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Betway Free Bet Club

Bet £25 Get £10 Every Week With Betway Free Bet Club

Simply bet £25 on football trebles with Betway free bet club every week and in return you will get a 2 x £5 free bets paid on a Saturday and Monday.

The football treble minimum odds are 3.0 or higher. You can do this easily each Saturday using the Betfair Acca market or alternatively using the OddsMonkey Acca Matcher.

Please note you will need up to £100 in your exchange account. This is in case your acca wins and so whilst you will win up to £100 on Betway, you will be laying this on the exchange.

This is an easy offer and should definitely be part of your weekly matched betting offers.

Key Terms
  • Expected profit: £5 profit risk free
  • Trigger bet: £25 on a treble
  • Minimum odds: 3.0
  • Qualifying period: Saturday 00:00 to Friday 23:59
  • Free bet: 2 x £5
  • 1st Free bet credited: Saturday 12:00 (expires Monday 12:00)
  • 2nd Free bet credited: Monday 14:00 (expires Friday 14:00)
  • Opt in: Required
  • Exchange balance required: £100
  • Promotion termsClick here
Step By Step Guide
Step 1 Opt In

Opt in on this Betway Free Bet Club page:

betway free bet club

 Step 2 Place Your Trigger Bet

Each week place a £25 treble bet at minimum odds 3.0.

You will lose around £2 depending on the closeness of the odds between Betway and your Exchange.

Option 1 Betfair Exchange Acca market

This is the quickest and easiest option.

Betfair Exchange offer trebles on the Premier League, meaning you can lay off a Premier League treble.

To find the market, head to the Betfair Exchange Premier League market and then scroll down to the bottom of the left menu. You should see:

Jon's Option 1 Tip: The liquidity will often be low on these markets so you may not get close lay odds, I'd recommend only checking the lay odds on a Friday or Saturday morning. The way to spot if the odds are close, rather than manually checking in Betway for the treble odds versus the Betfair lay odds, is just see if there are any close odds between the back odds and lay odds in the Betfair exchange. If this is the case, every Saturday morning SkyBet run a treble Price Boost. There is then a lot of liquidity available on the treble in the Betfair lay market for this treble (as lots of matched betters are looking to lay this treble) and so you can use this treble for your Betway treble!

Option 2 OddsMonkey Acca Finder

Head to the OddsMonkey Acca Finder and select Betway. This will present you with a treble with a low qualifying loss, usually £1 to £2. For example, here is a treble it has given me with a loss of just £1.17:

Lay the treble using the sequential lay method, there is no need to continue laying once one team has lost (as you acca has then lost whilst your lay be has won).

Jon's Option 2 Tip: Check the final date of the treble. If you're looking to qualify for this week's Club, then it will need to finish by the end of Friday.

 Step 3 Place Your Free Bet

You will receive your first £5 free bet on Saturday 12:00 (expires Monday 12:00) and your second free bet on Monday 14:00 (expires Friday 14:00). Bet the £5 on a team or horse with high odds to convert this to £3 to £4 profit.

Overall, you should be able to convert your £10 of free bets to £7 cash profit, less the £2 trigger bet loss, for a net £5 profit risk free.

Got Questions?

There are 3 ways to ask for help with Team Profit:

Facebook Group - ask over 1,000 fellow matched bettors (including me!) any questions you may have. [link]

Email [email protected] - I try to respond to all emails within 24 hours with full answers

Live Chat - Chat with me any time I'm online. See the chat module at the bottom right of site.