Acca Guide: Football Season 2019-20

Fotball Accumulator ('Acca') Refunds are not as profitable as they have been in previous seasons as the bookmakers have gradually changed the terms over the past few years - boo!

Additionally, Accas do take more time to learn than other methods, such as Free Bet Clubs, Price Boosts and Football Refunds.

For these reasons, I would only start doing Accas after you are comfortable with the five ways to profit in the Team Regular guide, as these are all easier and more profitable on an hourly basis I think.

Having said this, if you're already making a tidy profit each week and looking for additional profits, acca offers can definitely help with this!

In this guide you will learn specific to the 2019-20 football season:

  • How to learn Football Acca Refunds?
  • Which Acca tool(s) to use?
  • Which are the best Acca Refunds offers?
How To Learn Football Acca Refunds?

New to Football Acca Refunds? Not to worry! Here are my 5 top pieces of advice for learning Football Accumulator Refunds:

1) Do not be put off!

Much like when you first learnt the Bet X Get Y offers, it will take a bit of time. I'd say 1 hour to read through the guides and another 1 hour to try out the tools and ask questions you have is a good estimate.

But once you have learnt football acca refunds, that's it, you will be able to make £20+ profit from them every week.

2) Read (and re-read) the guide

You should look to set aside 1 hour of your time to read:

This guide will take around 30 minutes to read and I would recommend reading it twice to help it sink in.

Once you have read through this guide, it's time to choose a lay method.

3) Choosing a lay method

As you will learn in the Acca Refund guide, there are 4 different methods to lay accumulators.  You will need to choose one of these methods to begin with.

If you are looking to guarantee a profit risk free from every accumulator, choose:

This method does take longer to complete as you need to lay off each team individually but it will guarantee a profit risk free every time.

If you are short on time and willing to accept a reasonable amount of risk, then you could instead choose:

This method is quick to complete as you place all 5 lay bets before the first game kicks off but you can make a small loss depending on results.

4) Ask Questions

You will very likely have questions having read the above guides. Please do ask questions in:

5) Start With Small Stakes

Try your first acca with only a £1 or £5 bookmaker stake, this will help you to practice an acca before moving up to the £20 accas!

Which Are The Best Bookmaker Offers?

The Acca Refunds bookmaker offers range in terms of profitability, due to the terms of the offer and odds, from £1 to £3 per acca.

Make up to £20 Per Week

It is key to focus on completing each of the bookmaker offers and doing 1 acca offer per week to make up to £20 profit per week.

Make More Than £20 Per Week

If you are looking to make more, then simply do more acca offers per week on the best bookmaker offers and also branch out to the lesser profitable bookmakers too!

For more details on this, please check out the Bookmaker Accumulator Offers.

Any Questions?

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