Hey Team!

This is just a short video talking through some things that will help you be as efficient as possible across the festival. Preparation is key, and you should know exactly what to do come Tuesday, regardless of your Matched Betting level. If you're a newbie, or you haven't got much time, then you should head over to our Cheltenham 2020 Mini Guide.

If you'd consider yourself more experienced then you should definitely follow our main Cheltenham 2020 Offers Guide, and perhaps brush up on some Extra Places knowledge.

And for those of you who will manage to be around in the day time, make sure you're LIVING on Oddsmonkey's Price Boost Thread. I cannot stress enough how profitable this is going to be - it's easy, guaranteed cash, with no free bets to deal with whatsoever. EVERY Matched Bettor should have a subscription, and if you don't, you can get a 10 day trial for £1 to see if you like it or not. Trust me, it will be an extremely lucrative tool over the next week!

Give the video a watch for a few more tips, and roll on Tuesday!

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