Beginner's Day

(13th and 14th January)

It's the new year and if you're anything like us you'll still be postponing looking at your bank balance from the Christmas period.

Matched Betting is a fantastic way to make some extra money in your spare time this new year, especially if you are yet to start - all those juicy welcome offers to turn into risk-free profit, I'm so jealous of you!

We know that matched betting can be a daunting new skill to learn for some, so that's why this weekend we are running not one but TWO "Beginner's Days".

These are designed to make starting as easy and straight forward as possible:

  • Step by step guides
  • Real examples from this weekend to copy
  • Live chat available throughout for any questions
  • Get started with either £10, £25 or £100
  • Make your first risk-free profit of up to £14