Betfair 2% Commission

You can now enjoy Betfair 2% commission on all lay bets with OddsMonkey Premium

Incredible news came out of OddsMonkey HQ today as they announced an exclusive Betfair 2% commission deal running from Monday 18th September to Sunday 31st December 2017.

This is a reduction from their current 5% commission and is applicable on every lay bet you place.

This is brilliant news for matched betters and will save you up to £450!

How Exactly Does This Work?

Important: Must opt in before 10am on Monday 18th September

The reduced 2% commission applies for all OddsMonkey premium member who are opted in to this promotion (see below 'Two Steps To Opt In').

Once opted in, you will automatically enjoy a 2% commission rate on all lay bets placed rather than 5% commission. This is applied at the time you place your lay bet.

Key Benefits
  • Applies to every lay bet you place on all sports and markets

  • Applied on every lay bet placed directly on Betfair Exchange or via OddsMonkey Integration

  • Saving of up to £450 commission

  • Runs from Monday 18th September to Sunday 31st December 2017

Key Terms

As a matched better, you'll be familiar with the importance of terms! No sneeky terms here fortunately, here are four terms of the 2% commission offer:

  • You must be opted in to the promotion (see below) by 10am Monday 18th September

  • You must place at least 1 lay bet using Betfair integration once every 2 weeks.

  • You must not exceed a maximum of ten back bets per calendar month (including those executed by using Exchange Cash Out or netting off lay bets).

  • Applied to your next £15,000 lay stake winnings (resulting in commission paid decreasing from £750 to £300, a saving of £450).

If you have any questions about these terms, I highly recommend checking out the OddsMonkey Community Thread for discusion on the 2% commission offer.

Two Steps To Opt In
Step 1 Link Your Betfair Account In OddsMonkey

This will take just a couple of minutes - follow this simple Betfair Integration guide to integration your Betfair account with OddsMonkey.

It is well worth reading this guide too because, as mentioned in the key terms above, you will need to place 1 lay bet using the Betfair Integration in the OddsMatcher every 2 weeks.

Step 2 Opt In On The Betfair Promotion Page

Visit the Betfair Promotion Page and opt in, simple!

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Not yet an OddsMonkey Premium Member?

This commission offer makes OddsMonkey even more awesome and they are definitely the number one matched betting subscription service.

If you are using any other subscription service or yet to try out OddsMonkey, check out the OddsMonkey trial £1 for 1 week offer running until Monday 18th September!

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