8 Reasons Why Smarkets Is The Best Exchange For Matched Betting

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Josh Hughes
Head Of Content

Are you wondering which betting exchange you should use?

This is a key decision to making your matched betting experience as quick, easy and profitable as possible.

We've got years of matched betting experience so we know exactly what makes a good betting exchange.

Today, we got 8 reasons why Smarkets is the best betting exchange for matched betting.

You should choose Smarkets to enjoy:

  • Fantastic Commission Structure

  • Seamless User Experience

  • Lay Custom Accas Feature

  • Handy Mobile App

  • Variety Of Markets Available

  • Competitive Odds And High Liquidity

  • Great Customer Support

  • Quick And Easy Cash Transactions

  • Bonus - Lay Bet Integration

1 - Fantastic Commission Structure

Want to make as much money as possible from matched betting?

Of course you do!

A key part of this is paying as little exchange commission as possible.

After all, every time you pay commission on one of your bets, that's a little bit of your profit given up.

Thankfully, Smarkets has a very low commission rate of 2%.

This low commission rate makes Smarkets a fantastic choice for any matched bettor.

New to Smarkets? Get 0% commission for 60 days by signing up here.

0% commission is an amazing deal that will save you money on every trigger bet you do AND give you more profit on every free bet that you use.

This means more profit in your back pocket!

After the 60 days, or if you're already a Smarkets customer, you can get 0% commission at Smarkets by being a Outplayed member!

Grab a 7 day trial to Outplayed and unlock Smarkets 0% commission here

If you're placing lots of bets, Smarkets 0% can pay for the Outplayed membership fee on its own! Never mind all the other amazing features that you get with the UK's leading matched betting service.

2 - Seamless User Experience

Nobody wants to waste ages navigating around a betting exchange trying to find the markets that they want.

Our members love how easy Smarkets is to use, regardless of how much matched betting experience they have.

Something simple like the search bar at the top of the page makes it incredibly easy to find specific events and markets in seconds.

Likewise you can quickly navigate via the menu on the left hand side and see popular upcoming events on the right.

Once you've found your desired market, it's very easy to place your lay bets and to track both your bets and exchange balance.

We love how user-friendly Smarkets is, and know you will to!

3 - Lay Custom Accas Feature

We know that laying accumulator bets can be a daunting step for any new matched bettor.

In the past, members often had to lay accumulators sequentially. This meant placing separate lay bets one at a time to cover each part of an accumulator.

To be honest, it was a bit of a faff!

But, Smarkets released a game changing new feature that made this a thing of the past!

Smarkets Acca Lay feature allows you to build your own accumulator bet and lay it off within seconds.

This transformed how we can approach laying double/treble bets on football and horse racing.

Welcome offers, reload offers and price boosts all suddenly became quicker, and more profitable to complete. All with no need for complicated tools or spreadsheets, just the basic matched betting calculator.

4 - Handy Mobile App

Lots of our members regularly do matched betting from their mobiles.

Maybe you're out at the shops, or the pub, and want to jump on a price boost, or you're at home and just don't fancy firing up the computer. Being able to matched bet from your mobile can be very useful.

The Smarkets betting exchange app, just like their website, is incredibly user friendly. Navigation, placing bets and checking your history are all seamless and couldn't be easier.

The Smarkets app is a must-have if you're keen on matched betting on mobile!

5 - Wide Variety Of Markets Available

Smarkets have a fantastic range of sport and betting market options.

They're always listening to feedback and they regularly add new markets.

Their selection of markets makes them a great choice for any matched bettor.

6 - Competitive Odds And High Liquidity

Smarkets has become an increasingly popular exchange not only with matched bettors, but with sports traders too. This is mainly thanks to their very low standard commission rate of 2%.

As you know, a key part of matched betting is finding good value lay odds, where the lay odds are as close to the bookmaker back odds as possible. This allows us to minimise our trigger bet losses and maximise our free bet profits.

Smarket's growing popularity has helped improve the exchange's odds, helping us to find the best bets possible.

Likewise, this popularity means there is always lots of liquidity available for most sports and markets. This is key to ensuring we always get our bets on successfully, and avoid any pesky unmatched bets.

7 - Great Customer Support

We don't often hear good things about the customer support at bookmakers.

But, Smarkets do a fantastic job at providing customer support for their users.

They have live chat support available, allowing you to very quickly get help from a member of their team.

Plus, they have a dedicated Help Centre which is great for finding the answers to common questions.

8 - Quick And Easy Cash Transactions

Particularly when new to matched betting, being able to move your money around quickly is essential.

It's so painful missing out on good offers because you've not got enough bankroll, or you're waiting for a withdrawal to clear.

Smarkets have made depositing quick and easy - both on their website and app.

Withdrawals are pretty fast too, with most members receiving their withdrawals within 1-2 days.

Bonus - Lay Bet Integration

I've added this as a bonus reason because it's only available to Outplayed members.

But, if you're yet to join Outplayed, I would highly recommend that you do so.

You can grab a 7 day trial to Outplayed here.

Outplayed offers an amazing Smarkets integration feature on their Oddsmatching Tool.

This allows you to place your lay bets at Smarkets directly on the Outplayed website - making your Matched Betting faster than ever.

A few simple clicks allow you to find and lay the best bets within seconds. It also reduces the chances that you might accidentally lay the wrong market or incorrect amount.

By speeding up laying bets, you can either free up time to do other things outside of matched betting, or you can jump on more offers and make more profit!

0% commission and integrated lay bets are two reasons to absolutely love matched betting with Outplayed and Smarkets!

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You'll even get 0% commission for 60 days by using the promo code.

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Got Questions?

Be a part of our awesome Matched Betting community!

Join our Facebook group now, home to over 35,000 Matched Bettors!

It's the perfect place to ask questions and get help!

Facebook Group

New To Matched Betting?

We can't wait to help you start making tax-free cash from Matched Betting!

Head over to our free Tutorials to get started!

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