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Which Are The Best Bookmakers For Accumulator Refund Offers?

Accumulator refunds offers are popular among bookmakers with over 10 bookmakers providing them.

Each bookmaker has their own specific terms, most notably around:

  • Minimum odds per team - usually 1.2, 1.33 or 1.5
  • Minimum number of teams - usually 5 or 6 teams
  • Maximum refund - usually £10 or £20
  • Refunds per day - usually 1 per day
  • Eligible leagues - usually major European leagues and cups

In this article, I will explain what terms we are wanting, alongside a current list of offers just to help show you the range of offers available.

Bookmaker Terms - What Makes A Great Acca Offer?

Minimum Odds Per Team

As explained in Football Accumulator Refunds Explained article, the lower our average back odds, the more profit you will make.

1.2 Minimum Odds - Fine 

Some bookmakers offer 1.2 minimum odds, which rules out the lowest odds teams, but these offers are still comfortably profitable.

1.33 Minimum Odds - Harder 

Some bookmakers offer 1.33 minimum odds, which makes it harder for us to find a profitable accumulator, but if there are enough teams playing in a weekend with odds between 1.33 and 1.4 then we're okay!

Alternatively, some bookmakers will offer minimum accumulated odds, for example minimum accumulated odds of 4.0. For example, if we had 5 teams all with 1.3 odds, this would give us 1.3 x 1.3 x 1.3 x 1.3 x 1.3 = 3.71 odds, so we would need to choose at least one team with odds of 1.4, which gives us 4.0 accumulated odds.

1.5 Minimum Odds - Hardest

Some bookmakers offer 1.5 minimum odds. If it is a 5fold and your average odds are 1.6, this means the total odds will be 1.6 x 1.6 x 1.6 x 1.6 x 1.6 = 10.5 So this will need a high liability if you are laying sequentially or it will involve big swings if you are following the no lay method (as you will win less than 10% of your accas).

Minimum Teams Per Acca

Most bookmakers state 5 teams are needed for your accumulator whilst a handful state 6 teams are needed.

The downside of having to add a 6th team to your accumulator is it increases the total odds, which makes your accumulator less profitable.

However, 6 team accumulators can still be profitable but you would definitely need low, close odds.

Maximum Refund

Most bookmakers state £10, £20  or £25 as the maximum refund. The higher the amount, the more profitable the offer will be for us!

Number Of Refunds Per Day

Almost every bookmaker state 1 refund per day.

It's important to note that 'per day' usually means that a refund is added the day after the last match has settled (even if the accumulator lost days earlier due to the first match losing).

Note a handful of bookmakers state that the acca must involve teams all playing on the same day. This makes lay sequential method very difficult (due to finding 5 teams all playing at different times without overlap) so for these offers, you could only do these using the no lay method.

Eligible Leagues and Cups

Almost all bookmakers all you to use teams from the Premier League and major European Leagues. Personally I stick to these, whilst some bookmakers will allow teams from lesser leagues (e.g. South America), I try not to use these, just to ensure I keep my recreational customer profile.

Competitive Odds

Whilst this isn't a term, it is worth adding that the larger bookmakers typically have the best odds.

For example, BetVictor, Betfred and William Hill typically have very good odds.

This means the odds between the bookmaker and the exchange are closer, which makes the accumulator more profitable as mentioned in Football Accumulator Refunds Explained.

Bookmaker Terms - Table Of Offers

I wanted to show you the best bookmaker acca offers available at the time of writing (August 2019).

I have separated these into 2 categories:

1) Acca Offers - matches can be across multiple days

These are ideal for both Lay Sequential Lock In and No Lay methods.

Note for the 'Estimated Profit' column, the actual profit in the Acca Finder for Lock In method will typically be a bit lower than this, whilst the actual profit in the Acca Builder for No Lay method will typically be a bit higher. This is because for No Lay, you can use more than 1 team kicking off at the same time, so there is a wider range of games to choose between.

Bookmaker Min Odds Min Teams Amount Estimated
Total 5.0
Team 1.125
5 £25 £3
Ladbrokes Total 4.0
Team 1.1
5 £10 £2 
Total 5.0 5 £10** £1.50
Paddy Power 1.2 4 £10 £1.25
Betfred 1.33 5 £10
£25 in-shop

Table Notes

**£10 free bet refund on BetVictor, you need to be use on an acca. You can use the Acca Finder to lock in an £8 profit by filtering for an acca that has at least 8.0 min odds, then clicking on 'Open' and then 'Lay Sequential Free Bet'.

12) Acca Offers - matches must be on the same days

These offers require all matches to be on the same day and also place the bet on that day too. So typically this means you can do on do these offers on a Saturday or Sunday when there is sufficient football.

Additionally, you can only likely use the No Lay method for these offers, as there won't be 5 or 6 games with close, low odds all kicking off at different times without overlapping!

Bookmaker Min Odds Min Teams Amount No Lay
1.2 5 £25 £3
1.2 5 same day
Opt in
£10* £1.50
1.2 5 same day
Opt in
£10* £1.50 

Table Notes

*Bwin and SportingBet are owned by the same company, so completing acca offers on both bookmakers may increase your gubbing risk.

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