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Bet365 Bore-Draw Refund


A huge thanks to Luke Hoptroff for providing all the information and writing this guide.

Many bookies run “Bore Draw” offers, but Bet365’s is by far the simplest and most profitable out of them all. The basics of it is fairly simple. Back and lay a valid market (Correct Score & Halftime/Fulltime) and then hope the game ends in a Bore Draw. If it does end in a Bore Draw then you get your stake refunded as cash. The term “Bore Draw” refers to game ending 0-0. Any other draw than 0-0 is referred to as a "Score Draw", as a goal has been scored.

The thing I find most appealing about this offer is the flexibility on how you can profit from it. At most points in the game you will be able to lock in a small amount of profit by using the trigger bet calculator (as long as the game is still 0-0). Or you can leave it in the hope that the game ends 0-0 in order to get the full refund. This gives by far the largest return but is also the least likely to happen.

  • There is no maximum stake or refund amount for this offer, but I would recommend sticking to your normal betting habits. I.E If you normally bet £50 on football try to keep it at around that amount

Key Terms
  • Min Odds: None

  • Min Stake: None

  • Max Stake: None (But I would advise sticking to your normal betting habits)

  • Pre-match bets only

  • Eligible matches only, listed on promo page

Finding Your Bet

Luckily the criteria for the Bore Draw offer is fairly easy. It's valid on any football (soccer) match, and you need to bet on one of the valid markets (Correct Score & Halftime/Fulltime). The only two selections you can’t bet on for those markets is 0-0 for correct score, and Draw/Draw for Halftime/Fulltime. This is because you only get your stake refunded if your bet loses, so if you bet on either of those, they would win if the game ended in a Bore Draw.

  • Aim for close matches (96%+): The closer the odds are, the lower the qualifying loss will be. So it is important to try and get close or perfect matches if possible. You can reduce or remove the qualifying loss entirely, but that will be in the advanced section. If you are going to do that you could look for worse matches than 96%.

Oddsmatcher Filter

Whilst it isn’t as easy as the 2Up filter, you can still make a filter to show just the correct markets and high ratings. I’ve included a screenshot showing the filters you need to select for this:

How To Lock In Profit

To lock in a profit for this offer you will need to use the “Trigger Bet Calculator”. You can find it on Odds Monkey here.

Firstly just put in the odds that you backed and laid at as well as your stake. So in this example I have bet £50 at odds of 6.5,on Manchester United to win 1-0 vs Leicester. I have then laid this at 6.6, for a 76p qualifying loss. The free bet award is the same as your stake, and the retention is at 100% (as the refund is in cash - not as a free bet).

Now to lock in profit you look at the current LAY odds of 0-0. The lay odds are 13 for 0-0. So that means I could potentially lock in £3.11 profit before the game has even started. To do this I would lay the amount it is telling me (£3.85) on 0-0. That would then lock the profit in. If a goal was scored and the game did not end 0-0 then I would make the profit from the £3.85 I laid, minus my 76p qualifying loss. If the game did end 0-0 then I would lose my liability from that lay (£46.20), but I would then get my £50 stake refunded as cash.

As I am doing this before the match has started the lay odds are quite high but as the game continues the odds will drop lower and lower. As an example, if this match got to half time and was still 0-0, the lay odds may have dropped to around 4.0, then I could lock in £11.76 profit in exactly the same way

You can, also just leave the bet and not lock in anything. This means if the game ends 0-0 then I would receive my whole stake back as cash so will have made £50 profit. But if a goal is scored then I would not make any profit at all and just take a small qualifying loss.

Advanced Strategies

There are a few advanced strategies that you can use for Bore Draw. Firstly there is locking in a percentage of your stake. This will guarantee you a smaller profit than if you locked in the whole profit but you then still have the chance of getting the refund on the amount you have not locked in.

So using the same example as before (0-0 lay odds at 4), if I wanted to lock in 50%, then all I would do is change my stake in the calculator to be 50% of what it originally was, so in this case £25. Make sure to also change the max refund to £25 as well

So with this method, no matter what happens now i have made £5.88 profit. If the game goes on to end 0-0, I would then have £5.87 profit from the 50% lock in, I would lose £18.75 from the lay on 0-0 and then have the £50 refund.

You can also then lock in more profit at a later time by putting in a percentage of your remaining stake into the calculator and repeating the steps.

The last advanced method you can use is to make it “risk free” I.E eliminating the QL. If the original odds for your bet that you back and lay are far apart, and you don’t want to lock in profit before the match starts, you can remove the QL, by reducing your potential profit.

To do this you will turn the Trigger Bet Lay method to “underlay”. This will then show you to lay a small amount (whatever your QL is) on 0-0. This means that whatever happens you will have no QL. If the game ends 0-0 then you will lose £2.28 from your lay and then get the £50 free bet. If it ends anything else then you will make 76p from the 0-0 lay which will cover.

If you do this and want to lock in profit later on it is slightly more difficult to calculate, but still possible. To do this you will take whatever the profit is if the game was to end 0-0.

So for this example I will be locking in the full 100%. In this case that is £46.96, you then divide that by that by the current lay odds of the trigger (0-0). So 46.96/4=11.74. So you would now lay £11.74 at odds of 4.0 to lock in £11.74 profit. You can still lock in percentages of your stake in exactly the same way

Additional Tips
  • Try to use the same stakes you normally use when betting on football

  • As always try to find a close match between the back and lay odds because this offer doesn't trigger too often

  • Stick to high profile matches:- so all England Leagues and then any Top Flight European league

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