most of the top offers will come on the first day.

There will be lots of awesome offers on the other days too. 

But the first day is by far the best and busiest for offers if you’re planning on matched betting.

However, you still have to know how to make the most of those offers - that’s what I’ll cover right now.

How do I prepare to make the most of the offers?

There are six incredible Cheltenham 2020 matched betting preparation commandments that haven’t steered me wrong yet:

1. Complete your welcome offers.

Yes, you heard me. This is VERY important.

It can be a red flag when you wait until the event to sign up and start placing a ton of bets.

This is a shortcut to gubsville!!!

Some bookies may have more enhanced sign up offers.

But by doing the welcome offer beforehand, you can benefit from that and do their Cheltenham offer so you don’t miss out.

2. Try placing mug bets

If you’re worried about the health of your accounts or gubbings before Cheltenham 2020, placing mug bets can help.

Definition: A mug bet is a tactic of showing the bookies that you’re a regular ‘mug’ customer in order to avoid being ‘gubbed’.

The bookies clean up from mug bettors placing losing bets.

And you want to make the bookies think that you’re just another losing ‘mug’.

The best way of doing this is to avoid selecting back and lay odds that are too close together.

This will help you look more like a punter. And it will give a bit of value back to the bookie.


Mug betting is not guaranteed to work.

But for the sake of a few quid in qualifying losses, it may not be a bad idea.

You can learn much more about mug betting in our Mug Betting Guide.

3. Get your bankroll together and have it ready in your bank account and exchange

Depositing cash takes seconds.

Make sure you have it all ready to deposit when needed.

I recommend you go through all your bookie accounts before Cheltenham and check if you have any funds you may have forgotten about in them.

This is a perfect time to do this and put these extra funds to good use.

If you want to know how much bankroll you’ll need, keep reading because I’ll cover that topic very soon.

4. Be organised

Matched betting is easiest when you have time to focus on it.

Try to take time off work if you can.

Create your Cheltenham 2020 matched betting schedule and read our Cheltenham matched betting guides to get an idea of what to expect.

Use the race times (find these in the race schedule at the beginning of the post) to help you work out your betting schedule.

Don’t feel pressured to do every single offer there is.

Just be sure to have a plan of action for each day.

This is an important part…

Make a note of when free bets get credited. This will ensure that you get your profit from them before the bets expire.

Remember: horse racing bets are settled FAST. So doing this will free up funds for the next race.

You also want to plan your bets in the order the races take place - if the offer allows.


Because you don’t want to tie up any funds that can be used elsewhere.

When you place a lay bet, the liability funds are held by the exchange until the bets settle.

That’s why it’s best to lay your bet on the earliest race.

Once the bets settle, the funds are released. You can then recycle them for the next race.

5. Set up a backup betting exchange

Though it’s unlikely, you never know when your exchange site crashes.

You can’t prevent that.

But what you can do is have a second betting exchange ready to use, just in case.

You also don’t want all your eggs in one basket. So split your cash between both exchanges.

My general rule of thumb is to split it 60/40 in favour of the betting exchange you use most.

6. Practice, practice, practice

If there are some strategies that you’re unfamiliar with, learn them and practice them well in advance.

Practicing is simple if you just remember this:

Use low stakes offers so you can see how the strategies work.

Don’t take practice lightly either.

Practicing is very important if you want to maximise your profits and bring your HAY game.

The most popular offers are racing refunds and extra places.

You can find out more about racing refunds and extra places in our reload guides section.

If you want to use these strategies, you’ll need some matched betting tools from our partner, Oddsmonkey.

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Now read on for help working out how much bankroll you’ll need if you have limited funds.

My funds are limited - how much bankroll will I need?

As much as you can afford is best.

But here’s the thing:

The more bank you have, the more offers you can do.

If your bank is very limited (e.g. a strict amount that falls below £500) and you’re thinking of using an overdraft, loan or a credit card, HOLD YOUR HORSES!

The truth is...

Using these methods might have an impact on your credit score.

And you don’t want to be saddled with a loan if mistakes happen.


So please only use what you can afford for your matched betting bankroll and target the offers your bankroll can support. 

You can do this by using combining liability and targeting the highest value offers first.

Remember this helpful tip:

Check the terms of each and every offer you do.

Some offers/bookies will allow accept payments through PayPal or bank transfer.

This will help you withdraw your cash quicker than withdrawing via a bank card.

But why is this important?

Faster withdrawals mean access to more bankroll.

This then means more offers and therefore MORE MONEY!!!

But again, only if the bookies and/or offer terms allow it.

Is there anything else I should watch out for?

Beware of smaller bookings offering odds and offers that seem too good to be true.

I know - it’s a very strange thing to say. But this is sometimes a massive🚩 RED FLAG 🚩 to possible payout problems.

Sometimes bookies offer amazing, fantastic odds then struggle to pay out on winnings.

The result…

You LOSE plenty on the exchange.

But here’s what you should look out for:

Steer clear of the smaller bookies trying to compete with bigger brands.

Take it from someone who’s been had before - it’s not worth the risk.

Before you go...

We will be around to help you during the Cheltenham 2020 with all your matched betting concerns and questions.

You can reach us by:

Remember: just follow everything in this post and there’s every chance you’ll race through the finish line with a tidy profit.

🥇 All the best with your Cheltenham 2020 matched betting! 🥇