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If you're looking to make money this Cheltenham then this post is for you! Below we will be listing all of the profitable offers day by day with a recap of previous day's results, and a look ahead at the following days. The most profitable offers that we'd recommend for those with limited time will be listed - but for more you should make sure you head over to the dedicated post on Oddsmonkey's Forum!

Whatever your situation, this is going to be a profitable 4 days and we're here to help! Make sure you get in our Facebook group and subscribe to our Youtube Channel as we'll be posting lots of useful videos & tips!

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Cheltenham Festival Details

Other than the awesome bookmaker offers, this is all you need to know:

  • Dates: Tuesday 12th to Friday 15th March
  • First Race Each Day: 13:30
  • Last Race Each Day: 17:30
  • Daily Timetable: 7 Races starting every 40 minutes (13:30, 14:10, 14:50, 15:30, 16:10, 16:50, 17:30)
  • Official Website: www.thefestival.co.uk
Offers Summary

Bet £50 Get £50 - Invite Only

Profit: £35+

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This offer is invite only, however most of you will have received an invite so the instructions on how to do this offer are below. Also, the values will vary. Most of you will have Bet £50 get £50, some will have £25, and some will have £10. If you have a different value just change the £50 to your value.

Bet365 are offering a £50 free bet for the 15:30 race, when you bet £50 on another race

*Bet £50 on any race apart from the 15:30
*Lay your bet off as normal

The Free Bet
*The Free bet will be credited instantly for the 15:30 race
*Calculate at high odds and as Free Bet SNR to guarantee a profit

*Invite only
*Min bet either £10, £25 or £50 (whatever is stated in your email)
*No min odds
*Free bet to be used inplay

£20 Cash Refund

Profit: £15+

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Sky are offering a cash refund up to £20, if your horse loses the first race

*Log in and bet £20 on a horse
*Calculate it as "free bet snr" or fill out the equal profit calculator
*Lay your bet

If it wins, you profit instantly

If it loses, you get a £20 refund and profit

*First race only
*Refund as cash


£10 Refund

Profit: £5+

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Betway are offering a free bet refund of £10 in both the first and last races of the day, if your horse loses the race

*Log in and bet £10 on a horse
*Fill out the equal profit calculator
*Lay your bet

If it wins, you profit instantly

If it loses, you lose a bit of money but make profit from the free bet

*First + last race only
*Refund as free bet


£25 Extra Winnings

Profit: £5+ lock in

Visit Offer

If your horse wins the first race, Coral will match your winnings up to £25 as CASH.

*Log in and bet £25 on any race
*Either lay your bet as normal or fill out the win bonus calculator

If your horse wins, you'll receive £25 as cash.

*Max winnings £25
*First race only

Double winnings (£20 max bet)

Profit: £10+ lock in

Visit Offer

If your horse wins the first race, Bethard will double the odds and pay out winnings as CASH.

*Log in and bet £20 on the first race
*Either lay your bet as normal or fill out the win bonus calculator

If your horse wins, you'll receive double the odds and so double the winnings!

*Max stake £20
*First race only

£1 Free Bet

Profit: 70p+

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Ladbrokes are offering a £1 free bet for any race on day 1.

*Log in from 6pm on Monday
*Place the free bet on whateer horse you want
*Lay your bet as free bet SNR

*Available from 6pm
*Any race

£20 Extra Winnings

Profit: £3+ lock in per race

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If your horse wins, Unibet will match your stake up to £20. This is available on all ITV races on day 1 and not the 16:50 or 17:30 races. Bets can only be placed within 15minutes before the race scheduled start time. Free bet is only valid for 4 hours.

*Log in and bet £20 no earlier than 15 minutes before a race
*Either lay your bet as normal or fill out the win bonus calculator

The Free Bet
*If your horse wins, you'll get a £20 free bet
*Calculate at high odds and as Free Bet SNR to guarantee a profit

*15 mins before race only
*Max stake £20
*Free bet valid for 7 days

Paddy Power

£10 Money Back 2nd/3d/4th

Profit: £7+ if triggered

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Paddypower are offering money back as a free bet if your horse finishes 2nd/3rd/4th in all races on the first day

*Log in and bet £10 on any horse
*Lay your bet off as normal

The Free Bet
If you'r horse finishes in 2nd/3rd/4th, you'll receive a free bet up to £10
*Calculate at high odds and as Free Bet SNR to guarantee a profit

*Max stake £10
*2nd/3rd/4th only

Day 1 Offers

There is so much going on over Cheltenham that it can be hard deciding what you should be doing, so we've made a simple table with the best offers for you below. If you're struggling managing either your time or bank, then make sure you're at least getting on the below offers as you can make a decent profit from these alone.

For those of you with more time and/or a bigger bank, click on the Oddsmonkey link below to be taken to their dedicated forum post. On here you will find plenty more reloads that aren't necessarily guaranteed profit, but are great value and will help you extend your profits this Cheltenham!

Make sure you subscribe to the Price Boost Thread below. The profits are going to be HUGE and you could potentially make more money from these than from free bets!






Oddsmonkey Cheltenham Tools 

Oddsmonkey will be a very profitable tool to have this Cheltenham. If you don't have them yet, sign up here and get 7 days for £1. The festival lasts 4 days and you're getting 7 days for £1 - it's a no brainer! They will have an offer thread with all of the available offers over the festival, as well as their notoriously lucrative price boosts thread where you should be able to make a few hundred pounds+ very easily over the festival.

7 days Premium for £1

Cheltenham Offer Forum Thread 

Find the Best Cheltenham

Festival Profit Opportunities

Visit Forum Thread

Price Boosts Forum Thread

Quick & Easy Profit

Boosts Can Range from £1 to £10 Per Bet!

Price Boost Thread

Racing Matcher

A MUST HAVE tool for Cheltenham!

Find all of the best odds, quickly!

Racing Matcher
Enhanced Sign Ups

There will be a few enhanced sign up offers over Cheltenham which we'll list below. These will be slightly better offers from bookmakers that you may not have, so it's the perfect time to jump in and sign up to them. The offers will only be around for a limited time so make sure you complete them as soon as possible, and use the boosted bank balance to smash the last few days of Cheltenham!

£20 Risk Free
Any bet over Cheltenham

Profit Risk Free: £15+

Bet £20 and get refunded AS CASH if it loses

Visit Offer

£40 Risk Free
One time offer, any race


Profit Risk Free: £25+

Bet £40 on any race, get £40 refund!

OM Guide
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Best Odds Guaranteed

Best odds guaranteed is a promotion that most bookies offer on the horses. If you bet on a horse and the price increases, and it wins, you will receive payment for the increased price. This can be extremely profitable and you can read more about it here.

Alot of the bookies restrict when you are eligible for BOG (best odds guaranteed) though, and so you need to try and keep your betting within the correct times for each bookie, just incase you qualify. Some will allow you to bet at any time and be eligible, but others may be "day of the race", or "after 9am on the day of the race". See the list below for more info on when a bet can be placed!

- Boylesports
- Skybet
- Paddypower
- Unibet
From midnight (day of the race)
- Betfair
- Brucebetting
- Coral
From 7am
- Betfred
From 9am
- Ladbrokes
- Sportpesa
From midday
- Genting
Not Paid / Not specified
- Bethard
- Betuk
- Betway
- Netbet

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