Dragonfish Bingo Offers

This Guide Explains How To Profit From The Loophole

This loophole has been working for 12+ months and is popular with matched betters. It takes advantage of a loophole that your first bingo winnings go to your cash balance, rather than your bonus balance. This means you don't need to complete the wagering.

At the time of writing this guide, there are 6 offers on Dragonfish bingo rooms for this loophole, which will make you £150 expected profit.

Each offer will take around 30 minutes, meaning you can make £150 expected profit from just a few hours work!

Dragonfish Offers Explained

Bingo sites using the Dragonfish software include the popular Foxy Bingo and Costa Bingo.

foxy bingocosta bingo

They all offer deposit bonuses, for example Costa Bingo offer 'Deposit £10 Play With £50'.

The key is that buy £50 bingo tickets before our first bingo win. This is because:

  • Winnings from tickets bought before our first bingo win go to our cash balance.
  • Winnings from tickets bought after our first bingo win go to our bonus balance (as should happen).

Therefore, you can get £50 worth of tickets for the price of £10 and all the winnings go to the cash balance!

The tricky part is using up all of your balance (or at least as much as possible) by buying bingo tickets before your first bingo tickets win.

Your Profit Explained

Bingo tickets pay out at approximately 60%. So £10 worth of bingo tickets is worth £6 expected winnings.

Though there is variance, you may get lucky and win more or get unlucky and win less, but in the long term it should equal approximately 60%.

Therefore, continuing the example of Costa Bingo:

  • Your £50 worth of bingo tickets are worth £30 expected winnings
  • You have deposited £10 to get these tickets
  • You therefore have a £20 expected net profit from this one offer
Offers Available

At the time of writing, there are 6 offers available worth a total of £150 expected profit.

These offers are not risk free, you could get very unlucky and not win anything from your bingo tickets.

Please check the OddsMonkey Bingo Guide for the current offers available.

How To Complete Dragonfish Offers

To learn exactly how to complete these offers, please:


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