Hey Team!

Less than 24 hours now until Cheltenham 2020 begins! 

In this video I'll just be going through some last minute prep in order to get everybody ready for tomorrow.

Make sure you sort all of your accounts and money out, and know when you're going to be placing bets on which race etc. Also grab yourself an Oddsmonkey account (£1 trial here) so that you can profit from the price boosts, and the more extensive list of offers.

For a list of easy-to-complete offers, head over to our Cheltenham 2020 Offers GuideThis will be updated daily and should be your go-to place for the festival. All offers on here will also be posted in the Reload Offers Dashboard for those of you that would like to track your bets.

And of course, make use of our 25,000+ strong Facebook Group! There will be a pinned post up in the morning with a list of useful links, as well as a directory to a dedicated post for each main offer. This should help anybody that needs to, to ask questions (as it can get pretty hectic otherwise!).

If you have any questions whatsoever, please just give us a shout!


Got Questions?

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