A Guide To Using Bet Dynamo

Bet Dynamo is a fully automated football statistics system that tracks and compares statistics from over 2300 teams around the world. Our Insights algorithm works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to identify the best bets every day, which means you’ll never miss a single game.

Our Mission? To make Football statistics and choosing the right bet an easy task, no matter your level of experience.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about Bet Dynamo. From what all of the stats mean, to how to decide what to bet on!

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What Stats Do We Provide?
What Are Percentages?

Team Stats Explained
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Stats Explained
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What Stats Do We Provide? (#whatstats)

Bet Dynamo provides stats from 118 leagues worldwide. The stats you'll see are the most common and sought after stats, and they are only shown for the current season. We do this to ensure that relegations and promotions do not skew the data for the following season.

You will only see leagues stats as we do not provide stats on cup competitions. This is because there are far too many variables in cup games and too little data to back anything up.

Data from each league will only feed into our insights page after a team has played six games. This allows the stats to settle down and for patterns to emerge.

What Do The Percentages Mean? (#percentages)

The first thing you'll need to understand when using Bet Dynamo is how the percentages work. You will find percentages used all over the site and they are super easy to get your head around so don't worry!

Whenever you are looking at an individual team's stats, the percentages you will see are simply how often that particular event has happened in the past. For example, if a team has had over 1.5 goals in 9 out of their 10 home games this season, you would see this stat represented as 90%. This is because 90% of their home games this season have had over 1.5 goals, and 10% have not.

As you can see in the screenshot above, Real Cartagena have had a Second Half Game Goal in 92.31% of their home games this season. This also means that 7.69% of their matches haven't had a Second Half Game Goal.

It is important to note that the percentages we display do not necessarily represent the chances of this outcome happening again. It is historical data, and not a guarantee of what is to come. So here it wouldn't mean that Real Cartagena are going to have a Second Half Game Goal in 92.31% of their next matches. However, it's a good bit of information to have and could be an excellent bet subject to some further investigation!

You'll learn a little more about individual team stats below.

Insights Percentages

Insights percentages are little different than what I've just explained above. Our insights algorithm analyses all of the day's fixtures from the 118 leagues we cover and combines the statistics for the two teams in a match to give you an average percentage.

How it does this is quite simple. It takes the home team's home stats, and the away team's away stats. Both of these percentages are then  added together and  divided by 2 to give you the combines percentage for this particular match.

As you can see below, Brazil are playing Brazil. Brazil's home goals are XX and Brazils away goals are XX. When you add these two stats together and divide by 2, you get the insight stat that we have shown.

Image above needs changed. Also add image for stats (scroll glitch not showing atm)

Again, it is important to note that the percentages do not represent the chance of something happening in the future. This is just historical data, and you should use it to help you make an informed decision on your bets.

Team Stats Explained (#stats)

Our team stats display separate home and away stats for 18 different markets and over 2300 teams! Now, I know this might be a lot of information, but we've done our very best to help you choose the best bets possible by laying out the stats in an easy to read format.

The stats are all formulated as percentages (or numerical for cards, corners, and goals). This percentage is the percentage of times this particular event has happened in the past games for that particular team. As I mentioned before, this doesn't mean that the same will happen in the future, but it's definitely a good bit of information to have when deciding what to place a bet on!

Also when looking at the stats you may notice a green star, as pictured below. A green star indicates an event that has happened a lot in the past and perhaps more times than you'd expect. We have our own algorithm here at Bet Dynamo that will take a look at these bets, and decide which ones have happened a bit too regularly. As you can see below, Real Cartagena have had a Second Half Game Goal 92.31% of the time at home this season. The average Second Half Game Goals for teams may only be around 80%, and so they are way above average which is why we have highlighted this as a Strong Stat.

If you see a bet that has a particularly low percentage, say, the clean sheet in the example above, then you may want to check the stats of the opposite event happening.

Perhaps you don't want to see how many times Real Cartagena have kept a keen sheet, but you infact want to see how many times they have not kept a clean sheet!

You could do this the old fashioned way and just take the % you can see from 100% and that would give you the answer, but we want to make things even easier for you! At the top you will see an Under & Goals button. This will change all of the % stats to their opposite markets. Over 1.5 Game Goals now changes to Under 1.5 Game goals, and Both Teams To Score now becomes Both Teams To Score = No.

Hopefully this little quality of life addition will help you and save time when placing bets. It also cuts out the room human error, or a dodgy calculator!

What To Bet On (#bet)

Bet Dynamo are not tipsters. We do not tell you what you should bet on, or what you should not bet on. The whole purpose of our existence is to help you identify outcomes that have happened on a highly regular, or infrequent basis in order to determine solid value bets.

If an event has an unusually high stat then this means it has happened quite a lot in the past. Similarly, if it has an extremely low stat then it means that it's rarely happened at all. As previously mentioned, this isn't a guarantee that the event will or will not occur again the same amount of times, and it is essential that you do some additional research into things such as form, head-to-head history, injuries etc.

If you are looking for a little more advice on a particular stat you have found and want to discuss it then I'd highly recommend heading over to our VIP Facebook group. Here, members do discuss tips and what to bet on, given the information they have found on Bet Dynamo.

You can join the VIP group right here!

Insights Explained (#insights)

The insights page is what sets Bet Dynamo apart. It scans all of the day's fixtures from the 118 leagues we cover and puts every single one of them through our algorithm. It's basically a huge database of fixtures and stats, and any match that meets our criteria will then be displayed on the page.

As explained before, data from each league will only feed into our insights page after a team has played six games. This allows the stats to settle down and for patterns to emerge.

There are a few different features on this page and it can look a little overwhelming at first, so lets break each one down and I'll run through what they are and how you can use them.

The Fixtures

The fixtures themselves will appear in date/time order and be completely unfiltered (you will see all results). When you see a match, three markets will be displaying first. You can view more by clicking the view more button as seen below.

Now you will see that 9 markets are displaying, with their percentages and a decimal number underneath.

The percentage number is the combined percentage of the insight using the historical data. So in the example above, it will take Bhayangkara's home games and Persela's away games so far, add the two percentages together, and divide this by 2.

The number underneath this is the current odds on Bet365. Sometimes you won't see a number underneath and you'll see "n/a" instead - this just means that there are currently no odds available for that selection on Bet365 at the moment. There may be on other sites, so if you are looking to place a bet then it's worth shopping around.

If you are looking for a Strong Insight, then you can click on the game itself to pull up the Stats and H2H for the teams. This will show a little more data, as well as highlight any bets that are particularly strong with a green star.


The Insights page filter is where things get a little interesting. This tool was designed to help you see what you want, and not just a long list of matches. Perhaps you prefer betting only on your home league? Or maybe you only like choosing bets that are evens (2.0)  or above?

Whatever the reason - this filter will help you massively!

You can access the filter on the left side of the insights page (or via the filter icon on mobile). There are multiple variables that you can consider when using the filter. You don't have to use them all, you can use just one if you like!

So what exactly can you filter by?

1) Percentage Threshold
This will show matches that have insights between the % threshold you have chosen. The reason for this is that some people prefer to remove bets such as over 0.5 goals (as this is almost always 95% and above). One thing to note when using this filter is that it will show all games that have at least one stat that fits into the criteria. This means you will see some stats that don't necessarily fit the criteria you have input - that's just because we display all the stats for a given game at the same time.

2) Odds

If you want to see only bets that are above certain odds, then this filter is for you. By default, every single match will be showing regardless of the odds.

By selecting this as part of your filter, you will only see matches that include odds above the filter you have chosen. You will still see bets that are below the odds you have selected, however every game that has a selection with odds above your requirement will be shown, and if any do not have them then they will be removed.

3) Markets

This filter will apply Percentage Threshold and the Odds selections to a specific market. If you have "Any events" selected then the above filters will work as normal and just filter the match as a whole for specific odds and percentages. However, if you select any markets in here then the filter will find only games that meet that criteria.

For example, you may be looking for 80-100% matches with odds 1.2+. Normally, this will show anything that is 80-100% and 1.2+, however if you combine that with say BTTS in this part of the filter, then it will only show matches that have BTTS at 1.2+, and 80-100%!

Please note that you can only choose 1 market to apply your filters to at this time.

4) Leagues

Here you can select individual leagues and countries and filter for only their matches.

As there are over 118 leagues on Bet Dynamo, you may not want to display some of the more obscure leagues around the world and you might only want to show bets for your favourite leagues.

Clicking on any of the countries here will open all of the leagues we have available for that country at the moment. You can then tick and untick leagues you want to see at your own pleasure.

5) Save Filter

You can then save your filter after applying it by clicking the button at the very bottom. This will bring up a prompt as seen below.

Now, if you want to access the results of your filter without having to manually go through and select everything again, you can just click on your filter at the bottom and hit apply and boom! Your favourite set up is there ready to go for you!

Top Picks / My Picks

The Top Picks section is a unique Feature of Bet Dynamo where you can see what other people are choosing to bet on.

You see, hundreds of minds are better than one, right? If everybody is piling on the same bet then there must be a reason for it - and here you can see exactly where the money is going!

As you can see from the screenshot above, 11 people have chosen Boston United vs York City to have over 2.5 goals. This looks like a pretty strong insight as 100% of their home games this season have had over 2.5 goals, and so offering odds of almost evens would appear to be great value.

You could do a little more research into this bet, however the fact that 11 other people are also choosing this bet may sway your decision.

In order to add a selection to your own personal picks, you can click the "Add" button under the pick in the Top Picks. Alternatively, you can find the stat you want further down the page and click on it to highlight it, as seen below.

Update image with (1) circle and get rid of yellow tick.

Here you can see that I have clicked on and selected Over 0.5 goals. This has updated my selections on the top right to 4/5, as I had selected 3 already today before pressing this be. Each person will receive up to 5 selections a day.

By selecting this, my selection will also be submitted to the top picks. If lots of other people have also selected this bet then it will appear in the Top Picks at the top of the page, as it's essentially a "trending" bet. If I am the only person that has selected this bet then it's unlikely that it will appear in the top picks, because I am the only person on Bet Dynamo that has chosen it.

Results Explained (#results)

The Results page is where you can see the current top performing leagues and markets.

This page takes all of the strong insights (the bets we have identified that are particularly strong), and shows you all you need to know about them!

You can break this down by overall bets, or by each market as you please.

The image above show that Turkey is the current best performing league. There has been a strike rate of 87%, which means that out of the 132 strong insights provided by Bet Dynamo, 114 of these bets have won!

Now, these strong insights could sometimes be at lower odds and so the most important column on this page is the Potential Profit column. Here you will see how much profit you could have made, if you had bet on all of the insights (both the winners and losers!) at the time they went through our algorithm. The profit runs off the Back stake box which you can see at the top left. You can change this easily by entering whatever stake you wish in the box, and clicking apply.

We understand some users of Bet Dynamo use staking systems and strategies, and so popping your regular bet amount in here will give you a better picture of how much money you could have made.

Please note: This doesn't necessarily mean that you will make this money going forward. This is of course historical data, and so you would need to do further research into the leagues and each individual match when deciding what to bet on.

You can also see a further break down of each league when you click into it.

Here you can see each individual stat for the Turkish Super Lig at the top. The "OVERALL" amount is on the far left, and this is essentially all of the individual stats added up. So, there were 132 strong insights in total, which are broken down into each market as you scroll along.

Further down the page you will see the results of individual matches. Not every one of the stats here you see will be a strong insight, but there will have been some sort of strong insight in that particular game for the game to show on the page.

Stats Explained (#stats)

The Stats page is an extremely useful page as you can easily find historical data about a specific league or an individual team with just a few clicks.

Lets say you wanted to see how many times Chelsea have kept a clean sheet at home. Or how many cards Manchester United have had in their away games this season. This page will let you do all of this very easily.

You will find the stats incorporated on other pages too when you are looking at a team, but this page allows you to quickly find the team you are looking for without having to go through a long list of fixtures.

To Update 

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  2. Cannot click teams

Value Bets Explained (#valuebets)

The value bets page is perhaps the most important page of the website as it's where we post our strongest insights. Think of this page as the cream of the crop of all bets!

On this page we identify bets that we believe to be of value. We do this by simply taking the Bet365 odds and compare this with the probability of the event happening using historical data. Now of course, the historical data doesn't necessarily mean the same will happen in the future, but it gives us a good idea of what to predict at least.

Lets take a look at an example.

This bet has flagged up as a potential value bet. It is Over 2.5 Goals in a Qatar Stars League match.

But why has it flagged up as a value bet, and should you put your money on this outcome?

Okay so, lets take a look at the information we are given here.

The percentage we are shown is 75%, which means from Al Rayyan's home games and Al Sailiya's away games, we have seen a combined score of 75% for over 2.5 goals. If you were to translate this 75% into odds, this would be 1.33. (To do this, the formula is 1/0.75).

As you can see, Bet365 are currently offering odds of 1.75 which we have identified to be massively over priced. You should be getting odds of 1.33, but you're actually getting odds of 1.75! This odds of 1.75 in percentage terms is a 57.14% chance of winning.

So, Bet365 are paying you out an extra 17.86% on your bet which is quite a big bit of value in your favour. Of course, the chances of over 2.5 goals aren't necessarily exactly 75% however it's a very good estimate going off historical data.

You can also click the "View true odds" toggle on the top right. This will change the odds below the percentage as you can see above, to the "true" odds.

These are the odds that we think you should be getting, as the bet has a 75% chance of coming in. You can compare the true odds with the odds Bet365 are offering by clicking this toggle - and it should clearly show you where we think the value is coming from.

There's also a "Back stake" button on this page, similar to the results page. This will update your potential profit in the final column, for those of you that are following staking systems, or if you just want to see how much you can make with whatever stake you are betting on.

For more information on the value bets, I'd recommend heading to the page itself and viewing the video. In this video, we show you exactly how to use the page and explain exactly what everything means in easy to understand terms!