The BetFinder Filter will make completing welcome offers and daily offers much quicker:
betfinder tip

  1. Click on the 'Filter' on the top right of the BetFinder to open the Filter.
  2. Bookmaker - Select your Bookmaker. Note this only works for Gold members. Free members, please use the bookmaker dropdown on the top left of the Betfinder.
  3. Exchange - Select Betfair (unless using another Exchange)
  4. Odds - Enter minimum and maximum odds (very useful for entering low odds for trigger bets and high odds for free bets)
  5. Time - Great for Welcome Offers - It is preferable to choose matches within the next 24 hours so you can complete the welcome offer quickly, withdraw and move on to the next welcome offer. Move the right cursor to 1 day (or sooner).
  6. Search - Great for Daily Offers - often Daily Offers are for a specific football match, so simply search for one of the team names.
  7. Click apply!

The BetFinder will now show you a handful of bets meeting your trigger bet (or free bet) criteria

Daily Offer FAQ: There are no close ratings showing for a particular football game I have filtered for - what should I do?

Rarely, you may find there are no close ratings showing when you search for a particular team with a particular bookmaker. This is because there are no close rating opportunities (defined as 80% or higher). In this instance, you can manually find a bet by loading up the event on both the bookmaker and exchange and manually looking for the closest rating. This is quite a lot slower and less accurate, however it will rarely happen and if we were to show all ratings below 80% it would significantly slow down the BetFinder. If you need any help finding a close rating, please ask us on Live Help.