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If you are new to matched betting or recently started, you may be wondering out of the 29 Welcome Offers available, which is the most awesome?

For me, it is definitely the Ladbrokes Bet £50 Get £50 as it is worth up to £35 profit risk free for only 20 minutes work. Pretty decent!

If you have sufficient funds available as explained below, but haven't yet completed this offer, then get cracking now! Below is the key information about this  excellent offer:

Offer Summary

The Ladbrokes Bet £50 Get £50 is the most profitable Bet X Get Y welcome offer!

Simply place a trigger bet up to £50 (above the 1.5 minimum odds) and you will immediately receive a free bet up to £50.

If you decide to go for the full £50, you will lose up to £2.50 from the £50 trigger bet and make up to £37 from the £50 free bet for a net £35 profit risk free

Sign up for the offer below using promo code F50:

Your Profit & Liability Needed

To take full advantage of this offer, you will need to deposit £50 into Ladbrokes and have at least £60 in your exchange.

£50 Trigger bet

£30 will be needed in your exchange balance to lay your trigger bet (if you choose odds between 1.5 to 1.6).

If you choose odds between 1.6 to 2.0 then you will need up to £50 to lay off your trigger bet.

£50 will be needed to deposit into Ladbrokes.

£50 Free bet

£30 to £225 will be needed in your exchange to lay your free bet (if you choose odds between 2.0 to 6.0)

The higher the odds, the more profit you will make up to £37 profit risk free:

£50 Free Bet Odds Liability Your Profit
2.0 £30 £21
3.0 £75 £30
4.0 £125 £33
5.0 £170 £35
6.0 £225 £37

Enjoy your profit from this awesome offer, if you are interested in the full guide then check out the Ladbrokes Bet £50 Get £50 full guide.

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