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Bet365 Racing Refund

Get A £50 Risk Free Bet If Your 5.0+ Horse Wins

Bet up to £50 on a horse with odds of 5.0 or higher on the Feature Race or ITV Racing Race each day. If your horse wins, Bet365 will give you risk free bet (up to £50) on the next race.

There are usually 2 Featured Race offers each day, except for Saturday when there are up to 10 ITV Racing offers each day.

Note you need to be at your laptop/mobile whilst completing these offers, as you need to place your risk free bet after the previous offer race has finished.

Key Terms
  • Expected profit: £3 profit risk free per race
  • Trigger bet: Up to £50
  • Minimum odds: 5.0
  • Qualifying period: Prior to the race
  • Risk Free bet: Up to £50
  • Risk Free bet credited: If you lose, your stake is refunded as cash within 1 hour.
  • Risk Free bet expiry: Must be used on the next offer race
  • Opt in: Not required
  • Featured Race Promotion termsClick here
  • ITV Racing Promotion termsClick here

Check out the below Step by Step guide to see exactly how to complete this offer.

Step 1: Find The Horse To Back

Head to the Racing Matcher (our guide) which shows the two races, simply click the 'Bet365 £50 Refund' and you will see a list of the horses with the lowest qualifying losses.

Note it is best to check within 20 minutes of the race starting as you will usually find the best lay odds. However, there is no harm in checking beforehand in case there is a good match!

bet365 racing matcher

To decide whether a horse is worth backing, it depends on the horse odds and the trigger bet loss.

The lower the odds, the more likelihood your horse has of winning, so the higher the expected profit. Below is a simple table showing the expected profit based on the back odds:

Horse Odds
(% chance)
Expected Free Bet
£50 stake x % chance
Expected Profit
80% of free bet
5.0 (20%) £10 £8
6.0 (17%) £8.30 £6.64
7.0 (14%) £7.15 £5.72
8.0 (12%) £6.25 £5

From the expected profit (based on the odds of the horse) you need to deduct the trigger bet loss.

Using the screenshot above as an example, the horse 'Crosspark' has odds of 5.5, therefore the expected profit is £7.27 (£50 * 80% * 1/5.5).

However, deducting the trigger bet loss of £1.71 gives you an net profit of £5.56.

You can also use the Team Profit Racing Profit Estimator spreadsheet that will help you to check if the offer will be profitable.

Step 2: Lay The Horse

You can choose between 3 different lay stake approaches:

Lay Option 1: Normal

You can either use the Lay Stake in the Racing Matcher, which will give you the trigger bet loss regardless of the outcome.

For example, the horse Cross Fit has a lay stake in the Racing Matcher is £49.28. So regardless of whether the horse wins or loses, I will lose £1.71 as a trigger bet loss.

Lay Option 2: Overlay - Risk Free

Personally, I prefer to 'overlay', this makes the offer risk free!

Simply place a lay bet stake with:

Smarkets £51.02
Betfair £52.63

This means that if the horse does not win, you win exactly £50 from my lay bet stake (this is because £51.02 and £52.63 factors in the 2% and 5% commission respectively).

Whilst if the horse does win, whilst you make a bigger trigger bet loss, this is more than compensated by the £50 free bet. Just make sure your trigger bet loss will not be higher than the £40 profit you will make from the £50 free bet. To do this, check the calculator by clicking 'Advanced' then looking at the 'Overlay' box:

bet365 race overlay

If Cross Fit does win, then you now make a trigger bet loss of £9.69, but you receive the £50 risk free bet worth £40 profit, for a net profit of £31.31.

If Cross Fit does not win, then you do not lose anything.

Lay Option 3: Overlay - Guaranteed Profit

Some matched betters will place a lay bet even higher to guarantee a £3 profit every race, around:

Smarkets £54.08
Betfair £55.78

To check this, use the custom part at the bottom calculator and enter 54.08 or 55.78 into the right hand side, then pull the slider across to the far right as shown below.

If Cross Fit does win, then you now make a trigger bet loss of £23.77, but you receive the £50 risk free bet worth £40 profit, for a net profit of £16.23.

If Cross Fit does not win, then you now make a net profit of £3 as you win the £54.08 lay stake (£53 after commission) whilst you lose the £50 on Bet365.

As mentioned in Method 2 above, it is still just as important to only choose horses with odds close to 5.0 and low trigger bet losses, when available.

For example, if Cross Fit's lay odds were instead 6.2 rather than 5.6 (which would show a £6.40 trigger bet loss in the racing matcher), then my trigger bet loss if Cross Fit does win increases to £56.22so always make sure your trigger bet losses are low in the Racing Matcher!

Step 3: If Your Horse Won - Use The Risk Free Bet

If your horse won, then on the next Featured Race or ITV Race, place a bet using your own cash, up to £50 (depending on the amount of your trigger bet).

Calculate the lay stake using Free Bet SNR. You should be able to make a £40 profit from the free bet, by choosing a horse with odds of 7.0 or higher.

If your horse loses, you will receive your £50 as cash within 1 hour of the race finishing.

Additional Tips

Bet365 is one of the more profitable accounts so it is worth trying to prevent being gubbed! I would therefore recommend:

  • Not every offer -  I would not take up every offer.
  • Start with the Saturday ITV Racing - Saturday is the most recreational day for horse racing betting.
  • Vary your stake -  Don't always go for £50, mix in some £20 to £40 too.

Got Questions?

There are 3 ways to ask for help with Team Profit:

Facebook Group - ask over 1,000 fellow matched bettors (including me!) any questions you may have. [link]

Email [email protected] - I try to respond to all emails within 24 hours with full answers

Live Chat - Chat with me any time I'm online. See the chat module at the bottom right of site.